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How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling

Plants, lights and decoration hanging from ceiling in a home

Ceiling decorations aren’t much popular these days apart from chandeliers, lightbulbs, and ceiling fans. They are designed to make a large area feel more welcoming and spectacular. Because decorations are an integral part of every building, you need to choose them carefully to deliver the right message. So, you must know how to hang decorations from ceiling. 

Some of the best ways to hang decorative items from the ceiling include using adhesive wall hooks for lighter objects. Also, you can use tape on smoother surfaces and hangers on surfaces like concrete. So, whatever method you choose to hang the objects from the ceiling, will depend on how heavy the decorative item is.

Decorating a ceiling

These days, you can hardly find ceilings painted in plain or dull-white that show no signs of creativity and expressivity. Rather, ceilings are considered an important aspect when it comes to decorations and interior designing. That’s the reason why the ceiling is referred to as the fifth wall. 

Hence, choosing the perfect paint according to your needs or hanging art from the ceiling truly transforms the room. As such it looks fresh and elegant. But how can you know whether or not you chose the right color for the ceiling? The simple answer is that it depends on your imagination and the kind of effect you would like to recreate. 

For example, if your room has a small space, you can paint the ceiling a similar color to the walls. Or, you may choose an even lighter shade. That gives the expression of a tall, big space. Also, you can leave the ceiling white to derive the same effect as long as the walls are painted in light, neutral colors.

However, if your room décor and furniture are in neutral colors, you may add something different to your ceiling. That way, it would stand out from the ordinary ceilings. While rich plum and red are some of the best choices, if you are bold, adding navy, dark grey, or even black can make them look enticing. 

If you are thinking about making the ceiling an element of attraction in the room, you can add certain décor elements such as vases, carpets, and pillows in the same color as that of the ceiling. As such, it brings out a sense of continuity. 

Although having a variety of colors isn’t the only way to decorate the ceilings, consider adding chandeliers, moldings, wood beams, and even decorative items to improve the visual appearance. But it is best to add wood beams as a decorative item if you have an irregular ceiling or tall room.

That way, it makes the place more ‘homey’ and welcoming. Mirrors, on the other hand, can be a bold choice and interesting. However, choose the smaller ones because they can capture light well make the room feel bigger. 

Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable looking at yourself all the time or scared of its reflection, you can always replace it with a variety of small decorations. And, that’s where you need to know how to hang decorative items from the ceiling. 

Hanging objects from the ceiling

If you don’t have enough money to hire an expert or love DIY projects, decorating your ceilings by hanging objects will need a decent amount of skills. Besides, the procedure to hang decorative items from the ceiling and the materials required to get the job done depends on the weight and size of those items.

1. For lighter decorations

If you are planning to hand light decorative items from your ceiling, it won’t take much effort. Also, you don’t need to have specialized accessories or tools. Different kinds of pictures, paper decorations, or dry flowers can be tied to wires or strings and attached to the ceiling.

For this purpose, you need a regular tape and that’s all. Alternatively, you can use tacks because they won’t leave any kind of marks on the ceiling. Also, it means that you can remove them with ease whenever you need to change them. 

2. For decorative items less than 5 pounds

A regular tape and tacks won’t be helpful if your decorative items weigh a few pounds. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to invest a lot in buying expensive materials. It might surprise you but the most easiest and affordable option is to hang those items using adhesive hooks. 

It is wise to choose high-quality adhesive hooks that have strong glue. As such, they won’t fall easily after a while. The best part about these adhesives is that they come in a variety of sizes. Moreover, most of them are available with special release tabs. As such, you can securely remove them even without putting the paint in danger.

However, remember that adhesive hooks don’t work well on textured or popcorn ceilings. It works only on the flat ones. Apart from that, they are enough strength that helps you hang framed pictures, hats, lights, small glass terrariums, and other decorative items that look cool for your room. 

3. For decorative items more than 5 pounds

There is no denying that chandeliers, lamps, ceiling lights, arts, and decorative plates normally weigh over five pounds. As a result, using an adhesive hook isn’t good enough to hold them. If you use them, you may risk breaking your decorative items instantly. 

So, it is wise not to use adhesive hooks. The bad part about hanging a bit weighty object in your ceiling is that you need to be sure enough to undertake such a task. Or else, you may need to drill holes in the wall. And, it will change the aesthetics of the room making it less appealing.

Hence, if you need to attach a hook firmly, locating a joist or aiming at a wooden beam running horizontally across the ceiling and behind the plaster is what you should do. One of the easiest ways to find a joist is by using your knuckles and hitting the beams.

When a specific area doesn’t sound hollow, you have found out a joist. Next, make a hole using a drill machine through the plaster and screw a hook into it. It provides you with the necessary support to hang your desired heavy objects. 

If your rooms have wooden beams all over the ceiling, you can tie strong ropes, cables, or tiers around them and hang your decorative items. This is an amazing method you can use to hang slightly heavier objects and you don’t want to leave holes or marks on the ceiling.

Before hanging anything, ensure that the wood beams are sturdy enough to hold the decorative piece effectively. Still, if you have any doubts, it might be a good option to try hanging the item from an extra beam so that you can have a higher surface area. Or, you can just drill holes on the beam and attach the hooks.

4. For more heavy objects

Decorative objects that are the heaviest of all need certain considerations including the architecture and structure of your house. While plasterboards and beams are the most common ceiling types you can get, they aren’t strong enough to hold heavier objects. 

Even if the structure is strong, some items are too heavy for one hook to hold. In that case, you should drill a couple more holes and attach extra hooks. Or, you can hire a professional and work it out. Iron pot racks, wooden art panels, chandeliers, and other decorative objects are counted as heavy objects.

However, they can be fixed easily with the help of hooks. Make sure that all the hooks are attached to the same joist and about 3 feet apart. Or, you may find two joists that are 16 to 24 inches apart. Next, add heavy chains to both these hooks and use the chain to hang the decorative object.

Certain decorative objects such as paddles, boats, lighting plates, or other items made of iron and wood have their hanging systems. And, you need to make some holes into the ceiling and attach them to the chains, ropes, or wires that are included in the package.

To make the hanging pieces an impressive one, make sure that they are made by an expert. As such, you have to consider the right type of hangers based on your preference. Yarn or string is a great choice because you can have them in a variety of colors and use a minimalistic decoration on each line to create a waterfall effect.

If you are looking for a more rustic feel, twine should be an excellent choice. Besides, you can match it with furniture, floors, and wooden beams easily. A fishing wire is extremely strong and it is thin as well. It won’t be visible and adds a touch of mystery to the room.


While your ceiling is a common place to hang decorative items, for certain items the flat surface won’t contribute much. Also, it depends on how heavy the item is. Follow the guideline mentioned above and choose the best option that suits your needs better. Now that you have understood how to hang decorations from the ceiling, it’s time to display your creativity.

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