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7 Best Hardware Finishes to Spruce up Your Beach-Themed Bathroom

Beach themed bathroom with sand-colored tiles and green walls in modern style

Beach-themed bathrooms provide you with a revitalizing experience that is different from other themes. The relaxing environment and thoughts of the ocean bring tranquility and peace from within. 

Because beach-themed bathrooms allow you to get close to nature, you should match everything with the décor. So, what bathroom hardware finish is best for a beach theme? Read on to find out ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Tiles

Try to choose textured and patterned tiles for your beach-themed bathroom. Also, make sure that they are laid in a classic subway, herringbone, brick, basketweave pattern. The best part of using them is that it creates great visual texture and interest. One of the intuitive ways to juice up your beach-themed bathroom is to include a feature tile wall.

The tile feature wall will include backsplash, shower walls, or along the main bathroom wall. Besides, you can choose tile color in soft whites, greens, greys, or muted blues. What’s interesting about these color schemes is that they will make you feel more at the beach. 

Moreover, choosing a more neutral shade for floor tiles will allow an air of surf and sand alongside creating an illusion of large floor space. That way, it will make your coastal bathroom feel more spacious. However, when it comes to choosing materials, you should evaluate quality and variety. 

Typically, you can find that natural materials tend to be cohesive when you are going for a beach-themed look. Some examples include faux timber, marble, and certain woven elements. 

2. Bath and shower

The beach-themed bathroom is all about creating a space that is more inviting and comfortable. There is no denying that a bathtub is the first thing that will draw attention whenever someone walks into the bathroom. 

If you want to add something that has a timeless elegance, a white stone, freestanding bathtub is what you should get. And, there are advantages of having a spacious bath. It provides you with the ultimate place to relax and soak. And, the more comfortable you get in the tub, the more you will enjoy your time spending in it.

When it comes to the shower, clear glass doors allow maximum light to flow. As such, you will have enough flow of light throughout the room. Also, it will allow you to showcase your feature shower tiles as well. 

3. Lighting

Keeping things breezy and light is an important feature of a modern-day beach-themed bathroom. While the ability to create natural light is a no-brainer, you can always do something extra and out of the blue. Perfect lighting makes for a beautiful, beach feeling.

Also, it provides crucial everyday activities like makeup, which is both timeless and elegant. Apart from that, mirrors are the best way of playing with the illusion that you get from expanded space. Besides, it improves the lighting that you already have. 

With a bit of creativity, you can make mirrors work like windows as well. When they are placed opposite other windows, they can reflect the area with a view from the beach. It will provide an illusion of the shores. 

4. Vanity

When it is about the focal point of a beach-themed bathroom, vanity is an important aspect that you shouldn’t ignore. So, when you want to have a coastal feel, it is wise to choose neutral style cabinetry. Colors such as grey, teal, navy, and white can work wonders to a great extent.

Besides, the choice for softwood tones that has a visible grain can’t be overlooked as well. Moreover, you can improve the cabinetry with nickel or chrome pulls. When you sue gold or brass tones, it can be equally gorgeous. It will create a unique design element that will compensate for your beach-themed bathroom. 

Custom joinery such as a bathroom pantry or floating shelves adds a variety to your space. Also, you can have a bench to double as seating and store towels. This hardware can significantly increase the functionality and overall look of your beach-themed bathroom. Moreover, woven baskets are another way of creating storage while falling in line with the coastal aesthetic.

When you keep the colors of your beach-themed vanities neutral, they contribute to an airy atmosphere. Also, it improves lighting as well. Or, if you want more color in the room, keep it simple with plants and other accessories. There is no shortage of bathroom vanities for you to choose from. And, they will blend seamlessly and enrich your space incredibly well.

5. Shower curtains

Beach-themed shower curtains are all about fun and increase the aesthetics of the space. Because the sole purpose of your coastal bathroom is to make and feel like you are in a beach house, you should add items to achieve the same.

And, beach-themed shower curtains make you feel beachy after you hang them up. So, never fail to add interesting and amazing shower curtains to your bathroom. Keep in mind that there is plenty of hardware that can help you complete the beach look.

Therefore, choose a beach shower curtain that will make you smile and fill your heart with sweet memories. Make every effort to make your bathroom look and feel relaxing in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

6. Bath mats and bath towels

For your beach-themed bathroom, the bathmat should make you feel like sticking your toes in the ocean. No wonder why bathmats designed for a coastal bathroom are what you will need as decorative items. 

Moreover, bath towels specially designed for coastal-themed bathrooms are so pretty that it adds much to the décor of the space. Apart from making you feel relaxed, even children can enjoy the feeling of being near to the sea. So, if you have kids around, it is good to buy some beach towels that have creatures of the sea printed on them.

7. Other bathroom accessories 

Collect some seashells and put them in a container in your bathroom. Furthermore, you can DIY a seashell mirror that creates gorgeous results. While shark’s teeth are difficult to collect, an assortment of the same in a clear jar will fascinate everyone using your bathroom.

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