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7 Timeless Ideas to Style Your Master Bedroom without Using Dressers

Trunks instead of dressers in luxury vintage bedroom

Don’t have a dresser in your bedroom and planning to style things in your bedroom without one? Well, you are at the right destination. In this article, we have shared several timeless unique ideas to style your master bedroom without using any dresser. 

Generally, a dresser features an attached mirror with multiple drawers and severs as an addressing table. It is a low wooden piece of furniture which was invented to store clothes and use for dressing up. But the issues with dressers are they take up a lot of space. Moreover, in every house, the dresser top becomes a magnet to a lot of junk and clutter. Organizing the top of a dresser is quite a challenging task. To decide what to keep on the top and what not to is pretty time consuming as well. Also if you think from the aesthetic point of view, a filled up dresser impacts the aesthetic look of the room. Hence it is best to consider some alternative storage ideas that can clear up a lot of space and also enhance the look of your bedroom.

7 best ideas to style your master bedroom without using any dresser

Following are some of the all-time classic master bedroom ideas without dressers that can take the interior design of your master bedroom to the next level. All the ideas and alternatives mentioned below are compact and easy to handle. 

1. Choose Trunks & Chest in place of a dresser

Trunks are nothing but boxes that comes with lids and is used for storage. Now traditional trunks were too simple and boring. But the ones that you will get today in the market come in different colors, sizes and patterns. As trunks were built for travel purposes they have handles attached, so you can pull them anywhere in the room and place, them. For instance, placing a wooden trunk on the side of the bed or in front of the bed is quite a good idea and will look pretty aesthetic. Trunks give you an ample amount of space to pack things up and place them accordingly. A wooden trunk or chest not only serves as store clothes but also acts as a piece of décor.

2. Bed with drawers

If your master bedroom is not big enough for a traditional dresser, you can opt for modern drawer cum beds. These unique designed beds come with in-built drawers which provide ample space to store things and clothes. You can get these storage cum beds in different sizes and patterns and can free up a lot of space in your bedroom. From traditional to contemporary, these bed cum drawers are a great alternative to traditional dressers. You can choose from a varied range of drawer patterns as well. Bed cum drawers are not only available in wooden material but in other cheaper materials as well. 

3. Armoire

These are tall pieces of furniture where you can hand your clothes perfectly. If you are looking for a traditional dresser alternative, you can go for an armoire as they will save a lot of space in your bedroom as well as provide an aesthetic look. Though there are steel or engineering wood armoires available in the market, we would recommend you to opt for a wooden one since the wooden texture can add a lot of rustiness to your bedroom.

4. Cubicle Organizers

Another great idea is cubicle organizers for storage. These are super easy to use, one can pull any box out to store things. Apart from the multiple storage facilities the cubicles provide, the best part about them is they add a lot of character to the bedroom. If you want your room to look a bit classy or traditional, go for black colored or neutral shade cubicles. If you are planning to decorate your kid’s room, you can go for multi colored or other bright fun colored cubicle organizers. Also rather than buying a whole new readymade set, you can also choose different kinds of storage boxes and then organize them all together in one frame. With cubicle organizers as an alternative to dressers, you can experiment a lot.

5. Garment racks

If you are looking for some fancy option as an alternative to traditional dressers, you can and the clothes on racks. Well, this might sound pretty simple and boring, but the reality is handing your clothes on open racks will add a lot of character to your master bedroom. Choose a rack that suits the master bedroom. Do not go for very clumsy designs. Choose one that is simple and sober. A rot iron rack will do the job if your budget is low. However, you can go for expensive racks as well. Also, you will get a variety of options for the covers. 

6. Wall-mounted storage

These days almost every modern home has in-built wall-mounted storage. Who needs a dresser when you already have a storage system on your walls? Closet system organizers are the most popular dresser alternatives in recent times because of the gorgeousness they add to any room. While choosing your wall-mounted wardrobe you will get multiple options. Starting from the colors, shades, textures, patterns, cubicle type etc., there is a lot to experiment with. These wall-mounted organizers can be a place for drawers, cubicles, hanging racks and lockers all at one.

7. Step cabinets

Step cabinets are eye candy. If you are looking for some storage furniture that can bring an aesthetic look to your master bedroom then you can go for step cabinets. These are mainly chests or drawers that are stacked in a pattern which resembles something like stairs. It helps to utilize a lot of space because of the staircase pattern. Although they are available in different materials, the wooden one looks the classiest. 


When it comes to interior designing, there is a lot of space to experiment with. Modern furniture is both gorgeous to look at and is also compact to help you free up space in your bedroom. Try out these above-mentioned dresser alternative ideas and change the entire look of your master bedroom.

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