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Best 5 Microwaves to Go with Your 24-Inch Base Cabinet

Microwave installed inside cabinet

It should not come as a surprise that finding the most appropriate microwave option for a 24” base cab is a daunting task, thanks to the several hundreds of options available today. The market is dominated by many brands with claims to technological advancements, which makes it tough to spot the right model for your house. Present-day microwaves come with desirable and convenient features like various cooking modes, impressive power levels, and flexible installation options. To make it easier for you to come to a decision, here’s a list of the best 5 microwaves that are perfect for your 24-inch base cabinet. 

Best 5 Microwaves to Go With Your 24- Inch Base Cabinet


This microwave option for a 24” base cab includes exquisite features that make it rank among the largest capacity microwaves around. It comes with a Fits-more technology-based 2.2 cubic feet holding capacity that can accommodate large dishes while providing well-distributed heat to the food quite efficiently.

The turntable is made of glass with diameters of 14” and 3/16”. This means that you can easily fit large bowls and casserole dishes inside the oven. You have the option of cooking in 30 different cooking settings, giving you the chance to explore your culinary skills. 

This FRIGIDAIRE microwave includes a sensor cooking feature that automatically adjusts the unit to appropriate cooking times and power levels based on what your cooking requirements are. Cooking beef, chicken, lamb, potatoes, pizza, snacks, and other such items have been made convenient with the one-touch buttons in the oven. In case you are unsure of whether the food is cooked or not, you can also add another 30 seconds by simply touching a button!

The microwave is made using quality stainless steel for durability, and it also comes with a smudge-proof feature. This enables you to clean the unit without breaking a sweat, and the surface of the oven remains free from annoying fingerprint stains. The interior chamber features a light for you to be able to keep a tab on how the food inside is cooking. 

2. The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS

This Toshiba microwave oven is perfect for a 24” cabinet because of its depth which measures 17.1 inches. This size not only fits comfortably in a 24” base cab but also provides room to breathe. The capacity of this oven is 1.2 cubic feet, which serves as an ideal requirement for most households. It comes loaded with 10 different power levels and 1100 W cooking power to efficiently manage all types of cooking requirements compared to many other models. 

This Toshiba model features a stainless steel body in black color that provides easy maintenance, and even senior citizens can conveniently use its door handle and come with an easy-to-grip feature. Again, the huge LED display and large buttons are designed so that you can operate the oven smoothly without any discomfort. 

You get to save electricity bills as the oven’s ECO mode lowers standby power by 50 percent. Cleaning up spills and maintaining the cleanliness of the microwave is also easy because the oven features an easy-to-clean cavity. 

This Toshiba microwave includes a smart sensor that helps you carry out the cooking process comfortably. Along with the smart sensor it also features 6 auto-cook menus that can adjust the cooking settings automatically to provide optimal results. 


The BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 is yet another microwave option for a 24” base cab because of its size and affordability. Despite being made of top-quality stainless steel material, the oven is impressively reasonably-priced. That is why this unit finds its way to most offices, apartments, and dorm rooms. 

This BLACK+DECKER model comes with a 1.1 cubic feet capacity, and its cooking power is 1000 W, which makes it perfect for handling the cooking needs of a family of small size. The control panel is easy to operate and comes without several confusing buttons that enable you to get familiar with this oven quite quickly and easily. 

Despite being economically priced, this BLACK+DECKER microwave comes with features that are at par with other standard models. It comes with interior light, a child safety lock, a 12.4” removable glass turntable, and a sizeable LED display. What you get extra with this microwave is the pre-programmed buttons for foods like pizza, popcorn, frozen vegetables, potatoes, dinner plate, and beverages, which spares you a lot of time and trouble in the kitchen. 

4. The Panasonic NN-CD87KS

This Panasonic microwave model is a power-packed unit that fits into your 24” base cab quite comfortably. The different cooking options available in this oven will ensure that your modest kitchen performs like a grand one. 

The microwave is 17.8” in depth, which ensures easy fit into a 24” cabinet, and in case you want a built-in appearance, you can opt for the Panasonic NN-TK81KCS trim kit that is available for this model. 

While it may be a bit on the higher side of your budget, you also get access to a convection oven, FlashXpress broiler, and an air fryer in this microwave. This 4-in-1 Panasonic oven includes 4 separate cooking methods as well as 2 different combination cooking options, which enables you to prepare healthy foods on a consistent basis.

This Panasonic model includes a smart sensor (built-in) that allows you to prepare foods by simply pushing a button. The interior of this oven is made using stainless steel, which helps you keep the oven clean effortlessly. It includes basic features like a child safety lock, keeping warm, and silent mode to enhance your experience in cooking. 

5. The Sharp KB-6524PS

This microwave option for 24” base cab is Sharp’s first innovative microwave drawer oven. It is large and sleek, and can easily fit in a twenty-ounce cup. It comes in 1.2 cubic feet capacity that can conveniently be placed in a 24” cabinet. The oven’s control panel comes with Auto Touch feature, and you have the comfort of closing the drawer by pushing a button instead of pushing or pulling the handle. 

This Sharp microwave can easily accommodate a 4- quart casserole dish, which means that the interior comes with sufficient cooking space. The Sensor Cook Technology includes 11 sensor programs to spare you the trouble of guesswork when it comes to cooking, heating, or defrosting. 

Despite the cooking power being 950 W, this Sharp model is efficient and robust when it comes to functioning. It can cook and heat the food consistently, be it the thinnest or thickest portion. It features a quality stainless steel body that is designed for easy cleaning, use and handling. 

Wrapping Up

So, with these 5 best microwave options for your 24” base cabinet, all you have to is to make a pick based on what your budget it.

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