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Are towel bars out of style? [Answered]

Modern bathroom with two towel bars

Towels need to be hung somewhere for convenience as you take a shower, which is where towel bars come in. Towel bars are a very common sight in many traditionally build homes and are an option for many homeowners. However, there have been other alternatives such as simple hooks, which are being used today, begging the question of whether towel hooks are out of style.

According to research, towel bars are not yet out of style, as they are preferred for their convenience in keeping towels in place, accessible, and dry. In both big and small bathrooms, towel bars are essential and, in some cases, trendy addition to your bathroom’s features.

Why and why not?

Towel bars promote convenience, style, and comfort, which makes them a popular choice for bathrooms to date. In recent times, however, homeowners are adopting racks and hooks as an alternative and a combination of aesthetics and style. This doesn’t mean that towel bars have run out of style; they are still trendy and common bathroom fixtures. Towel bars make a beautiful, simple, and very handy piece of decor and furniture, as it is stylish.

You can opt to have heated towel bars that dry off the towels preventing infestation by bacteria and mold. Depending on the model chosen, a good towel bar combines personal preference, aesthetics, and quality perfectly, and they are available in different sizes and prices.

Benefits of towel bar

Towel bars are a very staple feature for contemporary bathrooms, and they play a crucial role in the appearance of a bathroom. It is vital to consider the placement of a towel bar, especially in small bathrooms. Setting up towel bars in bathrooms makes the towels accessible out of the way, and it is an ideal choice for bathroom layouts that don’t include an external towel bar.

It is space-efficient

When it comes to a bathroom setup, saving on space is essential, especially in small bathrooms. When installing a towel bar, ensure that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is a good fit for the space you are working with; otherwise, the bathroom looks odd. A bathroom is a functional space for showering, washing hands, and even grooming in the mirror, and your towel bar shouldn’t get in the way. A towel bar is more space-efficient when installed at the right spot, and they are a very practical feature, especially in small bathrooms.

Towel bars are accessible

One of the reasons why towel bars are a very popular choice for homeowners is their accessibility. In most cases, you will want to have all your towels in the same spot to keep the bathroom tidy. You don’t want to look around for a towel to use, and having towel bars will save you this unnecessary hunt. It is also not very hygienic to place your towel on the floor, and a towel bar will hold it in place as you take your long, hot shower. Towel bars can be installed in an accessible spot, preferably at chest height, to ensure they are easily accessible when needed.

Towel bars are attractive bathroom additions.

Towel bars can be well designed to add to the bathroom’s general appeal, aesthetics, and functionality. They are also very easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for many homeowners today.

They are effective in air drying towels

Towels get wet very easily, meaning that you need to find an open space for them to dry out. Towels were commonly air-dried outdoors in a traditional home setting, but there are more convenient alternatives for drying towels today. A towel bar ensures open-air circulation so that the towel dries up faster and doesn’t catch a bad odor due to dampness. A towel bar should be fitted in a spot that allows drying, such as an open spot on the wall that isn’t restricted by other bathroom fixtures.

They hold towels in place and prevent the bathroom from getting messy

Towel bars are still in style as a convenient way to hold towels in position when they are not used. Without a place to hold your towels, you will likely have a messy bathroom, and throwing towels around doesn’t allow them to dry for use the next time. Towel bars create a cleaner aesthetic compared to hooks, and they are easy to set up as well.

They stay out of the way when properly installed

If you have a small bathroom, towel bars are an ideal choice to ensure the space is maximized well and the bathroom remains neat. Towel bars can be out of the way, especially when installed inside the shower. You can have a functional towel bar that doesn’t get in your way.

They keep the house clean and neat

Ideally, you are wet and dripping with water after taking a shower, and walking around the house to find a towel to dry yourself leaves the house very messy. A towel bar inside the shower ensures you don’t leave the bathroom while dripping, making you less likely to leave water puddles on the floor. These water puddles are also dangerous because they can cause you to slip and fall if you are not careful.

How to install them

Towel bars and other bathroom accessories are among the last bathroom fixtures in home remodels and new constructions. It’s crucial to be very careful when installing towel bars; otherwise, small mistakes damage the tile work and finishes, which can be very costly. Towel bars, like other fixtures, should be installed near a sink, and they work well on the longest wall.

When installing a towel bar, go for the model with a non-mechanical mounting system, as this does not require any drilling. Each bathroom has its unique design, so It’s important to understand your bathroom’s design specifications to install these bars at optimal points. The following are simple steps on the installation of towel bars;

  • Identify the placement location
  • Mark the drywall anchor holes
  • Drill the pilot holes and install the anchors
  • Install the mounting brackets
  • Level and attach the towel bar to the mounting brackets

Best materials for towel bar

A good towel bar promotes convenience, style, and comfort, and it should be made from a stainless steel material. The most affordable ones are made of plastic, while others are made from stainless steel materials resistant to rust and corrosion, especially in humid bathroom conditions. Choose a material that doesn’t damage easily with exposure to moisture and one that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The most common base materials for towel bars are aluminum space, zinc, copper, alloy, and iron, while the most common finishes are brushed nickel, chrome, and stainless steel.

How to decorate towel bar

Towel bars are a functional and decorative addition to bathrooms, and they are found in a variety of styles and designs to match the décor of other bathroom fixtures. For visual impact, they should be installed well and decorated. It’s advisable to use a single bar attached to the wall for a simple and classic look or a decorative towel bar with a cool design or fun edges.

You can also use towels to decorate a towel bar by displaying them to improve the general look of the towel rack. The towels can be hung contrastingly; they can be rolled up creatively and tightly or folded in the ends for this effect. This adds a refreshing look to your bathroom, as long as the bars are long and horizontal.

Bonus alternatives for towel bars

There are other alternatives for towel bars that will leave your bathroom looking just as neat. If you want something small, functional, and noticeable, you can opt for towel hooks. You can also create cute towel rings or a nautical towel organizer using clips and a chunky rope. Alternatively, you can make a towel organizer or a ladder from wood or plumbing pipes, depending on your preference.

Towels should be stored in an organized and attractive way, and when they dry up, they can be folded and put in baskets or atop shelves. The storage of towels plays a crucial role in the bathroom’s appearance. There are also towel stacks, basket shelves, and recessed towel shelves, making the space neat and serving its purpose well.

If you have the space, an open towel display is an ideal alternative for towel bars, as long as they are organized well to add a pop of color to the room. In some cases, homeowners repurpose coat tracks to become storage spots for towels. If available, towel hooks are a great alternative for towel bars, and they are simple and effortless to install and maintain. A towel stand can also be used as a decorative and useful option, as long as it has a finish that matches the bathroom aesthetics.

Towel bars are essential bathroom accessories and an important factor in both bathroom design and comfort accessibilities. Towel bars are likely to remain in style as long as they are functional and practical, and they are a pocket-friendly choice that is both safe and convenient.

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