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How To Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls and Sloping Ceilings

Bedroom in attic with slanted walls

Bedrooms with slanted walls don’t have to be a decoration nightmare, you just have to explore the right ideas and get creative. Such ideas are installing a window seat, wallpapers, gallery walls, shelves, and lighting the room up among others.

Attics and rooms with slanted walls are a common interior design challenge. Rooms with slanted walls can be turned into bedrooms with the right decoration. When dealing with slanted walls and angled walls, it may be difficult to figure out the right decoration ideas due to the unique design of the room. The crucial thing is to get creative and think outside the box. 

The traditional decoration ideas may not work, but how you treat the ceiling and use the awkward space makes all the difference. Decorating a bedroom with slanted walls can be as fun as decorating one with plain old walls. Take advantage of the special contours in the room, and ensure the slanted ceiling and walls add to the charm of the room.

Decoration ideas 

A room with slanted walls has character and charm, as long as it is decorated the right way. The following are some tips for decorating a bedroom with slanted walls.

Install a window seat

Having a bedroom with slanted walls does not mean that it can’t be as cozy and decorated as any other room in the house. Due to the limited space, you need to get creative and utilize it without making the room feel crowded. You can create a window seat that is both practical and functional. It can be used when you want to read or meditate, and it acts as the room’s focal point. Add an armchair by the window or a built-in bench, whichever works for you. You can use the window seat to enjoy the morning sun as you have a cup of coffee or read a book. The seat gives the room a luxurious and cozy feel.

Light the room up

You can decorate a bedroom with slanted walls by adding light fixtures or chandeliers, especially if the ceiling is high. Chandeliers make the room look elegant and sophisticated and they draw the eye upwards towards the center of the room. Alternatively, use standing lamps for decoration and lighting purposes. When decorating with light fixtures, choose those that match the room’s aesthetic and your style, and ensure they are well within your budget.

Input a touch of textural contrast

Wood is one of the things that turn any small space cozy and elegant. If you have a bedroom with slanted walls, add such wooden textures as wall paneling and beams for décor, and to give the room a relaxed ambiance. If you want, there are other alternatives for creating textural contrast in bedrooms with slanted walls such as using murals and fabric canopies. When you place wooden beams on the ceiling, it adds a lovely and cozy touch to the room. It is important to choose sizeable beams that won’t take up a lot of space and make the room look clustered. The beams act as a distraction for the eye from the slanting walls, and if you decide to paint the beams with a light color, the room opens up more.

Keep the ceiling light

It is advisable to use light and neutral colors which are not harsh on the eyes, otherwise, you end up being uncomfortable in your bedroom. Bedrooms with slanted walls appear smaller in size, but painting the ceiling with light colors or in white gives the impression of space. Bright colors are also crucial when it comes to reflecting natural light into the room especially if the windows are small. You can use dark colors for beams as a contrast to the ceiling. If you use dark colors on the ceiling, you create an impression of a cave and the room feels more closed in. such bedrooms have interesting ocular features, so use simple stripes and bright colors to highlight the slanting additions and fixtures. Light colors expand the sense of space, and they give the room a visually appealing perspective. Keeping the ceilings light is an illusion that works well with small bedrooms with slanted walls.

Use proportional décor

When decorating any room, the décor used must be proportional to the size of the room. For small rooms with low, slanted ceilings, it is advisable to go low with décor. If the room to be decorated has a high ceiling, it makes more sense to use taller décor such as floor lights and oversized pendants. Ensure the vertical space under the roof is utilized maximally.

Use accessories to exaggerate the size of the room

Accessories are used to decorate rooms, but in the case of bedrooms with slanted walls, they help make the room appear bigger. When buying rags and mirrors, buy big ones to make the room more significant. Mirrors that reflect on space give the room an impression of breadth and height. You can add a soft rag, preferably one that is darker than the floor to give structure to the room and exaggerate the space a bit.

Utilize storage in a clever manner

Due to the unique designs of bedrooms with slanted walls, the space is very limited. Smaller bedrooms can be decorated using drawers, bookshelves, or walk-in closets which, are all functional and a clever utilization of space. When you have more storage space, the room feels open and uncluttered which makes it appear more spacious. It is also vital to have as little furniture in the room as possible and ensure it matches the floor and wall colors. Whichever storage space you have, ensure it extends to the ceiling to free up the space on the floor.

It is challenging to put up artwork in small spaces, which is the case for bedrooms with slanted walls. Having a mini gallery wall helps create a space for your artwork. The art you put up in your bedroom is a visual central point and the eye is attracted to that part of the room first. Pictures are also good accessories for slanted walls, as long as they are anchored firmly in position. They make the wall more interesting and are a great display of art.

Use a wallpaper

Wallpapers are a popular classic for decorating walls, especially in small spaces. If your bedroom has slanted walls, wallpaper is suitable, as long as it is fixed correctly. When choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom, don’t go for one with obvious repetitive patterns, as this makes your room look distorted. Use wallpaper colors that appeal to your style and look good in the room. Wallpapers make a room interesting, and it gives the space a theme rather than be defined by the slanted walls. Light-colored wallpapers accentuate the size of the room more, especially if they have small patterns.

Put up creative shelves

When you have a bedroom with sloped walls, you can still maximize the space available by building custom shelves. Rooms with slanted walls are ideal because the shelves are created to follow a natural gradient. Shelves are good for utilizing the otherwise wasted space, and they can be used to hold decorative items like flower vases. One benefit of bedrooms with slanted walls is that you can fix-up additional windows and skylights for natural ventilation, so take advantage. The shelves at the top will naturally be shallow while those at the bottom will have depth. These shelves are very crucial in storage and for holding decorating accents. 

Illuminate the room

If it is well within your budget, consider putting up a skylight on either of the slanted walls. This ensures that there is natural light getting into the bedroom which counters the space closed off by the slanted walls. This natural light complements the small space, and in a way, it is a great mood booster. Bedrooms with slanted walls naturally are dark because the ceiling does not allow in enough light, and the floor can’t accommodate many lamps. You can also choose to hang string lights by the walls if the skylight is a costly option for you. 

Use moveable furniture

It can be challenging to utilize the small space in bedrooms with slanted walls, especially when you don’t know what type of furniture is ideal. Moveable furniture is useful in rooms with such walls as they can be easily pushed to the side if they get in the way. For more efficiency, go for furniture with dual functionality such as tables and bed stools. If you have a desk, it can double as your dining table, and sofas can be used as beds as well. This furniture is functional, and it saves on space in your bedroom.

Use the canopy-style bed

In as much as bedrooms with slanted walls appear smaller, they are interesting to design and decorate. For such bedrooms, the canopy-style bed is ideal, and it fits in well. This bed makes the room appear taller, which diverts the attention of the eye upwards so you don’t notice the small space.


Attic bedrooms with slanted walls are very popular these days. These rooms are initially built as extra spaces, but with the right decoration, they could be great guest bedrooms as they are private. If you are looking to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls, get as creative as possible.

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