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Can You Put An Air Mattress in the Washing Machine? Answered

Inflated air mattress for sleeping

If you are staying away from home, undertake small road trips or camping, or even have guests stay at your place for a short time, an air mattress can be the best item. It provides you with a comfortable, soft place to have a good night’s sleep night after night. 

However, air mattresses get dirty over time especially if you use them outdoors often and need to clean them. But can you put an air mattress in the washing machine? In this post, you get to know whether it is safe to clean an air mattress in a washing machine and how to do it in the right way. 

Can you use a washing machine to clean your air mattress?

It is wise not to place your air mattress in the washing machine. Air mattress manufacturers recommend never to put an air mattress in a washing machine because there are some limitations when it comes to cleaning the same. 

Not every type of fabric works great with washing machines and an air mattress is not an exception. The first reason, which is the most obvious one, not to use a washing machine to clean an air mattress is that it might cause some sort of physical damage to the mattress.

Apart from that, it is likely that the mattress would soak in a lot of water and it might be a challenging task to get the mattress dry. It might take a very long time for the mattress to dry. Hence, it isn’t worth putting the mattress into a washing machine. 

However, when it comes to cleaning the mattress, there are a few ways to do that effectively. All you have to do is follow the steps to remove dirt that the mattress accumulates after a considerable amount of usage. 

How to clean an air mattress the right way

Cleaning an air mattress without using a washing machine isn’t as tough as you may have imagined. Whenever you need to clean the mattress, follow the simple steps below and you get the job done in no time.

1. Unplug the mattress from the power source

Because not every air mattress comes with an in-build pump, you may skip this step if your mattress doesn’t require one. It is unwise to start cleaning the mattress with the power source attached to it. So, make sure that it is disconnected.

2. Remove any coverings or sheets

If you use blankets, pads, or sheets over air mattresses, take them off before starting the cleaning process. In the meantime, you can put them in the washing machine while working with the air mattress until it gets cleaned. The best way to clean the mattress is to wash the mattress in an inflated condition. That’s because you can clean every nook where grime and dirt tend to build up most.

3. Use a vacuum to clean the mattress

When you notice visible debris or dirt on your air mattress, you need to vacuum it away. It is important to do this step before wiping the mattress down. However, if you leave it that way, you may even have a bigger mess. Although not all dust and dirt are visible, it is good to vacuum the inflated mattress.

Switch on the vacuum and run it over the air mattress with the right attachment. Keep in mind not to exert much force while vacuuming. Or else, it could damage the mattress. After removing the debris, you can continue with the next step.

4. Clean the mattress with a soft cloth

When you are done removing everything from the mattress, you have to start cleaning the same with a tender cloth soaked completely in rubbing alcohol. Focus on the areas that have been stained and wipe them down. That way, you can remove a lot of grime and dirt.

However, if you notice that there are dirt or stains that the cloth didn’t pick up, apply rubbing alcohol in a small amount to the affected area. Clean the soft cloth and wipe down the area again. 

When you repeat the process continuously, you can have a cleaned mattress eventually. While doing the task ensure that any moisture or water doesn’t enter the inner part of the mattress. It might cause bacteria and mold to form, which will ruin the mattress.

5. Dry out the mattress

After cleaning the mattress, give it adequate time to dry. If the weather is hot, place the mattress out in the sun and make it dry. As such, it will allow you to get rid of the moisture and eliminate unpleasant smells.

It is recommended to dry the mattress while inflated because that will make the creases and diverts fully dried. It might take around 3 to 5 hours or the mattress to dry in most cases. After completing the process, take the mattress inside and set it up. 

Also, you can put the cleaned blankets and sheets back on. Hence, cleaning an air mattress isn’t as daunting as you might have imagined. All you need to do is follow the steps and the task gets completed in very little time. Besides, when you clean the mattress regularly, it remains in great condition. 

How to maintain an air mattress

Now that you know how to clean your air mattress, maintaining them properly helps increase their lifespan.

1. Don’t use external force when deflating

To deflate an air mattress, unplugging the cord or twisting the valve is enough. But don’t jump on it while it is deflating in an attempt to make the process quick.

2. Fold it with care

Get the air out of the mattress and lay it flat. Fold it in the right way as mentioned in the manual. However, use your fingers and knuckles to apply pressure while rolling the mattress.

3. Use a protective cover

There is no denying that a cover protects the mattress from mold, spills, and bugs. As such, you can use the mattress for many years. So, put the cover when you use the mattress and remove it when you aren’t using it. Also, avoid storing the air mattress in humid areas.

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