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11 Simple Ideas What to Hang Above the Bed

Unique decoration hanging above the bed with matching colors in bedroom

Oftentimes, the space above the bed is neglected when it comes to decorating it with items of your choice. However, this space is the right spot to add décor that makes it look astounding. Besides, this area can completely transform the room and give it the perfect decorative touch. So, what to hang above the bed?

With lots of options available, you can let your imagination flow by having a piece of décor above your bed. Whether it is an artwork or mirror or a combination of both, you can find a variety of ideas for what to display or hang in this space. Here are 11 simple ideas that can add color, design, and personality to the space above your bed.

1. Framing curtains

You are thinking about items to hand over your bed but it is positioned in front of the windows. So, what do you do? Take advantage of the natural light by allowing it to pour into the room by dressing it with window treatments according to your preference. 

Curtain panels can filter light entering the room. Although white is a classic choice for many, the options are nearly endless. So, choose whatever color you want that will complement the room. 

2. A mural

The color-burst of a vibrant mural can make the space above your bed enticing. It brings the element of playfulness along with vibrancy to the area. Moreover, it breaks the monotony that an all-white room carries. 

Murals add drama to the space ad it needs little effort. Something eye-catching and striking is what you should aim for. Murals are perfect for making a statement on the space above the bed and adding character to the room. So, whether it is a marble effect, florals, or bold metallic, you can have whatever you like.

3. Mirror grouping

Why stick to a single mirror when you can make the wall above your bed look awesome and bright. And, this is done through mirror grouping. It creates a great visual impact. The idea works wonders if you have a low headboard, where the mirrors act as the focal point.

Having a few mirrors is a great idea for a dark and small room as well. It allows the space to open visually and look marvelous. Besides, the concept is a great solution for smaller rooms because the mirrors will make you feel large. 

4. You can use a headboard instead

It might surprise you but headboards can do a lot of things. So, having them in the space above the bed is another great idea that you can consider. Headboards are available in different shapes and sizes. Also, they have a variety of colors that appear vibrant.

As a result, it elevates the space above your bed and makes it look and feel cozier. Moreover, it doubles as a piece of art. Headboards are an excellent wall design element that gives the room its portion of the pattern, color and adds a personal style

5. Hang a single mirror

A mirror is another great addition in terms of design for a room. It bounces natural light and makes the room appear large. With so many designs to choose from, finding the right one for your needs might be daunting sometimes. 

But you need not worry a lot. Whether you want a rectangular, circular, or something unique, you can always find a mirror to fit your vision. Besides, mirror frames are available in a variety of finishes such as wood, metallic, and everything that comes between. 

6. Canvas wall hanging

There is no question that a canvas wall hanging sets the right temperament for a room. While there is no shortage of wall canvas, try to choose one that matches your preference. Also, keep in mind the accent color in the room while choosing the wall canvas.

A gorgeous piece on the space above your bed can become the focal point easily. Because adding a wall canvas can influence the aesthetics of the room, make sure that it does a remarkable job rather than becoming a piece of distraction.

If you are thinking about incorporating something different in the area above your bed, a gallery wall is what you can consider. A gallery wall consists of several items that include photos, framed artwork, or other personal items. 

And, they are hung on the wall in a grouping. The best part is that you can have a few items or as many as you want. In short, the design gives you complete freedom to choose. You can hang the pictures asymmetrically or symmetrically as well. 

8. A statement art

For some people, statement art counts for everything as a whole. And, it is considered a valuable design approach opted by many homeowners. While the design is very simple, it is eye-catching at the same time. 

Furthermore, there is no need to bring in plenty of decorative items. That’s because it can serve as a standalone piece and act as a focal point in the room. You can choose from landscapes, photos, abstract art, and many more as the art subject.

9. Incorporate botanical art

You can’t go wrong with a botanical art that will always stand out from the ordinary designs. Their popularity is very old and it dates back to Victorian times. Still, it looks timeless and showcases the elegance, and spread good vibes across the room.

However, to match your preference, try to choose something that improves the aesthetics of the room as well. For example, if you are residing in a country and have opted for a lot of materials in your interior décor, you may choose an antique print depicting local scenery or wildlife.

10. A fabric canopy

Having a fabric canopy over your bed is both dreamy and whimsical. It is one of the best ways to soften the overall look of your bed while adding texture to the room. In short, an elegant canopy softens the bedroom in a given enclosure and provides the right feel to the bed.

The vertical expanse allows the space to fill above your bed and makes it flawless. Although the sole purpose of having a canopy is to keeps the bugs away, it is an excellent piece of decorative item as well. While white is the classic color choice for many, you can pick any color that suits you more.

11. Diptych art

It is a kind of painting that comes in pairs and you need to hang it together above the bed. A diptych art is great for a simple, symmetrical look while doubling up as a statement piece. Moreover, you can pair different styles together. But keep in mind that they are generally small in size.

When to decorate the space above your bed

If the ceiling is tall and the headboard is low

In both situations, there is enough space that looks empty is don’t find anything to display or hang. Hence, adding something in this space helps you to move your eyes around the room.

If your bed is framed by the windows

Most people want their bed to serve as a focal point. So, it is important to create uniformity in terms of height and surroundings. The combination of ceiling, bed, and windows tend to create a frame above the space.

If you intend to create a focal point on the space above your bed 

Some people want to utilize the space above their bed when it comes to creating a focal point rather than the bed itself. However, make sure that whatever you add in this space doesn’t compete with the wall behind the nightstands, if you have any. 

When not to decorate the space above your bed

If you want the bed as a focal point

Decorating the space above your bed isn’t a necessity all the time. Sometimes, it is good to leave it empty when you consider making the bed the main focal point. That way, the bed remains the center of attraction and is free from distraction.

If the ceiling is low and the headboard is tall

If there is not enough space between them, it is wise to leave them as it is. Putting something in this area will make it look cluttered. 

If the bedside table decor is enough

If your nightstand decor is enough to complement the room, you don’t have to add anything to the space above your bed. Just leave the space blank.

If you can’t secure something on the wall accurately

Some people fear that the items over their heads might fall in case anything unfortunate occurs, such as an earthquake. So, if you feel that the items won’t be secured properly, there is no need to add anything to the space above your bed. At least you can sleep peacefully.


If the room has less décor, it might be a good idea to add something to the area above your bed. And, if you want to add something, probably you can implement the above-mentioned ideas. Allow your imagination to flow and never be afraid to try something different.

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