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Does FedEx Deliver to Apartment Doors?

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Yes. FedEx does deliver to apartment doors. It’s important to provide as much information as you can when requesting a delivery. You also need to be as accurate with your details as possible. To make the process a bit easier, you can create a free account with FedEx Delivery Manager. 

Online shopping is all fun and games until you realize they’ll deliver to your apartment tomorrow… and tomorrow you have a thing. 

Surely you’re familiar with stressing about your delivery going wrong. We’ve all been there. Getting stuff delivered is so great, but receiving your goods doesn’t always go off without a hitch.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to make the deliver-to-apartment process as pain-free as possible. And, how you can make sure that FedEx will deliver to your apartment door.

Getting It Right

If you want to set up a stress-free apartment door delivery, a FedEx Delivery Manager account is the thing to do. It’s a sure way to make FedEx deliver right to your apartment door. It’s an online service that helps you manage your deliveries.

When you create a profile, you save customized preferences for your future deliveries. This saves a lot of time, it’s quick and convenient. Plus, you don’t have to risk making mistakes each time you type in your details.

It’s extremely useful for residential apartment delivery. You can add specific details, including your buzzer code, or any other instructions. It’s always a good idea to provide your apartment number and your mobile phone number. 

The FedEx Delivery Manager comes with some great benefits. You get proactive notifications by text or email. And, it’s easy to add additional delivery instructions.

You can even choose a signature release. So, if you’re not home when the FedEx apartment delivery arrives, that’s ok. You can ask them to leave the package without anyone signing for it.

This is really helpful if you know that there’s a safe spot for the delivery person to leave your parcel.

Let’s say you know that you won’t be home. You’ve set up the signature release, and you want the FedEx delivery person to leave the parcel at your door. It’s a good idea to add an extra instruction, letting the courier know where you’d like them to leave the package.

What if they can’t deliver?

If leaving the package at your door is not an option, there is another alternative. You can ask FedEx to hold your package at a retail location. This means FedEx will keep your package for you, and you can collect it from them.

The Deliver-to-Apartment Process

You need to use clear instructions when you’re placing your order. And, be sure to get your address right. It’s quite easy to make mistakes when you’re filling in the online form. 

Learn about FedEx’s delivery policies. Each parcel carrier does package deliveries to apartments in their own way. Understanding how they work will make your life a bit easier.

Apartment buildings often hold deliveries in parcel lockers. Or, the leasing office might be able to accept a delivery for you and store it until you collect your package. But, these aren’t always reliable options.

For one thing, a few residents share one parcel locker, so a locker might be too full to store your parcel. And, there’s also the risk of a parcel mix-up.

Another thing, don’t assume that your leasing office will be able to accept deliveries on your behalf. They can’t always take on the responsibility of keeping everyone’s packages safe, and it takes a lot of admin. Sometimes there are just too many deliveries for the leasing office to manage.  

Receiving your own FedEx delivery at your front door is the ideal scenario. However, it’s not a perfect world, and this situation isn’t always possible. 

What will happen if you aren’t home to accept your package? You could very politely ask your next-door neighbor to help you out. Of course, this means you’ll need to get along with your neighbors.

And, you’ll need to be prepared to return the favor. It also means your neighbors will need to be kind and trustworthy people. We’ll leave you to figure this one out.

Let’s just say it’s always a good idea to be friendly with your neighbors and leasing office.

If your place is secure, and the package doesn’t need a signature, FedEx will leave the package at your door. If it’s not, the courier will leave you a note called a door tag. This helps you locate your package and make alternative arrangements to get it.

So basically, if FedEx can’t do the apartment delivery, they’ll leave a door tag. This is a note providing instructions on a new delivery arrangement. It also includes a number you can call if you need help. 

What if you live in a walk-up apartment? Can you still get apartment door delivery? Yes. 

The FedEx courier person will contact your apartment. Then, you let them in and wait for them to climb all the stairs. If you have deliveries made often, be sure to thank them for their extra effort.

Service with a Smile 

Online shopping makes life so much easier. Deliveries are the best! 

Until your parcel doesn’t arrive when you expect it to. Or, something unexpected pops up, and in the five minutes that you aren’t home, that’s when the courier rings.

These days, we’re all relying on the convenience of online shopping more than ever. Streamlining the deliver-to-apartment process makes a lot of sense for parcel carriers. That said, there are a few things we can do when placing online orders to help the process along. 

FedEx delivery people don’t accept tips. However, a little appreciation goes a long way. A small thank you note can mean a lot.

Remember, courier drivers are often under pressure with loads of deliveries to make. So, it’s not fair to keep them waiting. Be considerate.

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