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How to Put an Office in a Living Room

Home office workstation in living room

Unlike corporate offices, a house is built for permanent living with comfort, relaxation, and lounging in mind. Hence, incorporating a living room office means bridging the gap between décor and furniture. That way, you can stay focused and bring out productivity. 

Setting up a desk in the living room benefits you a lot. You can have the comfort of a bigger surface while enjoying your own private space without compromising your productivity. And, all you need is an efficient separation between the rest of the room and your desk. Also, you need certain accessories to compensate for your working area. 

Considerations while putting a home office in a living room

  • How often you need to work in your home office – When deciding whether or not you need a dedicated space in your living room for your home office will depend on how much time you will work. If you are planning to work temporarily, you don’t need much space and a small corner will be perfect.
  • The size of your desk – The available area in your living room intended for your home office will determine the size of the desk where you will work. So, it depends on your preference and the nature of work whether you need a normal desk or something that comes with storage. Also, the items that you intend to put on the desk are another important consideration. 
  • Available space in your living room – While a living room has a larger space in your home, you won’t have trouble finding the right place to set up your home office. But if you are living in a small apartment, putting a home office might be challenging. However, make good use of the available space that you have and work out things in that order.
  • The equipment that you need – Setting up a home office might include certain items such as a desktop or laptop, scanner, printer, monitor, router, mouse, keyboard, and so on. Apart from that, you need power cord extensions to make them work. We have an list of home office essentials.
  • Whether you need to entertain your clients or colleagues – This is another important factor you need to consider when setting up the home office. Depending on the nature of work, you can have clients and colleagues visiting your place sometimes. So, choosing the right place is important.
  • View while working – You have to be motivated enough to bring out productivity at work. So, facing toward the walls should be the best option. You don’t need to look at things in your living room that become a cause of distraction. 

Setting up a home office in your living room

Whether or not you are having a lot of space, you can put an office in your living room. However, you should keep in mind the square footage wisely. Also, you have to keep your design schemes cohesive. Here are some ways to make your small home office function effectively.

1. Consider a nook

You can consider setting up your home office if your living room has a nook. You can find similar spaces in almost every house. And, it serves as an unobtrusive corner that is big enough to put a minimalist desk.

Also, you can put up some shelves if there is adequate space. This concept works wonders especially if you have an apartment. Perhaps, it is one of the most common places that people put their home office. And, the best part is that you don’t have to change the layout. 

2. You can use built-ins

Do you have enough space in your living room for built-up structures? If so, it could be a great place to utilize and increase your productivity at work. You can center your small home office on this storage solution.

You can set up your workplace in this small section effectively and get it outfitted with a smooth patterned wallpaper. However, if you have a rather smaller space, a compact bookshelf with an accompanying desk should be the right option.

3. Create a separation 

In a small living room where you find it hard to manage space effectively while setting up an office, try to separate your work desk from other household items. Make sure that the two areas appear distinctly apart.

You can create a division by making your desk and couch face walls on their respective sides. This is a great way to keep your work from overflowing into the space that is designated for relaxation. 

4. Choose a chair that won’t give you back pain

Determining the right kind of chair will depend on the amount of allocated space for your home office and the desk you are using. You can consider an ergonomic desk chair with wheels for home office use. 

While this kind of chair might be expensive, you can have a chair without wheels. However, make sure that the chair has the right size and is well-padded for extra comfort. Also, it should match the room’s aesthetics and fits under the desk surface when you push it. As such, it won’t take much space. 

5. Choose a table or desk that has an appropriate height

If you aren’t happy with your dining room tables or kitchen counter as an office desk, you can always find a table or desk to fit in the place you wish to make a home office. However, make sure that it is a simple one with a realistic design. 

If drawers are important, you can find a table or desk with in-built drawers. Desks with drawers are handy when it comes to putting away important small stuff. Also, they look attractive and trendy. It is a must-have for any home office setup.

6. Opt for a soft lighting solution

While most people like working under a fluorescent light, having a dedicated light for your workspace has its benefits. The most obvious one is that you can have the exact amount of light according to your needs without disturbing nearby people.

A portable desk lamp is a great option for anyone with a home office setup. Or, you can choose to use soft lamps in your living room. Besides, a floor lamp might be another option that you can try. But it will depend on how much floor space you have.

7. Use blinds or curtains for shading

You may have never experienced bright sunlight when sitting at your corporate office and working. But when you set up your workplace in front of a window, you may know how irritating it gets when you need sunglasses to look at your emails. Moreover, you can have a hard time when sitting down and working for several hours continuously. 

Hence, consider blinds or curtains on your window if you don’t have them already. You can use them when you need them and later open them up. That way, your living room gets the right amount of natural light and you can do your work without irritation. 

8. A pen and a notepad for taking notes

If your work from home job involves writing to-do lists or receiving calls during the day, you may need to write down notes. As such, a pen and a notepad is the only thing that you need on your desk or table. 

However, you don’t have to work on a big notepad. Instead, have a smaller one and get your job done. Make sure to make your home office neat and free from clutter. Also, it gets along with the small space and gives you peace of mind that everything is in the right place.

9. Stay away from distractions

Staying focused on what you are doing can be difficult when you have the TV running in the living room. Therefore, to avoid your mind slipping away from your work, you should install the table or desk facing a wall or window. 

Also, ensure that you get enough ventilation and natural light. One of the best ways is to work close to a roof window or a normal window. As a result, it will improve your well-being while working during the day. Studies have shown that employees who work in a space with adequate natural light, get almost an hour of extra sleep at night.

10. Try to maintain a consistent style

Keep in mind that when you are creating a dedicated space for your home office, it means that you will see this space every day. And, even when you are not working. So, you don’t want to look in a messy area every time you pass beside the table. 

Hence, it is good to keep a consistent style that you have already applied to the other parts of the room. Instead of investing heavily in open-type furniture, try finding items that match the living room. However, never compromise on your comfort, and try applying colors that complement the workspace.


So, that was how you can set up your home office in your living room effectively even if you have a small apartment. To get the most out of your productivity, you can use a room divider as well. Whatever option you choose to have, ensure that the space doesn’t get cluttered with unnecessary things.

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