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Can You Put Lights In A Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl liner pool with lights when it's dark outside

Swimming pool lights are a great addition to a pool- it lights up the interior of it and lets you use it at night. Underwater lights look extremely aesthetic and sophisticated, and it takes your pool party to the next level. It requires remodeling and setting up electrical outlets near water. So, it isn’t probably a safe option for you. We recommend getting professional help and would guide you in this article through the considerable options.

You can you put lights in a vinyl liner pool without any problems. It is important to make sure the lights are installed properly, always hire someone with the right skills to do the installation in your pool.

It can make a huge difference in how you use the pool and when it is used. It includes many safety precautions and an overall beautification to it.

Why should you opt for pool lighting?

There are a couple of reasons why you should install pool lighting. In the case of in-ground pools, the lights are to be put on for safety features; the illumination would stop people from accidentally falling into the pool at night. You can see the pool precisely with every amount of darkness outside.

Another would be an aesthetic reason; the lights would look beautiful whether you are using the pool or not. They add a touch of subtle sophistication to your pool making it even more desirable to take a dip, now and then.

How does it function?

A very common concern would be the mixing of water and lights, during the installation of pool lights. This could result in a short circuit and may endanger lives. But don’t panic, they have a completely sealed circuit connection, meaning the water won’t budge with the electric connection and not pose a risk for pool lovers. Professionals would use a GFCI, that is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, which would shut off the power in case of any leakage or any chance of high voltage.

How to install it?

A power source is the first requirement in setting up pool lights. You can use a GFCI outlet, and place the transformer beside the outlet. After plugging it in, you have to install a waterproof box on the existing power line.

If it has to be installed underwater, it is usually done during the construction of the pool or renovation. Placing the pool light niche into the steel and fixing them with concrete. It holds the pool lamp after it is to be installed after the pool has been constructed and the walls are erected. After this, a special wall panel is to be placed in the cut-out, deep center wall following proper instructions.

The pool lamp, attached to its niche is installed during the pool filling. The vinyl cover around the light ring is cut out, and the lamp is installed with the light cord attached to it, at the back of the niche, running to the main power outlet. The electrician has to make sure of any stray voltage, sealing the area quite well. 

What kind of lights goes with a vinyl-lined pool?

You should consider the type of lighting for different pool types; in-ground or above-ground type. They will vary as:

  • With the above-ground swimming pool lights, the options would vary from wall-mounted kits, magnetic lighting kits, and others that led you to install lights through your pool’s vent.
  • If it’s on the ground, you can choose the built-in, specially designed accent lighting and wall-mounted light fittings.

Here are specifically a few options in pool lighting-

LED Lighting: LED lights are cost-efficient and are the most popular choice for vinyl liner pools. It is also energy efficient and serves a longevity sentence. They also come in various options like color-changing lights, pre-programmed light show setups, and battery-operated floating led lights.

Halogen Lights: It is the brightest option among all. It was used and was quite popular around the 2000s. They are less costly than LEDs. Although it has hit a snag after the arrival of LED in the market, as it is less energy-saving and runs quite hot. They also cost a fortune in replacements.

Solar Pool Lights: They are relatively new to the collection and they are here to stay for the long run. They are driven by solar energy and won’t raise your electric bills. They are a fun, colorful addition to your pool. They are available in multiple options like floating lights, color-changing discs, and rainbow-colored globes. They are quite more costly than your LEDs.

What would you do with the lights when you change the pool liner?

Vinyl pool liners can last up to eight to ten years, depending on the UV light exposure and the balance of the pool chemicals. After its renovation, the once-installed lights are removed and lying around, so how to make good use of them?

The newly opened LED strips could be used around the corners of your room. IT would snazz up the whole environment of the room.

How much does it cost to installation of pool lights?

When you considered installing pool lights, you also did consider the installation prices. The various options have varied price ranges. The smaller LED lights cost around $700-$800, and fiber optics would cost you $1,200-$1,800. They would cost you the required maintenance, but this amount doesn’t it together with the maintenance cost.

How many lights are to be required for the pool? 

The number of pool lights you require depends on the size of the pool. For the larger ones, the minimum recommendation is two to three. The smaller ones, less than 30′ can be provided with a single lighting unit, two for the exception.


They are a beautiful addition to your pool, but maintenance is something entirely different routine. It is to be maintained properly to ensure its longevity and aesthetic. They are to be installed correctly by extremely trained engineers. You can look up online websites regarding pool buildings nearby you to get expert service. Let not the pool lights maintenance be a burden to you because we ensure you the best of it.

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