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10 Quirky & Simple Ways to Decorate Your Desk This Upcoming Independence Day

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The craze for upcoming Independence Day is huge and so are the decorations and celebrations. Because it is a special day for every person, they try to make it memorable with parades, fireworks, barbeques, and so on. But what about celebrating at the office? 

Corporate offices are not an exception and people decorate the whole place with items to get the vibe. However, some people wonder, “How do I decorate my desk for Independence Day?” If you have a similar feeling, continue reading the post to find out 10 ways of decorating your desk this Independence Day.

1. Find a rug that complements the space around your desk

When you add a rug to your office space, it warms up the small area and makes you feel elevated. On a special day, add a neutral texture so that it blends into the color around your desk. Also, look out for the color of the chair in that space and consider it while finding the right rug. 

To make the 4th of July more special this year, try replacing the rug with a new one. Just make sure that it has a combination of red, blue, and white colors on it. A new rug makes you feel more confident and allows a fresh air of independence. 

2. Don’t forget to decorate the area around your desk

If you are decorating the whole office with all the decorative items, make sure that you don’t miss the area around your desk. But what should you decorate the area with? There is no shortage of decorative items and there is no fixed rule that you should follow when decorating the space.

However, certain items such as flags, ribbons, balloons, or lightings can add color to your small workspace. That way, it makes the whole area look appealing and makes the day more special. Also, it increases a sense of brotherhood among people at your office.

3. Hang a small wire and display pictures on it

This might surprise you but images have something in them that brings out memories. That way, either we can cherish the moment or fall sad. However, for your upcoming Independence Day celebration, try to find out photos that are important to you. 

And, hung them on a small piece of wire with clips. You can tie the small piece of wire from one end of your desk to the other end. Or, you can tie one end on the wall and another end on some part of your desk. 

4. Consider decorating the soft board

If you have a soft board around your desk, you can decorate it with items of your choice. Because it is a memorable day, fill the soft board with items relating to America’s Freedom. These might include photos of American soldiers on Independence Day celebrating, and so on.

Also, you can fill the board with poetry that depicts patriotism. And, you can include a drawing of the American Flag. To make it more vivid, you can ask your child to draw one. And, you can have that on the soft board on that special day.

5. Try to celebrate the day with color

There is no denying that color schemes can bring out the most of an occasion. And, no other way is interesting compared to having them on the electric bulbs around. So, if you have a couple of them on your desk inside the lamp, it’s time to get creative.

Change the clear bulbs to blue and red. Don’t know how to do that? Find out semi-transparent paper having the said colors from your nearest stationery store. Next, take a portion out of it and wrap it around the bulb. 

6. Hang a big map of the United States

To make the environment more suitable for Independence Day, you can hang a big map of the US just in front of your desk. While it will make everyone’s heart filled with joy, there are other things that you can do with the map. 

You can invite workers from your office to mark their favorite places of interest in the US. Besides, provide blue and red temporary marker pens. The objective is to get everything in red and blue. So, whenever you get a chance, don’t hesitate to try it.

7. Create warmth by including some greenery

One of the best ways to brighten up your desk is by adding a plant or two. While live plants bring a sense of freshness to the space, they require a bit of maintenance. So, if you rarely manage time to do that, consider plants that thrive without natural light.

However, to celebrate the day differently, you can wrap the container with colorful paper. And, that should include red, blue, and white. As such, it will create the right vibe that is important for the day. 

8. Make the best out of coffee mugs

You are well aware of how tea or coffee at your desk helps you. So, it is expected that you have one or two of them around your desk. But how to decorate it for that special day? Well, the easiest way is to buy a new tea or coffee cup that relates to American Independence Day. The sheer pleasure of drinking coffee on that cup while taking a short tour around your desk will attract lots of attention on July 4th. 

9. Elevate the mood with some artwork

On an auspicious day, you can install a small frame consisting of artwork. You can place it at any place on your desk. That way, everyone can take a look at it. The artwork should relate to events resulting in Independence Day. Or, you can simply use some famous quotes of leaders as well. 

10. Other miscellaneous decorative items 

There are more things that you can do apart from following the list above mentioned list. And, it includes even the smallest items that are present on every desk: bookmarks, sticky notes, cardholders, pens, pencils, and a notebook. You can DIY and change the color to either red, blue, or white so that it has an impact on a special day.

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