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What Height Should Your Nightstand Be? [Guide]

Nightstand with storage at the same height as the bed

Nightstands are placed on either side or one side of a bed and they hold certain items that you need. These include a table lamp, an alarm clock, a couple of books, or even a glass of water. However, many people wonder what might be the right nightstand height when looking to buy one.

There is no standard height when it comes to buying a nightstand. However, the average height of nightstands that you can find on the market is anywhere between 24 and 28 inches. This height falls in line with the most common bed height, which is 25 inches between the floor and mattress. In general, a nightstand shouldn’t be more than or lower than 5 inches from the top of the mattress.

What should be the height of a nightstand?

Typically, the height of a nightstand should be close or equal to the height of your bed so that both surfaces align properly. Anything lower or higher doesn’t make it right. As said, most of the nightstands that you find around are between 24 and 28 inches

And, this corresponds to the bed height of 25 inches, which is commonly found in many houses. Besides, the nightstand height alleviates people’s needs when they stand up and bend over to reach items on the nightstand. Mattress height can be as low as 18 inches when used on a platform bed.

And, they could be as high as 36 inches when placed over a canopy bed. The difference in variation has led to increasing demand for a variety of dimensions in nightstands. Hence, you must consider the height of your bed when buying a nightstand. 

Also, you should consider other aspects such as how long you can stretch your arms when reaching for the alarm clock, a glass of water, and so on. If the bedside table doesn’t have the right height, it can be uncomfortable for you to reach out to things at night. 

That’s the reason why you have to make sure that the height of the bed and nightstand has the same height. If your bedside table is over-scaled or small, it changes the whole scenario of your room. And, it doesn’t feel great. 

The nightstand dimensions that you find around

Choosing the right nightstand for your bedroom is important. Moreover, it should be the piece that blends with your bed effectively and provides adequate space for certain items. Here are the important measurements that help you find the right one for your bedroom.

Nightstand height

As mentioned earlier, the nightstand height shouldn’t be too low or too high. And, its height should be nearly the same level as that of the bed’s height. You can measure the height of the top of the mattress and choose a nightstand about 3 inches long. That way, you can access the bedside table for essentials with ease. Hence, pay attention to the height when buying a nightstand.

Nightstand width

When it comes to finding the right nightstand width or size, it depends on the size of the bed frame and the overall space in your bedroom. Standard nightstands are typically 21 to 29 inches wide. And, they work well with full-sized and queen beds. If you have a large-sized bed, choose a wider nightstand that matches the tone. 

Nightstand depth

To hold bedside essentials such as an alarm clock or a phone charger, the nightstand should be deep enough. Most nightstands that you find around have a depth of 12 to 30 inches. However, if you like to keep bigger items such as a stack of magazines or a flower vase, you need a bedside table with more surface area.

Nightstand storage

It is good to have nightstands that are functional with the addition of storage that can be accessed with ease. So, bedside tables with open shelving or drawers are great for optimizing space. As such, you can keep the essentials close at hand. So, consider the kind of storage that you need. Drawers can stash accessories, reading material, or eyeglasses. On the other hand, nightstands with open storage allow you enough space to display photos or books.

The right placement for a nightstand

For easy access, a nightstand should be placed about 3 to 6 inches from the edge of the bed. As a result, it gives you decent space between the bedside table and bed. Also, it keeps the items at close reach. For king-sized and queen-sized beds, it is good to have matching nightstands to create a symmetrical look. For twin-sized beds, a single bedside table should be fine. 

Besides, if you have two twin beds in one room, you can choose a large nightstand that provides enough space for sharing. However, it is always good to experiment with different details and shapes such as storage, hardware, or color. You can choose two bedside tables of similar sizes to balance the space. 

Should the nightstand be taller or shorter than the bed?

It might surprise you but there is no right nightstand because when it is about choosing one, it depends on how tall your bed is. However, the general rule that people follow is that it shouldn’t have less height compared to your bed. Or else, it might be uncomfortable for you to reach out to things on the nightstand.

Besides, a nightstand shouldn’t be taller compared to your bed as well. It is not that taller nightstands are not great for accessibility purposes, they cause accidents. The best way to know about the right height of your nightstand is to measure the height between the floor and top of the mattress. 

After you have the measurement, it is wise to choose a nightstand an inch or two shorter or higher than your bed. Also, it is great to add them on both sides. Keep in mind that ease of use is what you are looking for when it comes to buying a nightstand. 

Nightstands with small dimensions

Small nightstands are a perfect addition when it comes to modern platform beds. In general, they don’t need a box spring and this is what makes them closer to the floor. So, if you have a platform bed, a small nightstand can complement your bedroom.

You can have a low-profile nightstand that comes 20 inches in height. These kinds of bedside tables are available between 30 and 35 inches in size. And, they have a depth of about 17 inches. Small nightstands have the right size, depth, and height that make them perfect for a low-height bed.

Factors you should consider before buying a nightstand

Before buying the right nightstand for your needs, you should measure the height of your mattress along with the bed frame. While measuring the height, don’t forget about the desired level that you are looking for. Maybe, you want something that’s of the same level or a few inches taller.

If your bed has a flat platform base, the measurement should be around 17 inches. And, if you have an adjustable bed frame or canopy bed, the measurement should come at around 35 inches. Because there is a significant difference between these two measurements, make sure that the nightstand you are looking to buy matches with the mattress.

Furthermore, you should consider its size, depth, and width regarding your mattress. If you have a king-size mattress, a large bedside cabinet is the best way to complement your large bed. And, if you sleep on a twin mattress, a slim bedside table is what you need. 

Besides, you should keep in mind the nightstands that have a depth of over 24 inches. That way, it reduces the risk of bumping into it, especially when you hop into the bed or come out of it. Things might get ugly if you ram yourself into the solid surface that has a sharp edge as well.

Other factors that you may consider

  • Design and style of the nightstand – The overall style of the bedroom helps you to decide the right kind you are looking for. Also, you have to ensure that the bedside table flows well with the furniture in that room. That way, you may want to have an antique, vintage-looking nightstand to complement your contemporary-styled bedroom.
  • Surface area – The type of items that you intend to put on the nightstand is another important factor that you can’t ignore. The more you want to put items on the nightstand, the more you need space.
  • Storage space – If you need to keep important reading materials, glasses, electronic cords, or other things, a nightstand with storage space is all you need to have. In that case, a bedside cabinet or chest should be your ultimate choice. 


Most people buy a nightstand to improve the aesthetics of their bedroom with a streamlined theme. However, before buying one, you should sit down and think about your bedtime habits. Knowing your bedtime habits will help you determine what nightstand height should work best for you. And, that will help you to buy the right one.

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