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6 Best Solar Pool Heaters For Inground Pools: An Ultimate Review 2022

Solar pool heater on roof, connected to inground pool

Owning a swimming pool as the main attraction of the property is the heart’s desire of most homeowners. But, not being able to use the pool for swimming because the water is cold can make the experience of swimming quite uncomfortable. 

To make the most of the swimming pool at home requires adding a heating system to the pool. You will be able to enjoy your time with family and friends with this heating solution installed in the inground swimming pool at home. 

Read to learn about the 6 most efficient and durable solar pool heaters for inground pools so that you can make the best buy for your pool. 

Solar Pool Heaters For Inground Pools- Advantages

Before jumping into the topic you must know how beneficial these solar heating systems are, and why they are worth your investment. 

Heating System That Is Long Lasting

Solar heaters are generally subject to meticulous examination and testing before being released into the market. That is the reason why majority of these products are highly durable and efficient in functioning. Most of these solar heaters are made using pre-compounded polypropylene, which is made to cope with unfavorable conditions when placed on the roof, including the damaging UV rays of the sun. 

Pricing Is Reasonable

These solar-powered heaters are relatively cheaper than most other varieties of pool heater. Because the energy of the sun is used to power these heating systems, you save an impressive amount of money, making it one of the most demanding features of such heaters. 

Eco-friendly Heating

The unique feature of solar heaters for pools is that they don’t release damaging or harmful items into the air, and they don’t require fuel for operation like the pool heaters that run on gas. After installing a solar-powered heater all you do is enjoy a swim in your swimming pool while the heater runs on the sun’s heat without affecting the environment adversely. 

Solar Pool Heaters For Inground Pools- Buying Guide

Before purchasing the most-appropriate solar-powered pool heater for your inground pool, these are the primary features to look for:

What Size It Comes In

While the large-sized solar-powered heating systems provide faster pool heating and have a greater amount of exposure to sunlight, they are additionally more space-occupying. The smaller heaters, on the contrary, are less space-occupying but less effective when it comes to functionality. Your choice of a product must be based on what you need exactly in terms of functionality and how much space can you afford to assign for the solar pool heater. 

What Warranty It Comes With

Since the solar-powered heating systems for pools are outdoor equipment, they become vulnerable because of being exposed on a continuous basis to unfavorable climatic conditions. The risk of damage to such heaters is high despite them being sturdy and lasting. That’s why you must opt for a solar-powered heating system that includes a maximum period of warranty. 

How Efficient It Is

Of course, the efficiency of a solar-powered pool heater is primarily the reason for buying it. Equipment that is more efficient can easily heat up pools at a faster rate, whether it is inground or above the ground. However, if the pool you own is small, you can avoid looking for the more efficient pool heaters. 

Solar Pool Heaters For Inground Pools

To make things easier for your search here are the 6 most-suitable solar-powered pool heaters that you can select from for your inground pool:

1. The Smartpool S601P

Website: https://www.spqbrands.com/product/sunheater-solar-pool-heating-systems/

Product Specifications:

It weighs 34lbs

It can raise the temperature of the pool by 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit

It comes with a total of 6 panels, each with a size of 4 feet by 20 feet 

This Smartpool heater incorporates a unique technology that enhances its efficiency to bring up the temperature of the pool by 6 to 10 degrees. This equipment comes with an overall surface area that is an impressive 80sq. feet, which means that it encourages heating at a faster pace. The exquisite tube-on-web design on the panel allows exposure of a greater tube surface, resulting in more absorption of solar energy. 

Also, the headers of this equipment are made using top-quality fiberglass that adds to the durability of the overall heater. This Smartpool heating system features internal baffles, which distribute water on the collector’s either side. This feature, similar to the design of the tube, adds to the heating potential of the panels. 

The tubing’s flexibility, and wind vents being placed periodically, contribute to strengthening the solar panels. And the spacing encourages better wind passage at the time of natural calamities like storms, which lowers the risk of harm or damage to the heater. 

When it comes to installation, a mounting channel, and threaded headers ensure convenience and ease. This heating system can be installed easily in places like fences, the roof, or the ground. 


  • It works efficiently to heat the pool
  • It is made from high quality, durable materials
  • It is reasonably-priced


  • Installing this heater can be a bit tough

2. The SunQuest 2X12

Website: http://sunsolar.com/6-2×12-swimming-pool-heater-complete-sys-w-roof-kits-352.html

Product Specifications

It weighs 93lbs

It can the raise the temperature of the pool up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit 

It comes with a total of 6 panels, each with a size of 2 feet by 12 feet

This solar-powered heating system is well-suited for above-ground and inground swimming pools and can bring up the temperature by 10 degrees to provide a warm-water experience during swimming. 

The equipment can be set up by anyone as it includes DIY (do-it-yourself) installation process. It comes with kits including optional connectors and standard connectors. The heater is designed in a professional manner and is made using top-quality materials, including a flexible hose to provide efficient heating of water. 

The SunQuest heating system features a wide header, which allows the unit to allow more water to circulate in a short time period. The installation process is quite convenient and simple. With quality engineering, sturdy components, a design including 2-inch headers to allow maximum flow, you are ensured a solar-powered heating system that provides a one-stop solution in warming swimming pool water. 


  • It does away with costs involved with heating the swimming pool
  • It comes with compatibility with most swimming pools
  • Can be stored easily
  • It provides an incredible user experience


  • The water-heating process is a bit time-consuming
  • It has to be fastened with many connectors

3. The SolarPoolSupply 4’ x 10.5’ Industrial Grade

Website: https://www.solarpoolsupply.com/products/swimjoy-solar-pool-heater-panel?variant=41041458102448

Product Specifications:

It weighs 22lbs

It has a size of 4 feet by 10.5 feet

It can raise the temperature of the pool up to a few degrees

It requires DIY installation

It includes a flush mounting (strapless)

This heater by SolarPoolSupply includes 6 ‘Swim Joy’ panels that enhance its overall efficiency and design while allowing ease in installation. Understanding and working on the fragility of solar panels, the makers engineered an incredible design for this heating system to arrest all kinds of damage or cracks on the equipment for more than 10 years. 

The risers and headers in this equipment are molded in conjunction, which eliminates seams to avoid cracks appearing easily on it. Moreover, the innovative tube system on the panels allows the contraction and expansion of the material with a change in temperature. The makers include a warranty period of 12 years on the boards, while their freeze protection warranty lasts a lifetime!

With such an extension on warranty, unlike many other companies, it will be advisable to invest in this solar-powered pool heater. Additionally, the sleek and innovative design is engineered to safeguard the equipment from all forms of damage, while the heater efficiently works using its flow system to warm up the pool water. The best part is that the panels don’t require strapping or hose, and the roof penetration is limited. 


  • Easy installation
  • Saves gas bills
  • Superior build


  • Installation can be a bit difficult

4. The SunQuest (4) 2’ x 10’ (With Roof Kits)

Website: http://sunsolar.com/4-2×10-swimming-pool-heater-complete-sys-w-roof-kits-4839.html

Product Specifications:

It weighs 56lbs

It can raise the temperature of the pool up to a an impressive 10 degrees Fahrenheit

It comes with 4 panels, each with a size of 2 feet by 10 feet

It requires DIY installation

These solar-powered heating panels by SunQuest are perfectly-suited for an inground pool. The heating system includes a kit for roof installation, which maximizes its ability to heat up the pool water. While most panels in this category do not include a kit for roof installation, this feature of the equipment is an added boon. 

The equipment includes 4 panels, each with a size of 2 feet x 10 feet, and includes more than 30 pieces that help with installation on the roof, including a valve switch, connectors of 2 types, and screws. But you either have to own the pool and panel connecting pipes or have to purchase one separately to install this unit. 

The efficiency of this solar-powered heater is impressive, especially with headers designed to ensure max-flow, and unique tubing. While headers that are thin may lead to casing back-pressure on the pump, lowering the efficiency of the overall unit and resulting in the consumption of more energy, this unit features headers with 2-inch size to lower such back pressure and provide maximized effectiveness in warming up the pool water. 


  • Value for money
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy build
  • Lasting product


  • Some users have issues with leaking panels not being replaced by manufacturers

5. The SolarPoolSupply 4’ x 12.5

Website: https://www.solarpoolsupply.com/products/swimjoy-solar-pool-heater-panel?variant=41041458135216

Product Specifications:

It comes with one panel with a size of 4 feet by 12.5 feet

It requires DIY installation

It can raise the temperature of the pool up to a few degrees 

This is another top-notch SolarPoolSupply heater that includes 1 panel with a size of 4 feet x 12.5 feet, making it a perfect choice for a newbie. Because the equipment is one panel only, users in search of a replacement for their old heater, or looking to expand their existing heating system (solar-powered) can consider opting for this unit. The exciting part is that this SolarPoolSupply heating panel comes with an extended warranty, making it a profitable investment for anyone. 

It comes with power-packed heating efficiency that can match the level of other top-quality solar-powered heaters available today. With just one panel installed on the roof that doesn’t occupy much space, you can enjoy a good swim in water raised up to a favorable temperature. For an inground pool, you will need just this one panel for heating the pool because it includes high-grade materials and high-quality design to ensure effective heating for a long time period. 


  • Impressive performance
  • High quality materials
  • Reasonably priced


  • If you are in need of more than one panel, make sure you read all information for shipping carefully before placing an order

6. The Sun2Solar 1200 Series:

Find it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/64BF169F-8029-4566-AA21-8399D0FF2A37/search?ingress=2&visitId=62d69b2f-43f3-4100-b321-9e7ef99299ec&ref_=ast_bln&terms=Sun2Solar%201200%20Series

Product Specifications:

It comes in a size measuring 16 feet by 32 feet

It has a 8 mil thickness and comes in blue color

It can raise the temperature of the pool by 10 or more degrees Fahrenheit

This solar cover by Sun2Solar is exquisitely designed for an inground pool, with a size covering 16 feet x 32 feet for maximum coverage. For swimming pools with shapes like small rectangles or oval, laying the heating cover over the swimming pool followed by marking the outline and cutting out the shape, will provide the coverage for the pool type. What’s interesting is that the manufacturers don’t count the changes in the cover (because of cutting) when it comes to the warranty. 

This solar cover is designed to transmit solar energy onto the water of the swimming pool. The unique bubbles on the cover assist with ensuring that the heat doesn’t escape the pool at all.

It is a cost-effective solar heater that comes in a minimal design to heat up and then retain that heat inside the pool itself. While you have the option of using this cover to warm up the pool water, you may add this cover to other methods of heating the pool to lower the energy consumption and bills that come with it. 


  • Effective in arresting evaporation
  • Efficient in raising the temperature
  • Top-notch solar blanket


  • Be careful if kids and pets lurk around


All of the above-mentioned products are easily available both online and offline. You can conveniently select one of these solar pool heaters for inground pools to match your swimming pool requirements. It has been proven over time that solar energy can efficiently and effectively raise the temperature of water in pools without causing an adverse effect, especially to the environment. Moreover, you save on bills using such heating systems for your pool. However, make sure to take the points mentioned in the buying guide into consideration before you head out to buy a solar-powered heating system for the swimming pool in your house.

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