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Why Kitchen Ceiling is Lower than the Rest of the House and How Do You Deal with It?

Kitchen and dining area with lower ceiling than living room

The kitchen is the only place in your home that witnesses a lot of activities throughout the day. So, its height is an important factor. In general, kitchen ceiling heights are lower compared to other areas in the house. You may be wondering “Why is the ceiling in my kitchen lower?”

Kitchen ceilings have low heights to reduce air pressure so that the area can maintain an even temperature. Besides, it makes the kitchen look elegant and stylish. Moreover, a minimum ceiling height gives you a sense of coziness and adds more comfort. In addition, the ceiling height should be about 7 to 9 feet so that you can use fewer lights to focus on a point. 

What is the difference between the kitchen ceiling and ceilings in other rooms?

There is a reason why you get to see varying ceiling heights in different parts of your house. Rooms with different ceiling heights tend to create contrast when it comes to design and attracts them appealing. A well-structured kitchen layout attracts guests and provides them with an impressive look.

As such, the kitchen looks exciting and makes difference from other rooms. Some designers prefer to design rooms that have low ceiling heights. That way, it gives the room the perfect visual treat. Apart from lower kitchen ceilings, architects design these rooms with larger areas compared to other rooms in the house. 

As a result, it provides adequate space for ventilation and gives an impression of having a bigger area. Precisely, a difference in kitchen ceiling heights with other rooms in the house looks more impressive. These are the reasons why you will find kitchen ceiling heights lower.

In most houses, you can find living areas having larger spaces whereas kitchen ceilings have lower the. However, the choice of a low-height kitchen ceiling varies from one person to another. That’s because not everyone likes to have a spacious and cozy kitchen. 

These people feel lonely in spacious and large areas. Besides, a sense of emptiness seems to consume them. Hence, they prefer to have a kitchen of low height so that they can stay comfortable. You can modify the dimensions of a room with the help of designers.

That way, it will suit your needs better. Apart from seeking help from designers, you can modify higher ceiling heights in your kitchen to lower by deploying creative ideas. 

Why kitchen ceilings are low?

Most of the time, people prefer to have low kitchen ceilings because of certain reasons. Moreover, many homeowners work with designers to install lower inner roofs so that the ceiling appears low. Here are some reasons why kitchen ceilings are low. 

1. Provide functionality

Cabinets in the kitchen don’t look good when you have a higher ceiling height. In short, it gives a congested look and everything in the kitchen appears clumsy. Moreover, cabinets touching the kitchen ceiling restrict access to the items stored without any aid. 

Sometimes, the difficulty to access higher cabinets compels people to lower the kitchen ceiling height. Besides, the difficulty to reach higher cabinets makes them impractical as well.

2. Helps maintain an even temperature 

Lower ceiling heights in the kitchen don’t provide a direct or open space for air. That way, it helps maintain an even temperature in the kitchen. As you know, having an optimal temperature in the kitchen makes even heating in the kitchen. 

There is no extra air that can disturb the temperature. Frequent rises and falls in airflow can create fluctuations in temperature. Moreover, the heat flames can alter the kitchen’s environment. 

Hence, it gets challenging to maintain the right temperature in an airy, spacious kitchen. Apart from that, an environment with less air is convenient for both sitting and cooking. 

3. Gives you the perfect look

A height of about 7 to 9 feet gives the kitchen the right look. However, the size of the room should be anywhere between 10 and 13 feet. The height difference compared to other rooms in the house makes the kitchen a comfortable and distinct place. 

4. Makes everything in the kitchen appealing

When the kitchen ceilings are lower, ventilators and lighting tend to get closer to the point where they can focus. As a result, everything in the kitchen looks clear and beautiful. Also, it improves the quality of your work in the kitchen. With a clear focus point, you can enjoy dinner or lunch and makes the space warm and relaxing.

How do you deal with low ceiling kitchens?

A good interior design helps to make your life better and the kitchen ceiling is no different. But for many people, things might not be in their favor always. Sometimes the kitchen ceiling height is quite lower than you have anticipated when moving into a new home. Here is how you can resolve the issue and transform it into an effective design element. 

1 . Make sure to have proper lighting 

It is wise to consider the best lighting that creates a smoother look. That way, it will brighten the interiors and makes the kitchen more spacious and stylish. With wall-mounted lighting, the light gets focused on the ceiling and creates an illusion of height. Other than hanging a ceiling fan, install a wall-mounted small ceiling fan instead. 

2. Try buying low height furniture

Bulky furniture especially the cabinets can make the room smaller. It is good to choose custom-made furniture that goes well with the ceiling height. That way, the furniture will be proportional to the room size. 

Narrow shelving units and intuitive storage solutions can work wonders when it comes to making the room feel more spacious. Moreover, low-height furniture creates an illusion of overhead space.

3. Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains 

There is no denying that people use curtains mainly to block light. However, floor-to-ceiling curtains help the kitchen look and feel more spacious. To fool the eye into believing that the area is big, hang the curtains 4 to 5 inches above the window frame. As such, it will make the window appear large and make the room more spacious.

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