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Are Double Kitchen Islands A Good Idea? Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Large kitchen with two kitchen islands

Double kitchen islands are trending these days and many homeowners are incorporating them into their houses. A double kitchen island serves two different functions. While they are placed parallel to each other in general, you can put them side-by-side, or whatever works best for you. 

So, are double kitchen islands a good idea? A double kitchen design is a great way to improve your space so that it becomes the most comfortable area in the house. Oftentimes, guests tend to gather in the kitchen, and incorporating double kitchen islands adds more fun.

Pros of double kitchen islands

Here are some of the pros of using double kitchen islands.

1. Create purposeful spaces 

With double islands, you can create two different spaces for specific purposes. For instance, you can use one for seating and storing. Whereas, use another one for countertop space and preparing food. It makes the kitchen more practical.

2. Controlled foot traffic

Double kitchen islands improve floor space. When installed properly, two islands allow people to sit and talk while having a drink or snack and prepare food without getting in one’s way. In short, it provides intuitive traffic patterns.

3. Doubles storage

Even if your kitchen is a large one, you may have issues with storage. With two islands, you get twice the amount of storage, unlike a single kitchen island. 

4. Extra fixtures and appliances

One of the biggest advantages of using a double kitchen island is that you get to install additional fixtures and appliances. The best part is that you can incorporate it on one of them or both the islands. Hence, you can use a double sink, dishwasher, or even a mini wine cooler. You have enough space for kitchen appliances. 

What are double islands used for?


The main attractive feature of double kitchen islands is that you have a counter space that’s twice that in your kitchen. Double islands help establish traffic patterns especially if you are having a large kitchen, provide adequate storage space, and provide ample space for your children to do their homework. Also, guests can use the space to share quality time with you. Besides, you have a streamlined cooking process going on. 


A kitchen with two islands is a smart solution for people with spacious living areas. Moreover, the interior of a modern-day kitchen should be a combination of functionality and style. And, double kitchen islands have both of them. It creates multiple workspaces and at the same time improves the aesthetics of the area as well. 


There is no denying that double kitchen islands increase the overall look of your house, especially the kitchen. Commonly, many homeowners tend to incorporate this type of island in their kitchen to make them stand out from the rest. And, they do whenever they are planning to sell their property. Double kitchen islands significantly improve the visual appearance of your house and increase your resale value.

Demand for flexible spaces

In this modern era, everything is at hyper-speed and the demand for flexibility can be seen in all aspects of life. And, the kitchen is not an exception. Hence, the demand for hyper-flexibility in terms of space has turned double kitchen islands into dedicated spaces. And, it includes eating, cooking, school homework, or even work from home jobs. 

Top 10 Double Islands Kitchen Ideas

Here are the ideas that will keep your space neat and multifunctional. 

1. Allot one island for cooking activities and use the other one for entertainment. So, one island takes care of food prep and cleaning. Whereas, the other one is intended for guests to relax while you prepare meals. 

2. It is good to make the double kitchen islands blend into your home décor. They are good pieces of furniture and effectively create two separate spaces. For example, make sure that the color of the drawers matches that of the decorative lights. 

3. Make the extra-wide countertop in the dining area. When you are planning a double kitchen island, it is a good idea to make one of them a bit wider. That way, you can use the extra space to dine or create extra space for your guests.

4. You can designate one island as a breakfast bar. Because the kitchen is the place where people most of the time are at home, making one island a countertop for having breakfast is a great idea. 

5. It is good to create a layout that works from within the room. Keep in mind that double islands don’t have to be of the same size and need to line up in a specific way. Make suitable adjustments according to your lifestyle and bring out the most of this space.

6. Or, narrow them down to create that perfect space. You can designate spaces for washing, prepping, and cooking meals on one island. And, keep the other one reserved for dining or managing work from home.

7. Consider making the double kitchen island the focus for cooking. It is great to think about space in the middle of a room where you can cook and enjoy every bit of it. That’s because no one is going to disturb you while you remain engaged in cooking. 

8. Using the second island as an area to decorate with things isn’t bad after all. Modern kitchen ideas mean trying to be more flexible while approaching something innovative. Besides, this setup can act like a divider that’s both functional and beautiful. 

9. Giving a traditional look to your double kitchen island is another great idea that a few pursue. And, if you are not a fan of conventional-styled kitchen islands, it will be the most charming option.

10. You can symmetrically position the double kitchen islands. When you do that, it gives you maximum space for prepping and a dedicated space for eating. Apart from being in symmetry, try to make the islands work with the scheme.

Cons of double kitchen islands

While the pros outweigh any drawbacks, it is good to know about the cons of having double kitchen islands at your home. Sometimes, it may impact you negatively. 

  • It takes lots of space

Although double kitchen islands provide you with more counter space, it takes a significant amount of space at the same time. Even if you have a decent kitchen, having two islands can cause the room to cramp. These islands are best for a kitchen that has a much bigger space along with other amenities. 

  • It is unnecessary if you spend less time in the kitchen

Suppose, you want a double kitchen island, but you spend less time cooking food. That way, it makes your kitchen overcrowded. Besides, it might look gorgeous if you have a large kitchen and do not cook typically. But for a small kitchen, it is not wise to incorporate a double island.

Alternatives to Filling an Oversized Kitchen

While double kitchen islands are perfect for an oversized kitchen, other items are equally nice. Here are the alternatives that are perfect for a big kitchen space. 

1. Pub tables

Raised pub tables are one of the best solutions for an oversized kitchen. The table comes with two stools and you can tuck under the table when not in use. Besides, the seating arrangement makes this item a preferred choice for many couples. Moreover, pub tables come in different styling with some of them even providing extra storage underneath the tables.

2. Butcher block tables

These kinds of tables are another great alternative for a large kitchen. Besides, you can choose whether they should be on wheels or stay stationary. Moreover, butcher block tables can act as a cutting board. That way, it makes a great addition to your cooking space. Apart from that, they are not just sturdy, but they are pretty indestructible as well. 

3. Rolling islands

If you want to add more convenience to your kitchen island, a rolling island could be the best alternative. In general, if you have a big kitchen space, you may opt for a built-in island. Still, many people like the concept of rolling their kitchen island out of the way whenever they feel so. Rolling islands come in a variety of designs, styles, and storage capabilities.

4. Eat-in kitchens

In this kind of setup, you get to dine next to the place where you have cooked the meal. Besides, the table can expand as big as you want, especially if there are fewer countertops. Or, you prefer to sit down when preparing meals. Furthermore, you can choose picnic tables and benches other than regular chairs and tables. Wooden farm tables that are quite old can give your big kitchen a unique style. 

5. Chef’s prep table

While they are popular in restaurants, a chef’s prep table is becoming one of the best alternatives to a kitchen island. Although commercial tables have stainless-steel tops, you can choose a marble top when using it at home. Because they are available in several sizes, you can find the one for your large kitchen.

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