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How to Create a Kick-Ass African Theme Bedroom That Stun? An Ultimate Inspiration

Stunning bedroom with African theme

Ensuring that our home is welcoming and peaceful, no matter what part of the day we step into. What matters most is our interior design. While most interior décor ideas have been repeated time and again, there are new concepts floating around that you can give a try. 

So how about an African theme bedroom to accentuate the overall look of your home? 

Want to know more about this décor theme? Read on and discover how you can incorporate this idea into your home!

What Is African Theme, Anyway?

Africa is an exotic land that offers picturesque views of the Serengeti wilderness, the Nile, the dense forests occupied by individual tribes, and a whole lot more. 

But what you might not be aware of is that this continent is the proud owner of such stunning, exquisite crafts and artifacts that display magnificent craftsmanship with bold prints and graphics. Let’s dig in!

The Expansion of African Art

With Africa’s economic growth in the international market, the art and culture of this land has also started garnering attention from the West over the years. Western fashion influencers, trendsetters, and designers have started taking a keen interest in the fashion and design unique to Africa.

The Theme of Africa

In fact, Africa is responsible for providing some awe-inspiring design and interior ideas. These ideas reflect its long history in art with the use of strong silhouettes, bold graphics, and well-executed craftsmanship.

In recent years, the concept of minimal design has given way to bolder colors and organic shapes. It has brought the African theme for home décor into the limelight.

Today, African elements are strongly inspiring colors, patterns, and the use of animals like the rhino, the leopard, and the zebra that symbolize the wildlife of Africa. All of these features come together to inspire many décor concepts.

This rage is probably a good reason why most homeowners want to incorporate the African theme into their homes. And the best part is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to make this transformation.

Who Should Go for African Theme?

If you have a personality that finds a connection with nature and value it then you can incorporate an African theme bedroom to illuminate the charming history and culture of this land. 

The latest African-inspired décor style does not reflect a home congested with baskets, brown-red shades, and animal prints all over.

It is the art of carefully selecting a few of these elements to integrate a bit of the African mood into an uncomplicated décor. Your warm and harmonious personality is well-reflected through such décor concept.

When you step into your home, you automatically disconnect yourself from the outer world and give more importance to your loved ones. This is the reason why there is no hard and fast rule to go after any specific décor trend while furnishing the house. Home décor should be based on your personality, senses, and feelings.

Speaking of personality, décor ideas that reflect our freedom of personal style and choice are the ones that make living in a home comfy and peaceful. And the elements that are African inspired usually bring coziness and dimness in minimalistic houses, adding a cozy feeling and warm personality to the home.

Nevertheless, African style décor can easily fit into all types of homes, irrespective of them being minimalistic, modern, eclectic, or even traditional. 

This style can be explained to be colorful, confident, and dynamic, with several colors and textures specific to African artworks, fabrics, and carvings characterizing this interior décor style. These characteristics allow convenient integration of this décor style into all home decors.

What are the well-defined elements that contribute to this theme?

Tranquil Earthy Tones

If you are not into a loud and bold design concept, a semi-minimalist and laid-back approach will help you integrate an African theme into your home décor. You don’t have to travel all the way to Africa to get the hold of its textiles and artifacts. All you need to do is select the most appropriate colors that rock! 

Earthy tones that are warm and welcoming are some of the primary elements of this theme. Think of sandy orange, brown, snug yellow, or even muted red for your interior décor!

However, don’t go for a lacquered or polished finish! Instead, opt for a raw and rustic touch to these colors. Think of it as an image of the sun setting across the Serengeti plains!

Inspirational Bold Colors

The African style, in its essence, reunifies us with the purest form of nature. It is impossible to think of African style without integrating sustainable and organic elements into the décor.

The design scheme of the African theme gives maximum importance to wood, and some of the popular choices include African mahogany, cedar, and ebony. For those of you who are planning to go all-African with the interior look, try to add earthenware and artifacts to get a complete African theme bedroom or living room décor.

Also, be fearless when it comes to opting for bold colors like bright green (natural), vivacious yellow, or even reinvigorating red to audaciously represent the African culture. You can try using those colors to give your children’s bedroom an African safari makeover with textiles and wallpapers in a wild print!

The Flavor of Africa

Don’t just throw in an African souvenir and think that it will count as African style! 

On the contrary, such thoughtless decisions can make the home décor look more like a Hollywood set. Try to delicately incorporate the African vibe so that it synchronizes with the overall décor of the room. 

To do this you can display an African art collection on a small corner of your room. Such small additions can become the focus point in a room that is otherwise simplistic in design.

Also, you can add a Tropical theme to the room by ushering in the famous African motifs that will not only bring in warmth during the colder months but can also blend in easily with other themes like the Asian-inspired room décor concept.

3 Major Characteristics of an African-Themed Bedroom

To make things clear, wildlife and nature in print are the foundation of African décor. This décor style celebrates patterns that are globally inspired and gathered from travels, forming an international association among different cultures.

The main characteristics of this theme include a fusion of the following:

  • Raw textures
  • Rich tones
  • Decorative prints

Each of these characteristics symbolizes the essence of Africa. Therefore, combining the latest furniture design with decorative and exotic African-themed elements can emanate an expression that is ethnic in nature.

What to Consider Before Integrating African Style into your Bedroom?

Before jumping into creating an African theme bedroom, you must know exactly what you want. You can either opt for introducing different African color shades to your room interior. Alternatively, you can replicate the primary features found in most African homes. Once you have made up your mind, you can proceed with assembling the requirements.

The Climatic Influence

If you want to turn your bedroom into an African home, the natural climatic conditions of a specific region plays a big role.

Generally, designs in this category include Moroccan and Egyptian ethnic styles. Either of these styles can be incorporated as the core of the overall room design. Plus, adding elements key to these styles will make the theme a success.

The Jungle Effect

The colors can be inspired by the scorching African sun, the lush green jungles, or even the sandy deserts. All of these are common African landscapes.

Go for shades of brown, orange, sand, yellow, swampy green, terracotta, and brick to get that African effect. While brown and yellow are the most prevailing colors, you can choose different shades like charred wood, tree bark, amber, cinnamon, honey, and baked milk.

Alternatively, opt for fiery red color accentuated with shades of blue. This will give an au-naturel African landscape look to the room. But remember that no matter what color you use, its tone must be natural!

7 Best Items from Amazon to for an Ultimate African-Themed Bedroom

Leopard Spots Wall Stencil

Now, this is a work of art per se. This leopard spot stencil wallpaper comes in 32 inches in width and 21 inches in height. The top-quality vinyl and the striking combination of black and white will immediately become the center of focus of your room.

You can either cover the entire room with this leopard-spotted wallpaper or opt for a single wall to give a touch of the African style. The stencil design adds to a minimalist look, especially if you intend to integrate the African theme with a subtle hint.

Boho Printed Rug

The concept of a Boho style includes a variety of patterns and colors. Therefore, it is highly compatible with the African style. This linen and the cotton-based paisley rug is 60 inches long and 36 inches wide, making it the perfect addition to a bedroom. The exquisite design using earthy tones will complement the room décor perfectly. The woven tassels add to the style of this carpet rug. Select an area in the room that either has a sofa or a table in front of a place where you can place this African-inspired carpet rug or place the rug before your bed.

Wondering how to tuck a sofa in your bedroom? Check out our how-to guide!

Omaqa One Burkina Faso African Hand Fan Woven

Adding hand-made crafts that are African-inspired is a good way to incorporate the African theme into your room. This 16-inch long hand-woven fan can be placed on an empty wall.

The idea of a rustic, hand-made item based on African style will integrate the feel of Africa into the room. The craftsmanship of Africa offers a unique cultural taste that takes you back to the continent.

Woven Basket Wall Décor

African baskets have a deep-rooted connection with the culture. Check out this set of three baskets that are handwoven using 100 percent natural fiber.  You can place these baskets on a side table or a coffee table or in the corner of your room. 

The simplistic design of these baskets reflects the theme of Africa at its very core. The magic of Africa will soon spread all over the room once you add this product in a suitable, eye-catching position.

Large Zebra Print Area Rug Carpet

It is not always recommended to throw in a rug with zebra print on it. However, this exquisite rug when placed in the right floor position can immediately take you back to the African safari. 

Made of faux cowhide leather, this zebra rug comes in an impressive 4.9-feet x 6.6-feet size. The large zebra prints on the rug make it a prominent eye-catcher no matter what room you place it in. Adding this rug to your room instead of stuffing with a ton of African souvenirs will transform it into a true African-style room.

Rouihot Throw Pillow Cover

The prints unique to African style are well-established in these pillow covers that come in a set of four. Each pillow cover is sized 18-inch x 18-inch, making it perfectly sized for your throw pillows. These 100 percent polyester-made pillow covers provide the essence of African design, making them most-suited for your African theme bedroom décor.

NOVARENA African Art Cameroon Gabon Fang Wall Masks and Sculptures

These unique African-themed masks come in a set of three, in brown and black colors. Using African Cameroon wood (Gabon), these fang-shaped masks will alter the mood of the room you place them in.

With a head start using the information provided, you can easily convert a simple bedroom into an African theme sleeping paradise. However, be discreet and creative when incorporating these ideas!

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