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25 Simple Tips to Make a French Country Kitchen on a Budget

Modern French country kitchen with simple accessories

In love with the French country lifestyle but facing a budget constraint? No worries, there are many things you can do to bring the French country kitchen to your house on a budget. French kitchen is all about airy feeling that is feminine, light, and elegant.

This article elaborates how you can make a French Country Kitchen on a Budget. Follow along to find out some sensational hacks:

1. Concentrate on the Color Scheme

Most French country kitchen palettes and idea focuses on paler tones. The French kitchen falls between traditional and elegant. You have the right to use a lot of weathered and white’s neutrals, and these colors will blend well with any rough and ready stone.

Another combination you can use is white and blue. If patterned, this will be more beautiful; the combinations are commonly used as color inspiration for surrounding cabinets and kitchen islands.

2. Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Disposing of your cabinet doors is another way of turning your kitchen into a French look. Exposed cabinetry will enable you to use your Moscow and China mule glasses as decoration. There are plenty of options with the kitchen cabinetry; you can replace the door with glass, eradicate the doors, or begin new with floating shelves. You can elevate your floating wooden shelves by adding scones beneath them.

3. Finish Your Kitchen with White Wood Country Farmhouse

If you want your kitchen to stick to the modern farmhouse, use a white monochromatic color palette. To make the kitchen have a French look, refurbish your kitchen wood cabinets and have all of them painted white. Leave some unfinished dark wood on your kitchen island to create a tabletop accent. You can also paint white if you have wooden elements on your window frames or floor.

4. Copper Kitchen Hardware and Appliances

This is the best trick if you are not planning to go big on your French kitchen remodel. Simply adding brass or copper pans, pots, cabinet hardware, plates, or sinks can give your kitchen a French look without draining your wallet.

The retro appliances and copper accents will blend well with any color palette. Similarly, they are well integrated with vases, basins, or other décor items that you can transform into cutlery holders.

5. Green Kitchen Décor and Countryside Plants

This decoration is one of the modern French Country types. A white finish on the cabinet woods and the explosion of the complementing forest green in the kitchen island will give the entire kitchen a French touch. Simple tools like plant additions and organic color change can add a touch to your kitchen.

6. French Country Cushioned Furnishing in the Kitchen

Your seating could also reflect a French theme if you have a kitchen island. The high chairs clothed in linen or cushioned stools are the ideal tools for this concept. Hoops on the backside and mini brass buttons will make your furniture look elegant.

You can find these kinds of chairs anywhere, and if you have them, you will only need to do an upgrade.

7. A Shabby Chic Chandelier

Elegant lighting is key in transforming your kitchen into a French country kitchen. A chandelier blends the simple French design adds more depth and lighting into your kitchen.

8. Old World Inspired Brass Range and Copper Hood

In most French country kitchens, a beautiful range hood is valuable and most attractive. You may try a brass and copper hood with a black patina. This will make your modern kitchen charming and beautiful.

9. Plenty of Curves Ahead

When creating your French County Kitchen, do without the more angular pieces related to farmhouse style. Moldings chair silhouettes should be curving and not linear. From experts, Louis XVI chairs are a good example of the French country approach. It is important to have a rounded seat with a wood frame on the back of the seat. 

Although the furniture may have an aged feeling and appear distressed, there is no doubt it will be comfortable.

10. Lots of Patterns

You will mostly find traditional patterns in French country homes. This is crucial if you want your kitchen to look, French. The style is mostly used on the table’s textile. The common patterns are stripes, toile, plaid, and gingham. The decorations involve elements that you will find in the countryside, such as sunflowers, roosters, olives, insects, and lavender.

11. Focus on Accessories

A French country kitchen focuses big on accessories which range from new to old items. The accessories are blended with rustic buckets and colorful pieces to create an elegant and lively space.

12. Champagne Baskets for Storage

Use traditional French baskets to create height and scale. Placing the baskets on the top of the cabinet attracts the eyes upwards, highlighting a high ceiling and adding a natural texture.

13. Decorate With Plates

You should not limit your love with crockery or rather a French cuisine to the table. Ceramics picked from markets, supermarkets, and yard sales is enough to develop an informal style to French kitchen. Also, in a white decorating scheme, use bright colors polka dots.

14. Decorate with Provencal Blue

The Provencal blue color is associated with the south of France, and the Mediterranean portrays an outstanding Provencal look to your kitchen. The look should be kept light by using a strong blue color in accessories and tiles. Alternatively, you can paint cabinets in the shades.

15. Add Attraction with Marble

A refined surface upgrades the space in a small French country kitchen. You can use polished wood flooring, marble splashback, and a smart-sized cooker.

16. Incorporate Antique Furniture

The antique furniture has an elegant shape to style your kitchen and gives it a French country kitchen look. Curved wooden furniture will blend well with the polished wood floor color.

17. Display Art Creatively

At the flea markets, buy vintage art rhyming with your themes, such as landscapes, dogs, or flowers. Use your art in unfamiliar places, such as hiding electrical outlets. This will give your kitchen the modern look of a French country kitchen.

18. Create Space for Stylish Dining

French country style is advanced as compared to other countries styles. They mix new and vintage pieces and make them look livable, soft, and fabulous.

The kitchen space incorporates a breakfast area with chairs with cream upholstery and handwoven ropes paired with a vintage dining table.

19. Mix New and Old Effortlessly

When you want to make a French country kitchen, the key idea is to mix new and old pieces.

According to Alison Kandler, Interior designer, you should pick vintage items such as old baskets or French enamelware and use them to form a colorful display.

20. Focus on Patina

Mix modern and historical styles to create a kitchen with a French country look. If your kitchen is new and has modern cabinetry, you can use handmade stoneware, patinated hardware, and antique furnishing to achieve a French look. 

If you are not a fan of opened shelves, you should consider glazed cabinets when designing your French country kitchen.

21. Be Confident with the Tile

A strong and beautiful tile design is vital for a French country kitchen and a brilliant idea to cover a large area. It would help if you were confident and shy from selecting a graphic design that will add elegance to your scheme.

22. Switch to Wall Lights

Use wall sconces with less flattering overhead light to magnify a relaxed French atmosphere. This will soften the quality of the light while creating an atmosphere for French country living. The dining table is the backbone of any French country kitchen; subsequently, you should use the lights to illuminate it.

23. Incorporate a Classic Stove

Unlike the English countryside, where you will find a Rayburn range cooker or an Aga, the French kitchen is likely to have a stove from La Cornue. For those people who treasure elegance, a stove is an outstanding piece of equipment. The stove acts as a symbol of gastronomic culture and the French lifestyle

For an ultimate taste of French country, you can use a set of copper pans and hang them on the bar above the stove.

24. Layer Your Kitchen with Linens

Soft textiles are one of the features in a French country kitchen. The linens make the kitchen homely and more relaxed, using stripes and toiles. Please keep it simple with a tea towel for drying dishes or outstanding French glass cloth and a linen tablecloth.

25. Mix Your Finishes

French country kitchens are from high-end designs blended with rustic and raw finishes. A scrolled island cancels heavy beams. Faded paint on the ceiling is contrasted with a lime-washed finish in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts 

The French country kitchen is continually updated just like the French food to accommodate new styles, tastes, and trends without losing its uniqueness. If you are eyeing your kitchen to have the look of a French country kitchen on a budget, the guides on this article will be of much assistance.

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