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Decorating Interior Archway: Interior Archway Decorating Ideas

Interior archway with decorations

Archways serve as decorative features in homes. They can be further enhanced in many ways to accentuate them and draw more attention to that specific part of the house. You can decorate your interior archway through beaded curtains or using some greenery.

People who are fascinated with interior design and homeowners who are looking to incorporate new architecture in their homes should consider setting up archways. Archways are very vital to the structure of any building for purposes of support and to cover the gaps. Arches should be structural to be valuable, and interior archway doorways have become very popular and sought-after architectural features today. Arches add a stylish, and romantic look and feel to your home, in a way that no other architectural component can. Interior archways are a must for home dwellers who are conscious of design and style.

Interior arches make any room appear more spacious because they divert attention to the walls; heights. You can have them in the living room or the hallways depending on where you want the space to be elevated. Decorating interior archways helps them stand out even more, and there are many designs to choose from. If you choose to have a plain arch with no decorations, it will still serve the purpose of adding depth and dimension to your home’s interior.

Interior Archway Decorating Ideas

Archways are important for enhancing both the interior and the exterior of houses, and when it comes to interior design, installing a decorative archway gives your home some sophistication and increased value in the long run. If you want to create a good first impression of your home, decorating the interior archways is a good place to start. 

An interior archway adds to the design in your house, giving your home a cozy and sophisticated feel. Decorating your archway can be both fun and frustrating, but as long as you are up to the challenge, there is no cause to worry. When decorating your interior archway, take into consideration things kike the traffic patterns, the architectural style used, décor in adjoining rooms, and the need to differentiate spaces. Archways are architectural elements with functions, and they can also be decorated to infiltrate areas and accentuate décor. 

Some of the interior archway decorating ideas are:

Mosaic tile design

The tile mosaic design gives your interior archway a Mediterranean flair where you cover the arch’s inside are partly extend the pattern round the curve in one or both adjacent room’s walls. This decoration idea has a lot of designs to choose from including geometric patterns, astronomical figures like the sun, and abstract designs. Remember to work with the patterns to match the curve and set the tiles in position for best results.

Arched shutters

This decorative idea is for archways that serve as entrances to adjacent rooms or as walkways between two rooms. It is very interesting to connect rooms with archways, as this gives you a perfect sightline and snippet into the next room. These interior archways should not be covered completely, otherwise, they don’t serve their purpose.in such cases, it’s advisable to use arched shutters at the archway’s top to add style and color If there are small windows at the tip of the arch, you can use wood blinds or shutters for decoration.

Beaded curtains

Beautifully beaded curtains are another decorative idea for archway doorways. They ensure the notes are emphasized and are the most popular mode of decorating archways in most homes. If possible, use see-through curtains in archways for fresh air in the house and to allow enough light in adjoining rooms. This helps in creating a sense of separation.

Use some greenery

Generally, plants improve the health of residents and are a great decorative element for houses. They also give a welcoming and fresh vibe in the house, as well as boost your mood by creating a calm atmosphere. Plants are ideal for any interior design, and they are essential in creating a positive home environment. As such, including indoor greenery in your archway is a great decorative and functional idea. Plants help in improving the general aesthetic of the archway to make it more appealing. The vibrant greenery works for both interior and exterior archways as they create a magnificent backdrop. If you are going for a delicate look, use lightweight greenery, otherwise lush foliage is ideal for large spaces.

Panel shades

Window blinds were very common i8n the past, but they are being replaced by panel shades as a decoration for archways. The size of the panel shade is determined by that of the archway, and these panel shades also act as partitions between rooms. Adding panel shades is the best decorative option for homes with archways between adjacent rooms. 

Inspirational words

If you love inspirational quotes and words, you can use them to decorate your interior archway. Look for your favorite quotes and those that are most meaningful to you and use letter stencils to copy. When carving the letters, ensure they are parallel with the arch otherwise you end up with shoddy work. If this is too much work, you can opt to hang canvas instead. Some stencils contain entire statements for sale or make use of stencil paints.

Use of lights

In most homes, people use lights for decoration, especially during the festive seasons. Lights are a good way of decorating interior archways, and they are functional in that they keep the house lit. Hanging lights on archways illuminates the house and to an extent even makes it seem bigger. A beautifully decorated archway makes the house look very beautiful and elegant compared to a plain undecorated one.

Customize a shelf

Decorating your interior archway gives it a completely different look, especially when done right. Most homeowners install interior archways to make their homes feel and look modern, and to make their homes stand out from the rest. Another way of decorating an interior archway is by making and customizing a shelf. You can customize it to align with the shape of the arch in the room and put up some displays depending on your lifestyle and personality. It is important to consider the shape of the shelf that will best fit the living room.

Choose creative patterns and styles

When it comes to decorating your interior archway, there are many ideas when it comes to patterning and style. You can be as creative as possible to create that classy and unique décor for your archway. You can go for patterns that give the room a dramatic change, as long as the pattern fits your home style and character. 

Enchanted passages

If you are a very visual or imaginative homeowner, you can decorate your archway with colorful flowers and trailing vines. This gives the interior archway a magical look, which can be illuminated with a series of fairy lights. This decoration idea is perfect for interior archways that lead to the bedroom area as it gives the space a romantic feel. The colorful vivid sunflowers and hibiscus can be painted on the archway between the dining room and the kitchen. As long as the color of the flowers is well-coordinated with the room the archway is facing, it will look splendid.


This is a great choice for homeowners who want a unique way of decorating their interior archways. When using draperies, there are many designs and styles, and these draperies are suitable for most archways as they can be drawn or hung in a straight line, and it doesn’t tamper with their function. If you want a more unique and sophisticated look, use arching curtain rods to hang the draperies above or inside the archway. Draperies ensure that you are in control of the amount of light entering the room, and they also optimize your privacy. There are custom draperies and storebought ones, so choose the best ones depending on how much you want to accentuate the interior design and décor of your house. Draperies are a good option for decorating interior archways. 

In addition to painting and coloring your archway, you can further use it as a gallery wall for your best and most important photos. In addition to wallpaper effects and paint, putting up photos on the wall helps in the emphasis of an interior arch, as long as you consider the arch’s proportion carefully so as not to overwhelm it with a lot of photo frames. Go for a graphic and restrained scheme with dark frames of similar size for a more striking effect. 


Decorating interior archways add to the beauty and elegance of the doorway and the adjacent rooms. When decorating archways, adding soft curves to arched doorways makes them sophisticated and beautiful. Archways are a very welcome change when refurbishing historic properties for distinguishing corridors and grand entrances. Arched doorways are also essential in providing contrast in the room’s décor, the ceiling, fireplace mantel, and columns. Generally, decorating archways is a great way to infuse elegance in formal spaces and sophistication and beauty in homes.

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