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Is Glass Backsplash Easy to Clean? Best Choices and Caring Tips

Glass backsplash in modern clean kitchen

No wonder, backsplashes are meant to get dirty. The basic purpose of backsplashes is to accumulate dirt in the kitchen while cooking. The ones that are installed in the bathroom protect the walls from water stains and splashes. To protect your favorite wallpaper or wall colors from stains, it is necessary to use a backsplash. 

The concept of backsplashes has changed a lot in the past few years. You will get a variety of stylish & decorative backsplashes in the market that can change the entire look of your kitchen, Starting from mosaic, and geometric, to floral patterns you can choose from a wide range. But before investing in backsplashes you should know how to clean and maintain them. So is glass backsplash easy to clean? Glass backsplash is easy to maintain and clean only if you do it the correct way. Frequent thorough cleaning will keep them long-lasting and shiny. 

Is glass backsplash better than other materials?

Compared to other kinds of backsplashes, glass backsplashes get cleaned quickly. Since glass has a smooth and nonporous surface it does not tend to accumulate bacteria & germs, unlike other backsplash materials which have small crevices. Wiping down the dirt from the glass backsplash is pretty satisfying. One does not need to make much effort to clean glass backsplashes. But how do you clean your glass backsplash? Well, this article covers tips and tricks to take care of glass splashes the easy way. 

Types of glass backsplashes and how to clean them

Well, there are different types of glass backsplashes. Some have a smooth surface while some have a textured surface. Needless to say, although the textured glass backsplashes add a lot of beauty to your kitchen and bathroom they are a little tougher to clean. Also compared to bathroom backsplash tiles, the kitchen ones are tougher to clean since kitchen tiles are more subject to tough stains. Here are some tips to clean:

  1. Use water and vinegar mixture– When it comes to home improvement remedies, vinegar plays a great role. Vinegar offers multiple uses. Cleaning kitchen backsplashes with an equal part of water and vinegar mixture are by far one of the most effective solutions. All you need to do is mix an equal part of water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. No spray on the stained glass backsplash tiles and wait for 10 minutes to let the vinegar do the magic. Now use a damp soft cloth and wipe off the dirt and vinegar solution. Finally, rinse the excess dirt with cold water & wipe dry the surface. Vinegar is cheap and can be used as a daily cleanser. This method won’t leave any scratches on the surface.
  2. Use Baking soda to clean kitchen grease– Kitchen backsplashes often become greasy and oily. And we all know how hard it is to remove the grease from the surface. Normal soap water will not do the job quickly. If you are looking for a quick way out, mix baking soda with some water and make a smooth paste out of it. Now apply the mixture to the greasy surface and wait for a minimum of ten minutes. If there is excess grease you can wait up to twenty-five minutes to get desired results. After the waiting time is over, use a wet sponge to clean the paste from the surface. And boom all the dirt and grease gets vanished! One needs to clean the surface two to three times with a wet sponge to clean a very bit of the baking soda paste. 
  3. Use a degreaser– Sometimes the grease on the surfaces is so tough that even baking soda or vinegar can’t do much help. In that case, you need to buy a branded degreaser from the hardware store and use it to get rid of the grease. 

Pro Tip: Swatch the degreaser on a hidden surface of the tiles to check whether it discolors the tile or not. If it does not you can apply the solution to the greasy areas and follow the instruction mentioned in the packaging of the products. Finally, wipe off the degreaser and dirt with the help of a soft cloth.

How to remove stains from bathroom backsplash?

Calcium & magnesium present in hard water often creates stubborn marks & stains on the tiles and is pretty tough to remove. To get rid of those hard stains you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in equal portions and apply it to the glass tiles. Once the mixture applied on the surface starts bubbling, swap it with a dry cloth. Finally, splash cold water on the surface and clean the surface with a dry cloth. Toothpaste can also help remove stubborn stains from your bathroom backsplashes. 

How to maintain your glass backsplash?

There is a saying ‘Prevention is better than cure. If you maintain your backsplash on a regular basis naturally it won’t accumulate much grease. There will be no need to use degreaser, vinegar or baking soda only if you clean your kitchen backsplash every day after cooking. Once you are done with cooking, let the nearby areas like the burners, and stoves get cooled off. Use normal liquid soap water and cloth to clean the surfaces. Finally, wipe dry the surface with a soft cotton cloth to ensure no scratches. Incorporate this habit into your daily routine and let your kitchen shine like anything!

How to protect the backsplash?

If you have installed a decorative expensive backsplash and are tired of cleaning it every day, you can simply protect it by applying a transparent plastic overlay. Your decorative backsplash will be on absolute display without accumulating any oil or dirt. You can remove the stained plastic overlay occasionally and apply a new one. 


Try the above-mentioned tips and methods to clean your glass backsplash. If the surfaces are still greasy and the stain is too tough to remove, you can call professional tiles cleaning service to get the job done.

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