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Do Dark Floors Make Your Room Look Smaller or Bigger

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Are you stuck halfway in between choosing the correct shade of floor while renovating your room? What are the right options for choosing a perfect floor design? Many questions like this come up while giving a new touch to your room. This blog post exactly serves the purpose. This blog post answers all your questions. 

Do Dark Floors Make Your Room Look Smaller or Bigger?

Most people wish to change the dimension or the shape and size of their pre-existing rooms. They term this as renovation which is a cool trick of giving a new look to their rooms. Some owners try to change the look of a room in such a way that a big room looks smaller and a small room seems bigger. Even if the rooms are not actually big or small, they can be made to look larger or smaller through the application of various tricks. For example, rooms can be made to look big by applying light color paint on the wall, positioning lights and lamps, as well as the use of sheer curtains. Apart from all these tricks, the types of flooring used are one of the important ways to make a room look spacious. The flooring process during house-making can be approached in various ways. Amidst various confusions, It is found that neither dark floors nor light floors manually make a room smaller or bigger. It just enhances the look of the room, providing a smaller or bigger appearance. 

Is it better to have light or dark floors?

As we mentioned about the wall paint of a room being one of the factors, a question may pop up in your mind, which is better to have light or dark floors? The answer is there are a lot of factors that come into the space while selecting new floors. The best way to answer this question is it depends mostly upon the owner’s wish. A few other primary things to keep in mind are the interior design of that particular room and the purpose of the room. However, it also depends on how often are you likely to clean the floors. If you clean the floors often then you can easily opt for lightly shaded floors.

Light floors have an advantage with it. These floors go well with most furniture elements. Most importantly, they bring more airiness to the room. Those who have aesthetic elements in their room should go for lightly shaded floors. In contrast. Dark floors give out dramatic vibes. It adds coziness and sophistication to the room. People who have pre-existing bright elements for decor in their room are suggested to avoid dark floors as it causes those bright element colors to pop.

Do dark floors make rooms darker?

Another factor for evaluating is the amount of light entering the room. If the room to be updated is darker and has fewer chances of letting in light, then it is always better to go for light floors as it provides a brighter experience. In the opposite case. Like if your room is enough bright then you have a pretty high chance of opting for dark floors. Discussing this light factor, a common question may hit. Do dark floors give a darker appearance? To answer this question, we have to think a bit scientifically. We know that normally dark shaded elements absorb more light in comparison with lightly shaded elements. So, it is natural that if you are updating to dark floors, it will automatically absorb more sunlight. In contrast, light floors reflect sunlight. Hence, it is noticed in most of the cases that dark floors give a bit darker appearance and light floors give a brighter appearance. However, it is all dependent on the owner. It depends upon how you want your room to look. 

What floor color is best for a small room?

A small room is mostly suggested to bear lighter shades. It raises the possibility of uplifting the vibe and hence provides a more airy and open space. Teal, earth tones, and blues are the most commonly suggested shades for smaller rooms. Sometimes light brown and blonde shades are also seen in many small rooms. Wood and laminate flooring are great options for small rooms for providing a bigger appearance. Interestingly, sometimes whitewashed hardwood flooring is found to serve the purpose. Most commonly, neutral shades offer a brighter appearance. Interestingly, the most popular floor color is found to be grey. Grey flooring is the ultimate neutral pick in case of updating floors. It is an intermediate shade which enough pale to reflect sunlight as well as enough dark to hide floor dirt for the time being. On the other hand, soft tones such as green, blue, and off-white give an optimum effect to small rooms. It gives the room somewhat a bigger appearance and hence radiates more inviting vibes. 

Do dark floors make any room look bigger? 

House owners keep themselves under a lot of criticism. They often believe that applying dark colors to the floors can make their rooms look small. The fact that dark rooms absorb more light from the outer or inner space to give a congested feeling, supports the previous statement.

So, the question is if dark floors with brightly colored furniture really make a room small or big? 

The answer to this question is interesting. It is generally believed that only with the application of a small amount of furniture, a room looks big if they are placed properly. 

Now the concept of flooring comes. In fact, none of the light or dark floors can make the room concise or spacious. This holds true only when they are supported with the appropriate color. Suppose, if one goes with the option of making the floor dark, dark simulated woods along with deep brown color is a good option for limited space. Scientifically it is observed that implementing darker floors with matching colors can make the light-colored ceilings look higher than their original height. This in turn elevates the entire room. 

Moving on to the contrasting section, light-colored floors also make a floor look bright, comfortable, and big. A bit of airing atmosphere can be brought into effect if mainly the cream color tones are applied over the floors. Followed by the implementation of whitish bright colored artificial lights brings in a feeling of modernization and makes it unique. Maximum natural lights can also be used to serve the same purpose. Hence, all these make the room look cherishing. 

Do dark hardwood floors make a room look smaller?

Dark floors do not make a room smaller. It is nothing more than a myth. However, the greater feeling towards the use of a particular color can influence the truth of the heading. There is also a feeling of superstition where light colors are considered to be advancing and dark colors to be just the opposite. Therefore, it means the dark-colored wall is far more than white textured walls. Although the above myth is under the visual arts, we can also apply this to design our home. Moreover, dark-colored floors are believed to look different at various times, hence it is advised to make the color choice clear mind during the following. 

Do dark tile floors make any room look smaller? 

According to the belief of most people, dark floors make a room look small only because they tend to absorb light whereas light color reflects it. To be honest, this is just a myth. Instead, the provision of a floor color with a contrasting wall color adds to the look and space. Suppose, if you are planning to have dark hardwood floors you must have white textured walls for your room design. Dark hardwood floors emerge to be the most stylish floors in modern times. It is attractive to the major section of house owners. The only appropriate thing is to have a light-colored wall. This makes the room look top-notch and inviting. The size of the tiles is also a determining factor in giving a smaller or brighter appearance. It is found in most cases that small tile unintentionally gives a smaller appearance. The reason is when there are lots of tiny tiles, there are more grout and lines all over. This ultimately gives a crowded appearance making it look smaller. So, in the case of smaller rooms, it is advisable to avoid small tiles. 


There are numerous opinions out there regarding which colored floor to choose for smaller and bigger rooms respectively. Many of the confusions have been tried to clarify throughout the blog. All that we discussed throughout are common opinions. None of them is mandatory in any case. It is completely upon you, how you want your room’s floor design. There is no exact rule that one has to follow while updating their floor. You can go all by yourself, after all, it is your room and the most important thing that matters here is your idea of designing your floor. This blog gives you suggestions to come to a final point after knowing all the pros and cons of dark as well as light floors.

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