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How To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy: 10 Ideas

Tinted patio glass doors covered with curtains for privacy

Glass doors have become a very popular element of both traditional and modern homes. When you use coverings or privacy films on glass doors, you are assured privacy protection while still adding decorative features to your home. These coverings include shutters, frosting, blinds, stained glass, and etching cream among others.

Glass doors allow the occupants of the house to enjoy a spacious, airy room, but when fitted in where passers-by can look through, they hinder privacy. In addition, glass doors open a room up to the next which allows fewer dark spaces in the house. 

Many homeowners opt for glass doors as a cost-effective option for allowing natural light into the room without additional expenses. These doors however do not guarantee a lot of privacy, so they have to be covered and decorated well for functionality and to improve the general aesthetic of the house. If you have glass doors in your home and need some privacy from the outside world, or if the French doors in the bedroom require more privacy, there are many ideas to fix that.

Glass doors are covered for light control, and there are both temporary and permanent solutions. If you are bothered by the lack of privacy brought about by these doors. There are different ideas on how to block the view, obstruct vision, and bring back the desired privacy at home. 

Privacy is crucial to any homeowner for security reasons, you dint want to risk potential thieves and intruders taking a glimpse of your belongings. When you use the right cover for your glass doors, you get a high level of privacy as well as some peace of mind at home. Glass doors are a great option for the aesthetic of the house, but what do you do when you need some more privacy? 

Ideas for covering a glass door for privacy

It is very possible to install a glass door without compromising the security of your home with a few additions and modifications. When choosing the right coverage for your glass doors, consider such factors as insulation, maintenance, and aesthetics. The following are some of the most popular ideas for covering glass doors for privacy protection.

1. Roman shades

Roman shades are ideal for homes with high ceilings for privacy protection. You can choose a light material for the shades to bring in adequate sunlight, but the option of Roman shades is a bit costly compared to binds. These blinds are made from folded fabric layers which can be lowered in turns, and they look good when covering about two-thirds of the glass door to provide privacy and let adequate light in.

2. Sheer blind shades

If you are looking for a more elegant appeal, sheer shades are ideal to cover your glass doors. Sheer shades offer the right amount of privacy while guaranteeing you the best of both worlds. The coverings allow light in and have a pull of vane for maximum privacy protection. These shades are customizable, but there are premade options available in the market. Sheer drapes are essential coverings for glass doors and they can be closed either permanently or not depending on how much you want to let in.

3. Vertical cellular blinds

These are a more modern option for French doors and glass doors covering. Vertical blinds coverings are drawn using cords across the doorway and can be tilted to allow light in. these coverings come in a range of slat sizes, fabric, and colors. These coverings have a slightly different look from solar screens, but they have the same functionality. They make the house look classy and elegant which also boosts the energy.

4. Curtains

Traditionally, curtains were popular as options for privacy coverings, and are still the first option most homeowners consider for their glass doors and windows. All you need to do is select the right drape for your glass doors and hang them up with a rod. With curtains, you get to decide how much natural light you let in, depending on whether the fabric used is thin or thick.

For homeowners, drapes are a great way to accentuate the featuristic properties of glass doors while providing the required privacy. You can also choose to use thick drapes to add an extra layer of insulation which keeps cold drafts away from your home. 

5. Glass paint

If you are on a tight budget, glass paints are one of the most cost-effective ways of adding privacy to glass doors. The paint remains on the glass permanently, and it acts as a blockade for the harsh UV rays of the sun. Glass paint is a very common choice for frosting glass doors because it is easy to apply and yet removable when the need arises. Most of these paints are packaged in spray cans for easier and even application on the glass door, and there is an array of colors to choose from. 

The paint used should be thinner compared to shutters or curtains to allow in some natural light, and the glass surface needs to be wiped thoroughly for even distribution. If need be, add an extra layer of glass paint to make the shade darker, whichever color you use. Glass paint can act as a permanent covering for glass doors when left alone because it doesn’t fade, wear, or peel away easily.

6. Window tints

Rather than use curtains, you can opt for window tints which are a more versatile and cost-effective alternative for glass doors. There are many types of window tints to choose from based on your style and the aesthetic of the house. 

Some tints allow some light in and still guarantee privacy, while others block the view completely. There are a variety of textures, colors, and designs to choose from, so it is up to you to choose what you prefer.

7. Shutters

Traditionally, shutters were very popular as coverings for glass windows and doors to provide a tailored and clean look in houses as they blend in easily. These coverings are made of wood, and, they are found in an array of colors and finishes depending on your personal preference. Shutters add class and charm to a home, and they let out a country cottage appeal which adds to the privacy.

If you are going for optimum privacy. Keep the shutters completely closed, but if you want to let light in partially, then tilt the shutter slats for an interrupted view. Shutters are costly, but they are very effective in improving the general aesthetic of your home and a for privacy protection. You can’t go wrong with shutters as they are designed to blend into the room and the walls.

8. Decorative screens

Decorative screens are a more suitable option to cover glass doors for privacy for artistic homeowners. Decorative window films are essential for enhancing privacy while adding some personality to the interior of the home. These coverings come in a variety of unique designs and materials, and as most are made from aluminum, they double in protection against hurricanes. 

Additionally, the sun rays hitting the glass and French doors add an artistic effect on the walls and furniture by casting shadows. These coverings have different patterns depending on how much light you want to let in, and the view you want. Heavily decorated windows offer ample privacy, but they block out the view.

9. Sliding panels and solar screens

If you are looking for a more modern, sensible, and clean design to incorporate into your home aesthetics, sliding solar screens are ideal to use as coverings for glass doors. Unlike vertical blinds, sliding panels cannot tilt open and close, which is a major difference. Siding panels offer privacy and comprehensive solar control options based on the material or fabric used. 

These coverings are particularly suitable for blocking out ultraviolet rays and sun glares. Additionally, this type of covering doubles as “doors’ for wardrobes and are suitable for layering. If need be, sliding solar panels can be used with clear films on glass doors and windows for boosted protection and privacy. These coverings are very elegant, and they are functional in that they copy the style and functions of the doors.

10. Frosted glass

Depending on what you have at your disposal, there are many ways to frost a glass door. You can make use of etching cream or a special type of glass paint to achieve that frosted glass appeal. If both of these options aren’t practical for you, there are frosted window films on sale which are cheaper and have the same results. Glass etching cream is a good alternative for permanent frosting of the glass doors, and it’s an easy process too.

This mode of glass covering is irreversible, so only use the etching cream when you are sure you no longer need the transparency of the glass doors. Apply the cream with caution; otherwise, it damages the door’s frames and can be dangerous when there is skin contact.


If you are looking for ideas you can employ to keep your glass doors private and beautiful, the above can help. Choose the right covering depending on your taste and style, and the general aesthetic of your home.

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