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What is the Best Flooring for a Balcony?

Wood floor on modern balcony without roof

One of the perfect ways to add a new look to your home is balcony flooring. Apart from enhancing beauty, balcony flooring acts as a welcome respite for many homes. 

The material you choose for your balcony flooring also matters. You need to pick something that offers a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. While installing beauty, the tile you choose should be fashionable and long-lasting. 

In this article, we have rounded up a few balcony flooring ideas that can surely inspire you. These practical ideas can provide aesthetic beauty to your space. Pick the best from the list depending on how you want your balcony to appear. 

1. Wood for balcony flooring

Wood for balcony flooring has always held a special place in most homeowners’ hearts. It is one of the best materials that can never go out of style. A perfect option for those seeking to give the space a vibrant and homely look! 

Wood balconies are available in a wide variety. Some of the best types you should consider may include;

Wood texture 

When first impression matters, look no further than this fine contender. Balconies with softwood tiles can provide your space with a rustic vibe. They also offer a subtle style. If it is a large space where children can play, softwood for balcony flooring can provide baby-proofing. 

Pinewood deck

If entertainment is your thing, the pinewood deck can work pretty well. The material is not only durable but also quite aesthetic. It is perfect for outdoor parties. 

Wooden planks

A quality wooden plank can make your balcony look stunning. Wooden planks can change a dull space into an attractive one. 

One of the fascinating things about wooden planks is that they are budget-friendly. Even better, no special skills are needed. So you can install them yourself. 

2. Artificial grass for balcony flooring

Artificial grass offers an exciting opportunity to incorporate nature into your balcony. The artificial grass can provide a decent greenery path for many years. Yes, because artificial grass is susceptible to pests and other invaders. 

One of the best features of artificial grass is maintenance. You don’t need mow or water. It is easy to maintain compared to real grass. It is also easy to change any time you want. 

The turf is soft. So, your kids and pets are going to love it. It is affordable and can last for many years. Add some planters for a complete experience. 

Artificial grass might be the best option for those seeking to have a picnic of their own. 

3. Flooring your balcony using tiles

Tiles for balcony flooring are an exceptional way of making your space look peaceful and calm. Not only they are decorative, but tiles are also trendy and quite versatile. Use tiles on your balcony, and you will notice how stylish they appear. 

Tiles are constructed using high-quality materials. So, you can be sure of their durability. They also feature excellent non-slip qualities. So, don’t worry about falling when walking on them. 

Whether ceramic or porcelains, balcony flooring using tiles is a season winner. Here are the best picks for your home; 

Morrocan tiles

So, you want to bring sheer vibrance to your balcony? Morrocan tiles are a safe bet. 

The tiles are bold and beautiful. They are also bright-so they can brighten your space. And the best feature? Morrocan tiles offer alluring patterns that can surely transform your place into a work of art. 

Mosaic tiles

What is better than mosaic tiles on your balcony? These are a complete beauty! 

Mosaic tiles have stormed in the market because of their affordability. But the best feature about these tiles is the delicate patterns that can brighten your space. They also come in playful colors that are attractive every time you approach. 

Etched tiles

Etched tiles are ceramic tiles incised with laser. The tiles are best known for their raised surface and frequent usage in bathrooms. But etched tiles never disappoint when it comes to balcony flooring. The tiles can provide an excellent texture which can help people from falling. This is especially true when the balcony is wet. Etched tiles are chic, robust, and attractive. 

Mangalore tiles

Mangalore tiles are here to bring you a touch of tradition. The tiles are engineered using earthly clay to provide a heavy dose of nostalgia. Besides being sustainable, these tiles also offer the generous aesthetic that your balcony deserves. 

Regular ceramic tiles

These tiles provide simplicity without pretension. Tiles are among viable options if you are looking for basic and budget-friendly tiles. 

Regular ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. What a perfect solution for those seeking a casual vibe to their balcony!

Decorative ceramic tiles

Decorative ceramic tiles make an excellent choice for balconies. The earthy color is everything you need for an effortless style. 

The tiles offer a perfect mix of dark and lighter shades that can give your space a decent finish. 

Hand-painted tiles

Hand-painted tiles can make your balcony look unique. And these tiles are exactly the work of art you need for your space. 

Hand-painted tiles can provide a rustic appeal to your balcony. But they can also offer elegance to your space. 

4. Concrete for balcony flooring

Concrete is a popular choice because it is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions like no other. Concrete is also strong, making it a perfect solution for a space with high traffic. 

Concrete provides an extensive range of design options. Today’s concrete can be stained and painted to attract. It can also be customized to appear like natural stones, woods, or tiles. What else? Concrete can be stamped, meaning you can apply your preferred finish that matches your outdoor. 

5. Rubber balcony flooring

Rubber tiles also make a case of classics when it comes to balcony flooring. Rubber is soft-so you can walk on them without shoes. Rubber also doesn’t tolerate heat or cold. So, they can last for many years. 

Rubber balcony flooring is easy to clean. It is constructed with cushions to prevent people from injuries. Balcony floors made of rubber tiles offer a nice touch. They are anti-slippery. So, you can walk barefoot without any fuss. A perfect choice for homes with younger children!

Affordability is another distinctive feature of rubber balcony flooring. Rubber is cheap, making it an ideal-looking element. 

6. Carpet for balcony flooring

A simple and inexpensive choice! Carpet is also enough to make your space appear gorgeous. 

Carpet for balcony flooring is an ideal solution that is sure catching up. It is neutral and comfortable, so your kids can play on it. It can also make your balcony remarkable and appealing. 

The carpet is durable. It is also easier to install and remove once it gets damaged. 

7. Natural Stone

Natural stones can indeed turn your balcony into an entertaining zone. They are durable and full of natural beauty. Using natural stones can make your space look gorgeous. Whether it is slate or sandstone, natural stones are naturally cool! 

Natural stones offer a pleasing aesthetic that many flooring cannot achieve. They are also extremely low to maintain. 

8. Waterproof layer balcony flooring

These layers are manufactured using polyurethane resin, and they are increasingly becoming popular. If you are thinking of an industrial-style balcony, this is a great choice. 

Another advantage of this type of flooring is highly resistant to water. So, you don’t need to worry about your balcony having the roofing. Waterproof layers also don’t tolerate high temperatures. 


So, what is the best flooring for a balcony? Honestly, choosing between balcony flooring options depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. 

For instance, if you want your balcony to appear greenery, then artificial grass is the best choice. It can offer the best picnic that you can ever imagine. 

If you are living with kids, soft balcony flooring is something you might want to consider. In this case, you can go for rubber flooring, thanks to its anti-slippery feature. Or, you can opt for carpet balcony flooring. The idea is to pick something comfortable. 

If you are looking for visual enhancements, tiles are the best way to go. Besides enhancing the beauty, tiles can also prevent water pooling. They can also maintain the level of the floor. Tiles are best known for determining the aesthetic of the space. 

If you are looking for extra coziness, wooden balconies are decent to touch. You won’t compromise the aesthetics of your space by picking this less expensive material. 

It is all up to you! 

Finally, consult a professional to help you choose the best material for your balcony flooring. 

We hope this guide will help you choose the ideal flooring material for your balcony.

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