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How Do You Make a Boho Picnic That Has Your Guests Wow’d?

Awesome boho beach picnic with fruits, bread, drinks, and a guitar

Want to spend a delightful day amidst nature? What better way than to have a picnic with your best buddies. Gather them and some writing pads, because we are giving you the ultimate guide to throwing a bomb picnic, which would make your guests’ jaws drop.

Picnics are an all-season favorable event that need not fulfill any special requirements. You can dress up just for an intimate setting or a fun gathering with your friends and loved ones.

Be it sunny or chilly, in the park or on a beach, in a gorgeous venue or in the back of your car to even in your courtyard. It could be turned into the most Instagram-able setting ever, with these ideas. 

How to plan for your Boho picnic?

First, choose your setting: A setting could change the whole tone of your picnic. A beautiful location as the beach could color up your party with hues of golden and glitters. A more serene setting like your backyard garden would liven up your guests’ mood with its charming scenic beauty. Whatever is the setting, make sure to take note of the sun’s position. A shadowy setting would make it a gloomy picnic. And we aren’t planning a funeral.

Second, be careful of the weather: Always have backup plans in case the weather betrays you. You shouldn’t entirely depend on the weather forecasts, as it might go wrong at any time. Prepare back in the hand for a change of weather to avoid getting your stuff ruined by rain or storm.

Third, invitations to your guests: If you’re planning a picnic, prepare the guest list and send out group messages, and calendar invites. No one would avoid a picnic in a sane mind. Friends, and family gathered altogether under one roof in a beautiful setting is exciting itself. 

The guest list shouldn’t belong: a few close friends, family members, and your lover maybe. You can assign them small tasks as in each bringing a different food item, or a small gift even. A picturesque background with all of your best friends and family members, and having great conversations would make it a truly joyous occasion and an exquisite moment for us to cherish later.

Fourth, delicious food: What picnic is complete without its food? Food is the essence of any party, let alone a picnic. You don’t have to go all-out to snazz up a party. Simple yet delicious food and drinks, good company and background music would seal the deal. 

It’s better to keep the menu light and breezy, in case you need to relocate. You should be able to easily transport when required. We were thinking charcuterie boards loaded with fruits and slices of bread and dips and most important, cheese. A DIY charcuterie board would be perfect for the occasion. They would be easy to carry alongside a few bottles of champagne. Nothing screams classy yet Boho than champagnes!

Fifth, the add-ons: Now that the essentials are checked out from your list, let’s move on to specifics. The add-ons would include props and styling items. Let’s talk about the charcuterie board and their placements. Those babies would surely attract a lot of eyes. 

Layering up is an art and we are here to teach. Throw in some decorative pieces like an ancient rug and adorn it with fruit baskets, charcuterie boards, cutlery, glassware, etc. Flowers are also a must. It sparks up magic everywhere they are put in. They lighten up a place with their aromas and beautiful colors. A big boho umbrella is a missing element that you need in your party. Not only it would provide you with the needed shade, but add some fun colors to your party.

You can also set up a certain dress theme. A flowy flower-printed dress could be a staple choice. You can also go rogue on accessorizing. Remember there are no rules.

A charcoal grill would also be a great addition to your boho picnic. You can serve roasted meat on the go, or your very own personal tandoori recipe. 

You and your friends can bring games from home and liven up the party. It can be badminton, a jigsaw puzzle, or a Frisbee. A little game session won’t hurt anybody.

How to set up a Boho Picnic table? 

Also, a specific add-on could include a DIY boho picnic table, fit for 10 people seating at a time. You can make it yourself or include your friends in it. It can be curated according to your needs. It can be cost-efficient if made from recycled wood and not store-bought. It would also retain its uniqueness, a great story for your next party.

All you would need to make a boho picnic table:

  • A few long pieces of timber, according to your desired size (the top of the table)
  • A few short pieces of timber (the base of the table)
  • Wood glue
  • 20 mm nails
  • Hammer
  • A Long ruler for the measurement
  • Measuring square.

The total materials would cost you around $80. The maximum required time would be around 40-60 minutes (given all the shopping done previously)


Lay down the bigger pieces on a flat surface to chock down your area. For even support place a timber piece in the middle to help hold the pieces together.

After you are satisfied with your design, glue it down to each end of the holding pieces to ensure strength. Make sure, there are perfectly placed to each other and make 90-degree corners. 

Remember to make it quite sturdy; otherwise, your quite heavy adornments might fall off.

It’s time to put the nails on the coffin; we mean our DIY boho picnic table

Following the same procedure with the base of the table and voila, we have made the perfect picnic table. To give it a rusty feeling, don’t coat it with any artificial colors and keep it as usual. 


This boho picnic table is sure to catch the eye of the guests and would be the talk of the town. When properly decorated with flower vases, charcuterie boards, drinks, cutlery, and other decorations, it would be a perfect picnic. 

When the theme’s Boho, we got to go with the flow, let our artistry soar high, and also let us take with it. Boho is all about creative ambiguity and not sticking to basics. A picnic adheres to no rules and it’s all about having fun.

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