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Can You Wall Mount a TV in a Rental Apartment? And What to Think About

can you wall mount a tv in a rental apartment?

Did you know that the average American home has 2.5 TVs?

There’s no doubt that we’re a country that loves to chill out! Whether you enjoy period dramas or are more fond of reality TV, everyone enjoys watching TV.

If you’re wondering can you wall mount a TV in a rental apartment? to make your viewing easier than ever, we’ve got the answers you need.

Read on to find out more!

Can You Wall Mount a TV In a Rental Apartment?

Whether or not you can mount a TV while renting an apartment is down to your landlord. It’s a good idea to talk to them before you do anything as you don’t want to end up breaching your rental agreement or annoying your landlord. They may also know whether the walls are strong enough to hold a TV which could save you a lot of time, money, and potential damage!

Are You Allowed to Set Up a TV Wall Mount In a Rental?

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule to mounting TVs on walls when renting. Every rental agreement and landlord will have different terms that you have to stick to. Some will be absolutely fine with you doing this while others might kick you out if you even put a nail in the wall! 

Your best bet is to always talk to your landlord before doing anything like this. Attaching items to your walls can cause a lot of damage to the paint and plasterwork which isn’t easy to fix, so your landlord may prefer you simply keep your TV on the floor. 

Some landlords may agree to let you mount the TV but only if you fix the damage caused afterwards (more on that later in the article). They may also change their mind if you’re putting up a cinema-sized screen rather than a regular TV, which is obviously going to be way more of an issue when it’s taken down. But if you’re in a studio apartment and it makes sense to have your TV on the wall, they might be more relaxed.

Are Your Walls Strong Enough?

When renting an apartment, you might notice some areas where the house is a little less solid. It’s normal for large homes to be split up into lots of different apartments, and that means things like cheap partition walls can be put up to make new rooms. These are absolutely fine for everyday life, but if you’re trying to put up a TV on them they might not take the load.

If you’re unsure, speak to the landlord and ask them what they know about the wall. If they’re also not sure but it seems risky, the best bet is to leave it and choose another wall – preferably one made of brick!

Consider Your Neighbors

If you have thin walls between your apartment and your neighbors, is putting a wall against the TV a good idea? If the sound comes directly out of the speaker that could end up being a lot louder for the people next to you than if it was on the floor! This can be solved by using external speakers, but it’s always respectful to ask their opinion on it first to avoid bad blood.

How to Mount Your TV In a Rental Apartment

Different types of TVs will have different instructions for mounting. In general, you’ll have to buy a wall mount separately that’s compatible with your model of television. The mount is the part that’s actually going to be fixed to your wall, and your TV will be fixed to the mount. 

Remember before you secure your mount to carefully look at where you want your TV. Learn how your tv will attach to the mount so you know if it will be straight in front of it, or if the TV will end up a little higher or lower when it’s pulled out, and take this into account. Mark where your mount needs to go with small pencil markings.

Then, secure your mount to the wall following the manufacturer’s instructions. Fit your TV onto the mount, plug everything in, and you’re good to go!

Dealing With the Damage From a TV Wall Mount

If you mount your TV to a rental apartment wall, you’re going to have to take it down when you leave. That’s definitely going to leave some damage behind, and unless you want to lose your deposit (or you have a prior agreement with your landlord) then you’ll want to repair that. Here’s a little look at how.

After taking your mount down, you’ll have a lot of holes in the wall. Remove any dust and debris in these holes and around the area, either with a cloth, a soft brush, or even a hoover with a small nozzle.

You then need to find a wall filler that’s designed to fill these little holes. You can use your finger to make sure the filler is fully inserted and packed into the hole. Then, grab a putty knife and smooth down the filler so that it lays as flat as possible on the wall.

After the filler is completely dry, take some sandpaper and smooth it down so you can’t see any raised filler around the hole. If you can, find paint to match the rest of the wall and repaint over the damaged area. If you don’t have paint to match your landlord might be able to help you.

Find Out More Tips For Your Home Living

Now that we’ve answered can you wall mount a TV in a rental apartment? you should know more about the steps you need to take. Making your home comfortable is essential to your happiness, and taking the time to look into articles like this is a great way to gain more knowledge about how to turn your apartment into a haven.

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