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10 Ideas Where to Put a Printer in a Home Office

Printer placed on top of low bookshelf in home office

Having a clean and organized home office increases productivity, reduces stress and anxiety, and contributes towards a better work environment overall. If you’ve recently purchased a new printer and want to stay organized and efficient with your home office, you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to go over where to put a printer so that you can take advantage of having a clean and organized work environment. Here are 10 ideas on where you can place the new printer!

1. Camouflage with a Basket

Our first at-home office printer placement idea is hiding it in plain sight. It is time to embrace the new technology in the home office, but with a rustic look.

By using an old or new basket, you can have your printer hidden in plain sight. By cutting a slot in the front for the paper and a slot in the back for cords, you’ve given your printer some camouflage and made your room more decorative.

This is a great way to keep the look or design of a room when you don’t want to feature your tech items.

Get Creative with Camouflage

You don’t have to use a basket for this idea to work either. That are many other around-the-house items that you can use exactly as we described with the basket. For example, you could use some of the following ideas:

  • Wooden crate
  • Storage containers
  • Plastic containers
  • Plastic baskets

These are just a few ideas. Take a walk through your home and you might find something that you can alter in order to use as a cover for your printer.

2. Place It on the Book Case

The main reason people use a bookcase is that it has a large open space for storing books and other accessories. This makes the idea of placing the printer on top of your bookcase a wonderful option.

This is also a great idea if the table or desk that your computer sits on doesn’t have much room. Having your printer right next to the computer isn’t always an option. If that’s you, placing it on top of a bookcase or on one of the shelves is a great idea.

If you don’t have a bookcase, however, you can also make a DIY shelf. This is also a better option if you want to save money. Lastly, you can also try going to a thrift store to find an old used one for cheap!

3. Hide it Under Your Desk

For our next office printer ideas, you can consider hiding your new printer under your desk. Most people store their power cords and other wires under the desk. Well, this is a perfect way to hide your new printer cable as well.

This works well if you’re desk has shelves however, if it doesn’t you still have options. Such as using a short filing cabinet or storage container that fits under the desk. By placing your printer on top of a filing cabinet or storage container and putting it under the desk, you will have successfully hidden both your printer and its cable!

If you don’t want to place it on top of another surface, try attaching wheels to the bottom of the filing cabinet making it easy for movement. This is also a great option if you only need the printer from time to time.

4. Place it Inside a Dresser Drawer

Similar to the filing cabinet or storage container idea, you can also try putting your printer inside a dresser drawer. Most homes have old drawers they aren’t using, so why not place a printer in one of them?

You can use this idea in two different ways. If you need regular access to your printer (like on a daily basis), you could cut out the front of the drawer it sits in. This way it creates a cubby for your printer to sit in but also gives you easy access. This does mean that you’ll need to cut a hole in the back for your cords as well though.

If you don’t need regular access, you could use the drawer as is for just storing it. Then bring it out only when you need it.

5. Place It on a Wall Shelf

Our next idea is to use a wall shelf to hold your printer. This can be a great option for smaller homes or homes with limited floor space. By placing the printer on a wall shelf, you’re freeing up some much-needed surface room in your at-home office.

You could also use it to decorate the office too! Place your printer on top of some decorative paper and mount it on the wall, making it look like an art piece instead.

The cool thing about this idea is that when you add your new wall shelf, it will have several different shelves attached. Meaning you can use it for more than just your new printer. You can store extra paper and office supplies right next to it. Or you can use it for more decorative items.

6. Use a Fabric Panel

If you’re wondering where to put a home office printer, consider using a fabric panel to hide it! This is a great way to keep your office clean and uncluttered looking.

This works best if you have a small printer and need to save space but, this isn’t the only option. You can also use it if you don’t want everyone to see your messy cords. Simply hide them behind the fabric panel.

You could use this idea in two ways: under-the-desk or in a shelving unit. If placed under your desk, simply attach some decorative paper or fabric panels to conceal it (and any messy cords).

7. Create a Cover

This is similar to our first tip on where to put a printer (the basket idea). However, that one used a decorative object that is already in your home office instead DIY and creating one from scratch.

For example, you could build a wooden box covered with some pretty paper or decorative fabric to hide your printer. Build it to go over and cover your entire printer. You can cut custom holes wherever needed, such as for the cords, paper, and buttons.

This idea gives you an unlimited amount of design ideas so that you can match the rest of your home or office aesthetic.

8. Customize the Printer

This is another DIY idea, but this time, instead of building something, you’re going to customize the printer itself. What we mean by this is to either use vinyl or colored poster board to cover the printer. This will help it blend in with the rest of your office decor or you can get super creative with it.

This doesn’t exactly help with your space, but it does help to make the room feel more cohesive with a printer in it. If you want your printer to blend in, this is the perfect option!

9. Put It on a Stylish Cart

One of our favorite printer display ideas is fairly simple, all you need is a cart! (This can also be used if you are placing the printer under your desk).

Whether you need access to your printer every day or only once in a while, this is a great way to store your new printer in the office. You can find carts (with or without wheels) at just about any furniture store. You can also try looking for an old used one at a thrift store.

Place the printer on the cart along with your other office supplies and you’re good to go.

10. Hidden with Colors

For our last printer office ideas, you’ll need to be a little creative. This also works only if your printer is matching the surrounding colors. You can hide your printer in plain sight by distracting it with colors.

For example, if your printer is white and the surrounding furniture that the printer sits in or on is white, you can distract away from it by painting different colors on your other furniture.

By having your printer blend in with the same matching furniture and having creative colors that attract the eye away from it, you can have your printer look natural and have an aesthetically pleasing decorative room.

Where to Put a Printer in Your Home Office

There are many great ideas on where to put a printer in your home office. Whether you want to hide it or have it out on display, we’ve got you covered. Our favorite is using a stylish cart because it gives you easy access when needed and also helps with storage, and looks great.

With 10 different options for you to choose from, you’ll be able to use the best one suited for your design tastes and room design.

If you want to learn more about setting up a home office or designing other rooms in your home, make sure to head over to our interior blog page for more content just like this!

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