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10 Best Apps For Room Planning

A person is using Planner 5D room planning app on iPhone.
App nameAvailable platformsPricing
Planner 5D’Web browser, Android, iOS, Mac, WindowsFree/Paid
Room CreatorAndroid, iOSFree
IKEA Room PlannerWeb browserFree
RoomstylerWeb browserFree/Paid
HomestylerAndroid, iOSFree/Paid
HomeByMeWeb browser, Android, iOSPaid
Sweet Home 3DAndroid, iOSFree/Paid
AmikasaiOS, WindowsPaid
Magic PlanAndroid, iOSFree/Paid
SketchUpWeb browser, Mac, PC
The most popular room planning apps, for different platforms and pricing.

Ever tired of watching online tutorials on how to design the interior of your room? Well, designing the room is never an easy task. It is tricky and sometimes pretty hard when visualizing the end results. This is especially true if you don’t have a professional. The good news is, there are plenty of room decorator apps that you can use to see what exactly the design ideas are before deciding on implementing them. And the best part? Some are totally free-meaning you can use them without paying any penny. And others need a small subscription fee. This is particularly for those looking to enjoy advanced features. 

Below, let’s present you with the list of the ten best interior designing apps. Don’t worry; we just picked the most top-rated apps on the market today. They are also user-friendly and easy to use. Let’s get started. 

1. Planner 5D’

The first app on our list is Planner 5D. It is one of the famous room design tools that many decorators have turned their heads to-why? 

For one, planner 5D can help you do landscaping and pools using 3D graphics. For the second, their gallery is an excellent inspiration. 

Planner 5D provides an exciting opportunity to sketch up HD for your new house. Even better, it offers over 4000 furnishings, so you can be sure to get your preferred design. 

Getting started with this app is pretty straightforward. First, you need to adjust the floor size, materials, colors, and shape. Then browse accessories and furniture. The best thing about this app is that you can change the colors of your choice. Share your design ideas and print. 

The app is rated 4.3 stars in both the Google Play store and the iOS App Store. See the Planner 5D official website for more information. 

2. Room creator

Are you planning a perfect decoration for your home? Look no further than this fine contender. 

Room creator claims to design your room within ten minutes. And yes, this is an accomplishment. You only need to provide the room dimensions and wait for the magic to happen. It will create light textures, excellent flooring, and even wall art perfectly suitable for your room. 

Users also love its easy navigation. So, you can be sure to browse the design features without any fuss. It also offers a straightforward interface that many fans enjoy. 

Room creator is available free on both the iOS App Store and Googles Play Store. 

3. Design for IKEA room planner

If you are looking for fuss-free software for your planning needs, the IKEA room planner is waving at you. So, set up your room size and shape in 2D mode. Then shift to 3D for personalized features, including uploading photos of your walls to use as backdrops. 

Design for IKEA room planner is easy to use. It also offers a plethora of galleries for decor and furniture. Some of the specific tools include a bathroom planner, kitchen planner, storage planner, and bedroom planning options. 

The standard version of the design for the IKEA room planner is available for free. However, the app is not available on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. 

4. Roomstyler

Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the perfect design tool for your home. If you are starting down the path of interior decoration and would like to gain more experience, then Roomstyler might be a perfect solution. 

The app allows users to upload their own floor plans. Decorators can also insert walls, windows, and doors. 

Its ease of use makes it a season winner. But while it allows users to have a geek on the plan, Roomstyller can also offer designated templates for your new home. 

Interestingly, this app works on all devices. It also has a fantastic interface, offering the entire interior design solutions in one place. 

Use the app free upon joining. But it is also available in premium versions. Check the Roomstyler official website for price and purchasing plans. 

5. Homestyler

Homestyler is most people’s favorite home design app. Established by Autodesk, Homestyler has helped thousands of decorators achieve their dreamy homes. 

The first thing you will notice about this app is user-friendliness. No skills are required to operate. The app is nicely laid out that even a kid can accomplish. It is a perfect app for beginners looking to take their design to another level. 

The tool allows users to select a list of cabinetry, furniture and appliances, and any decor you can imagine. Just provide your room dimension, personalize a few designs, and print. 

Homestyler has a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play store and 4.5 on the iOS App Store. 

6. HomeByMe

HomeByMe is continuing to receive many reviews for its pleasing interface. The app allows users to decorate their rooms at ease and choose a style of their choice. 

HomeByMe offers a platform where decorators can select and put furniture from the best retailers, including Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware. Just highlight your room details in 2D, and this app will help you turn them into HD images. 

What else? HomeByMe has a community page with plenty of inspiration about interior design. 

Are you excited about the app? HomeByMe is available for free. Subscribe to premium plans if you are looking for fancier features. Check the HomeByMe official website for price and subscription options. 

HomeByMe is web-enabled. 

7. Sweet Home 3D

If you are looking for an app with more customization options, sweet home 3D is worth considering. Create a 2D floorplan of your area and view a fantastic look of your layout in 3D with the help of this tool. 

One of the fascinating things about sweet home 3D is the ability to make your 3D rooms appear real. The app also allows users to customize the interior lighting depending on their place of residence and the time of the day.

Sweet Home 3D’s interface is nothing short of spectacular. It comes in four sections. 

Home furniture section: In this section, the app displays every piece’s dimensions by size and name. 

  • Furniture catalog section: It allows users to select design components by name.
  • Home 3D view section: It displays your plan in three dimensions
  • Home plan section: It displays your plan in 2D format 

With an excellent interface and customized options, sweet home 3D stands to its brand name. 

The app is available for free. But you can also download the premium version of sweet home 3D for a small fee. 

The software is rated 3.5 stars on the iOS App Store. No version of sweet home 3D is available on the Google Play Store. 

8. Amikasa

The webby award-winning app is everything you need for your interior design. The software comes with plenty of compelling features that can help you design a room from start to finish. One of the best features that sets this app apart is the walk-through mode. It allows decorators to explore their newly constructed houses and taste the feeling of the layout it offers. Even better, it has the option of sharing the design via social media. 

Users also applaud the ability of the app in creating layouts using home decor from real brands. 

Although the app is available for free, iOS recently added a small fee for the new downloads. There is no android version of this app, meaning you can only download the app from the iOS App Store or the official Amikasa website

When it comes to rating, Amikas has 2.9 stars on the App Store. 

9. Magic Plan

The app claims no measurement or drawing is required. So, it is a perfect answer for decorators who lack expertise in creating floor plans. 

While the app doesn’t have as many interior design features as other tools, it can quickly help a beginner come out with the perfect layout possible. 

The app is available for free in the first two projects. But you can subscribe to premium plans for more advanced features. 

Magic Plan has a rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play store and 4.7 stars on the iOS App Store. 

10. SketchUp

SketchUp is also one of the popular design apps, offering convenience and optimal choice for discerning users. The software can turn sketches into accurate designs, thanks to its Google Earth mapping feature. 

Whether you want suburban houses or skyscrapers, SketchUp can easily liven your design. The app can even analyze the use of energy and HVAC systems for your room. 

The free version of SketchUp can last up to thirty days. Subscribe to paid version for advanced features. Check the official SketchUp website for more pricing information. 

SketchUp is web-enabled, and the paid versions can be installed on Mac or Windows.

To wrap up

There are plenty of online design apps that can help you design, plan, and view your room. And they can also turn you into an interior designer. However, selecting the right choice depends on your knowledge, skills, and how exactly you want your final drawing to appear. The subscription fee also matters. 

If you are planning to start a home, or relocating to a new place and would like some decorations, the above tools can help you get started.

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