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Dimensions and Specs of Mini-Fridges [Guide]

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A mini-fridge might be the right solution to a small living space. They are becoming one of the most sought-after home appliances because they get the job done well. So, you need to know how big a mini-fridge should be. When you are on the market looking for a one, getting to know about mini-fridge dimensions helps you make the right decision.

Besides, knowing the right dimensions depends on what you need the machine for. Are you looking for a mini-fridge to store your grocery for a week or a fridge that serve you cool drink? In this post, you get to know the mini-fridge dimensions along with energy consumption and other interesting facts. 

What are the dimensions of mini-fridges?

A compact refrigerator or a mini-fridge comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be anywhere between 4.5 and 1.7 cubic feet. Some of the smallest cube-shaped mini-fridges have dimensions of about 7 x 18 x 20.5 inches. Whereas, a bigger mini-fridge might have dimensions 19 x 20 x 43 inches. Mini-fridges are a great alternative to regular-sized European or American fridges.

Popular mini-fridges that you can consider buying

When shopping for a mini-fridge, it is important to consider the features, design, and whether or not you want a freezer. Here are some models that you can buy.

Galanz Retro 3.1 ft323.3×19.2×35.2″71.4 poundsAdjustable legs
Available in different colors
Made from metal
A bit expensive
hOmeLabs3.2 ft317.3×18.9×33.3″68.3 poundsQuiet
Adjustable legs
Can hold up to 120 cans
Non-reversible door
Arctic King3.2 ft318.5×19.4×33″51.2 poundsCrisper drawer
Separate freezer compartment
Manual defrost
Non-reversible door
Midea compact1.6 ft317.7×18.6×19.4″35.3 poundsAdjustable legs
Reversible door
Manual defrost
Insignia2.6 ft317.7×19.1×27.6″44.3 poundsAutomatic defrost
Reversible door
No freezer
RCA RFR3223.2 ft320x19x33.5″44 poundsCrisper bin
Adjustable legs
Reversible door
Manual defrost
Ikea Tillreda2 ft349x47x45″31 poundsNo-frills efficiencyFreezer compartment 

What are the types of mini-fridges and their dimensions?

To have a clear understanding of mini-fridge dimensions, it is good to know about their types. In general, you can get a mini-fridge in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Let’s take a close look at each of them and understand more. 

Large mini-fridge

To begin with, a large mini-fridge is about 4.5 cubic feet in size. Therefore, a fridge of this size can hold groceries for a single person depending on daily requirements. In short, they are large enough to fulfill the needs of one person. 

Precisely, these kinds of mini-fridges house three racks on the doors, a canned drink dispenser, a vegetable crisper drawer, three shelves, and a small freezer. Besides, they have a temperature control setting along with inner light. In general, the fridge measures about 32 x 20 x 22 inches. A large mini-fridge is the best option for a small bachelor suite or dorm room.

Medium mini-fridge

The medium mini-fridge mostly comes in a varying size between 2.5 and 3.5 cubic feet. The medium variants take less space while providing you with extra storage for food. A medium-sized mini-fridge is the most preferred choice for many people because of the functionality they provide.

In general, you can find a medium mini-fridge with dimensions 17 x 18 x 26 inches. That way, it is better suited for snacks and drinks up to a great extent. In short, a medium or standard mini-fridge is the best cooling solution for offices and bedrooms. 

Small mini-fridge

This kind of mini-fridge has a more compact size compared to the other types mentioned above. These kinds of compact refrigerators don’t come along with freezers or crispers. Rather, they are more focused on keeping temperature optimal for consistent beverage coolness.

Most of the small mini-fridges that you can find around offer you storage anywhere between 1.2 and 1.8 cubic feet. Some of the models feature soft LED lights inside and a temperature control dial. And, they can hold up to 60 cans of your favorite drinks with ease.

The dimensions of a small mini-fridge might be around 18 x 19 x 17 inches. This variant of mini-fridge is the right choice for people who have a dedicated games room and loves providing their guests with cold beverages.

What is the interior dimension of a mini-fridge?

Understandably, the interior dimension of a mini-fridge will be a bit shorter compared to the overall dimension. However, the difference isn’t that much and it could be anywhere between 10 and 12 inches. When it comes to the space at the bottom, it could have a slight variation as well.

That’s because of the motor or compressor which is stored there. On average you can find the interior dimension of a mini-fridge as 28 x 18 x 17 inches. However, you can notice variations in dimensions because of the different models and makes. 

What are the things that you can put inside a mini-fridge?

Apart from the word ‘mini’ used to represent these kinds of fridges, you can store a decent amount of items. For small mini-fridges, you can store some bottles of wine and water bottles with ease. Some of the common items that you can store consist of certain vegetables, beverages, fruits, and water.

For the medium-sized mini-fridges that have around 3.5 cubic feet, you can store several water flasks along with a few wine bottles. Moreover, you can even store a gallon of milk if the rack allows you to do that. If a full gallon can’t fit, you can accommodate a half gallon with ease. 

When you have a large mini-fridge that has about 4.5 cubic feet of storage, you get a lot of options. These amazing coolers might be compact but can store almost anything inside them. And, it starts with dairy products to eggs and even meat. However, make sure to keep the water bottles, a full gallon of milk, and wine bottles in the front side area.

How can you measure the dimensions accurately of a mini-fridge?

Measuring the mini-fridges size will help you save a lot of trouble because you don’t want to buy anything that won’t fit or is way too big. To measure the dimensions of a mini-fridge, all you need is a pencil, measuring tape, and a small piece of paper to note down the information. 

  • Measure the depth of the mini-fridge from the front edge to the back
  • Next, measure the width and height of the fridge
  • Multiply these numbers and you get the cubic feet measurement
  • Continue doing the same for the interior of the fridge and multiply the number to get the interior cubic foot size 
  • You can add the two numbers and get the total cubic foot size of the mini-fridge

What is the electric consumption of a mini-fridge?

When it comes to the actual energy consumption of mini-fridges, it depends on the materials, sizes, models, and insulation levels. Typically, a mini-fridge utilizes about 55 to 85 watts per hour in running condition. However, keep in mind that the numbers vary according to models and brands.

Because power consumption in mini-fridges is measured in watts, you should convert it into kilowatt-hours (kWh) to find out the extent of your electric bill. Moreover, several factors contribute to energy bills and that includes room temperature, how frequent you open the door, whether or not the fridge is full, and internal temperature settings.

What are the things that impact power usage on a mini-fridge?

There are certain factors that you should consider before buying a mini-fridge. And, here are the things that impact the power usage of the compact refrigerator. 

Size – Larger the size, the larger the space it allows you to store. It means the fridge will consume more energy. And, the number will increase if the mini-fridge has a freezer 

Model – Not every model comes with an A++ Energy Star rating. Hence, if the rating goes beyond C or D, the model isn’t a good option when it comes to saving on energy bills

Settings – In general, energy consumption is higher if there are pre-set settings. So, evaluate the settings before buying

Age – Model that have been manufactured a long time ago are less energy-efficient compared to the modern-day manufactured ones. That’s because the new ones will incorporate the latest technology on the fridge

Location – Typically, fridges operating in warmer environments tend to perform twice as they should have to provide the requisite power. As such, the energy bills are elevated

Usage – If you leave the door open for some time or frequently open the door, cool air is released more. As a result, the compressor works harder to retain the cool temperature inside. And, it results in elevated energy bills.


Mini-fridges come in a variety of measurements for you to choose from. You can even find one that is specifically designed for sitting on countertops, whereas the ones that perfectly fit under them. So, whenever you are planning to buy a mini-fridge, get the dimensions right. That you can avoid confusion later.

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