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Is a Shower Bench a Good Idea?

Is a shower bench a good idea

Do you want to add a touch of elegance, functionality, and safety to your bathroom experience? Are you wondering, “Is a shower bench a good idea?”

Due to different needs and preferences, it can get confusing to choose a shower bench. The shower bench is rapidly becoming popular not only for saunas but also for ordinary showers.

A shower bench adds a layer of safety, convenience and also improves your bathroom experience. Maybe you want to wash your hair while in the bathroom. Or you want to do some personal grooming by shaving your legs.

The shower bench will save the day.

This article will look at all you need to know about shower benches to make an informed decision before requesting a shower bench installation. Keep reading to learn.

Types of Shower Benches

The shower bench comes in different styles that fulfill diverse needs. Let’s look at the five most common shower benches.

Built-In Shower Benches

Do you have an older person in your home? The built-in shower bench is perfect for people who often sit while bathing, including anyone with a leg injury. The shower bench blends well in the bathroom space.

But, you will need more space to have a build-in shower bench installation. You can have the bench custom-built to suit your overall need and the esthetics of your bathroom.

Free Standing Shower Benches

Free-standing shower benches are easy to move around. You are free to place them anywhere in your bathroom. You can also remove them completely while doing maintenance or cleaning.

Floating Shower Benches

Are you looking for a modern and minimal look shower bench? Consider having a floating shower bench in your bathroom. The benches come in different materials such as granite, marble, teak, tile, and quartz.

The benches are wall-mounted. They have a bigger space underneath them that gives your bathroom a spacious feel.

Consider a shower bench for a wheelchair user in your home. Also, ensure the seat is sturdy enough for sitting purposes.

Corner Shower Benches

How big does a shower have to be to have a bench? How do you put a bench in a small shower? The available space is a huge factor, and you should make the most of your bathroom space.

Corner shower benches design fits into small bathrooms with limited space. The benches have an open space for easy access by wheelchair users.

Folding Shower Benches

Consider a folding shower bench if you don’t need a shower bench all the time. The folding type is easy to fold away when not in use due to its lightweight feature. You only need a little storage space.

The folding bench is easy to install and is great for people with knee injuries, sprained ankles, or pregnant women. They come in an array of materials such as bamboo, teak, or a metal and plastic combination – that all depends on your chosen preference.

Standard folding shower benches can hold up to 300 pounds. But, you can find benches that can hold up to 400 pounds or more.

Pros and Cons of a Shower Bench

As with every piece of equipment, the shower bench has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of a shower bench:


There are many benefits of having a shower bench because they serve different purposes. Some of the pros of owning a shower bench include:

Improves your family’s safety

How safe are you when taking a bath or shower? Shower benches reduce the possibility of ever falling while taking a shower. Since you are sitting down, the risk of falling in a slippery shower is no more.


Unlike other ordinary chairs, shower benches are water repellent and resistant. The shower benches have rubber soles and suction devices to prevent undesirable water spillage in the shower.


Most shower benches are portable. You bring them in and out of the shower when you need to use them. The portability factor makes it easier to shower or use the bathroom by other family members who do not need a shower bench.

Boost independence

This especially happens to disabled family members. The shower bench reduces the need to ask for help while taking a bath.


The design effects your shower bench has will depend on your taste. You can opt for either a modern or more traditional look. Also, you can consider a minimalist or funkier design. While choosing a shower bench, look for one that enhances the captivating aesthetic feel.


A shower bench creates a comfortable and relaxing spa-like bathroom. You will need to unwind and relax in the shower after a long tiring day.


Shaving your legs and drying your toes is easier while sitting on the shower bench. As for kids, they will enjoy sitting down while taking a shower.


The shower bench has the following cons:

Decreased space: The bathroom space decreases depending on the size of the shower bench.

High-cost: Due to their high cost, shower benches will increase your budget. You will have to consider the cost of the physical labor and custom shower glass fixture.

Placing the drawbacks aside and weighing in on the advantages, you can say that the shower benches are a great investment.

With proper financial planning, you can bypass the high cost. Also, you can’t compare the price you pay to the actual benefits the shower bench delivers.

There are different shower bench sizes. You need to choose the one that fits in your bathroom space without occupying much space.

What to Check for Before Buying a Shower Bench

After deciding a shower bench is suitable for your home, there are a few things to consider. Most companies do not accept shower bench returns due to the nature of the bath safety products. Consider each factor carefully before buying the seat.

The Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of shower benches ranges from 250 pounds to a little over 400 pounds.

Chair Style

The two common types of shower chairs are stools and seats. Your needs and preferences will guide you in choosing the right chair style. Stools have no backrests, so they are less safe to use. The seats have a wider space and can come with or without the backrest.

The Suction Cups

Buy benches with suction cups on the feet for the ones that will need wall installation. The suction cups make the bench remain still in the shower to lower the risk of injuries by sliding.

Overall Size

How big should the shower be to have a bench? There are different shower bench sizes. Consider the bathroom space at hand before choosing a suitable bench. The bench will be of little to no use if it does not fit inside your bathroom.

Adjustable Height

Before purchasing a shower bench, check whether they have height-adjustable legs. The adjustable legs help you choose a more comfortable level, ensuring you don’t strain your joints. You will be comfortable having a bath while sitting.

Seat Size

Check the bench seat dimensions. Ensure the bench will fit everyone in your home. To be safe, measure your backside’s width while you are sitting on a flat surface. The bench dimensions should be wider than the backside measurement.

Materials Used on the Bench

Consider a shower bench material that withstands regular water exposure. Buy benches made of rust-resistant materials like aluminum or plastic. The bench should also have drain holes to prevent water build-up, which causes mold and mildew.

Padded Vs. Unpadded

Do you take long showers? You will need a padded shower bench. A padded seat also adds comfort to people who are thin and bony. But, unpadded seats are easier to move and are less expensive.


Consider the whole shower bench installation procedure. Hire competent people who can handle the shower bench with care to avoid damages.

Is a Shower Bench a Good Idea?

Are you still wondering, “Is a shower bench a good idea?” Installing a shower bench is a good idea for your bathroom. The above tips will aid you in making a more informed decision.

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