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Backless Sofas: What Are They?

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If you’re in the market for a backless sofa, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over everything from different ways to use them to styling tips.

So, what do you call a sofa without a back? A sofa without a back is often called a divan, a daybed, a recamier, or a chaise. The different types of backless sofas each have unique looks and functions.

Recamier and chaise sofas work great in living rooms and sitting areas while a daybed makes a functional addition to a guest room or office. To help make the most of your space, we’ve rounded up the best ways to use a backless sofa in your home.

Use a Backless Sofa to Create a Sitting Area

One of the best ways to use a backless sofa is to create a sitting room. In a bedroom, for example, think of it as a hotel suite. A backless sofa can create a cozy sitting area that you’ll love to relax in.

A sitting area in a bedroom is a great place to curl up and watch a movie, get some work in, catch up on headlines or just relax. Anchor your sofa with a coffee table or side table for resting drinks, coffee, devices, or a cozy candle.

You can also make a sitting area with a backless sofa in a foyer, or office as well. Backless sofas in a mudroom or hallway are handy for putting shoes on. These are also great for helping get little ones dressed and out the door.

Making a Reading Nook With a Backless Couch

A backless sofa is a great way to add a reading nook to your living room, office, study, or bedroom. If you have the room, this comfortable little area will easily become one of your favorite spaces. Use a sofa as a cozy place to curl up with your favorite book or magazine.

To create a reading nook, place your backless sofa in a comfortable corner or side of the room. Use lamps on side tables next to the sofa for reading. Reading lights are also great additions.

On the tables keep a stack of books or magazines. Add a cozy blanket and throw pillows to tie it all together with comfy touches.

Use a Backless Sofa as Another Sleeping Area

In a guest bedroom or office, a backless sofa or daybed can also provide more sleeping space for guests. This is great for holidays or gatherings when you need an extra bed. Using a backless daybed instead of a traditional bed will save space.

A backless sofa can even be added to a guest room that has another bed in it. If you have siblings sleeping together or parents with young children, you can sleep more people in your guest room using the two beds.

Style your sofa sleeper like a couch when it isn’t being used as a bed. Set it up like a seating, television, or reading area. When it’s being used as a bed, make it as cozy and comfortable for guests as possible.

Keep an extra blanket, pillows, and guest bedding ready for visitors. Have the bed made and ready so your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Even in a small room, you can create a lot of dual-purpose spaces. 

Backless Couch Placement

The placement of your backless couch is important. In a bedroom, you can place a backless sofa at the foot of your bed for dressing.

In a living room, a backless sofa is often used in a window because it doesn’t block the view. A backless sofa in a corner pairs great with a lamp and a side table as a cozy nook. 

To spruce up a home office, you can place it in front of a desk to invite people to sit down. The sofa will also provide you somewhere else to work when you need a break from your desk. Investing in your home office offers a great return in today’s climate with so many working from home. 

To tie everything together, place a rug under your sofa. No matter where you put it in the room, a rug will anchor it to the space. A rug is also a nice way to bring in color and texture.

Decorating and Styling Your Backless Couch

To style your room with your backless couch, consider throw pillows to tie beds, chairs, and other couches together. Pillows are a fun way to pops of color and interest into your room.

You can also add throw blankets to make the sofa a comfortable and inviting place to sit. Over the sofa, you can use art pieces to complete the room and make different sleeping, relaxing, or television zones feel cohesive.

How to Use a Backless Couch in Your Home

A backless sofa is a great way to add sitting, lounging, or sleeping space to any room. With so many different types and styles, a backless sofa can be used almost anywhere. Whether you use one as a daybed to sleep guests or in a study as a reading nook, you’ll love these cozy additions.

Not only do backless sofas add function, but they also save space. Without a bulky back and arms, these are great for smaller spaces. For more great decorating and home tips, check out some of our other blog posts (like this one). You’ll find style and décor ideas for every room in your home.

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