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How High to Mount TV in Bedroom – TV Wall Mounting Guide

Wall-mounted TV in bedroom

If you are perplexed about how you should install your new television in your bedroom, then this guide will help you find the desired solution. Deciding the appropriate TV height in the bedroom can be exhausting and stressful for homeowners, and that’s why you need to know how to get about this process without any hurdles along the way. Find out the various aspects including angles, distances and heights related to mounting your TV in a seamless way in a position of your choice in your bedroom.

Points to consider before mounting a TV in the bedroom

It is common knowledge that modern-day television sets come in space-saving designs, offering optimum décor options for your bedroom. However, you need to take into consideration certain factors before you embark on the process of television installation in the bedroom. 

Choose your spot- One of the first things you need to fix is where you want the television to be mounted. A common spot to mount the TV is exactly opposite your bed. Make sure that the wall you choose doesn’t get exposed to direct sunlight. Also, cover your bedroom windows with curtains or blinds to prevent sunlight entry. Ensure that you have a power source for ease in plugging the mounted TV.

Wall strength matters- You need to ensure that the wooden partition or the wall made of bricks is strong enough to bear the weight of the mounted television. Be careful when mounting your TV on gypsum walls, make sure to use the appropriate screws and mount in the studs to make sure it will hold up. Otherwise, it might be unable to bear the weight of the mounted TV, and could be both dangerous and costly.

You may sometimes find screws and mounts available with your television for mounting purposes, but often you have to buy these items separately based on your televisions requirements. 

If you are living in a rental apartment, talking to your landlord before wall-mounting your TV is a good idea. The landlord might be able to help you choose appropriate screws and plugs.

The wiring needs to be concealed- To avoid clutter, you need to ensure that the wiring is concealed. If you have no access to wall-tampering, use conduits that are paintable for covering any exposed wire. You can also resort to chipping your wall for accommodating concealed wires. 

Factors affecting the appropriate height to wall-mount a television in bedroom

There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration before determining the accurate height for mounting your television on the bedroom wall. These factors are listed below for better understanding:

Know the television size (TVS) – Your television’s mounting height is greatly affected by what size your television is. You will notice that your new TV box is marked with size such as 60”, 42”, and 50”, etc. In case your television set is old, you can measure the size by placing the measuring tape along the screen (only) diagonally. 

ELH or Eye Level Height measurement- Another contributing factor for television mounting height determination is the eye level. It is essentially the total distance of the eyes from your floor at the time of viewing television in a seated position. It is measured in inches, and can be done easily from your bedroom floor to where you are seated.

Does the space between the bed and the TV affect the height it should be mounted on?

The space between the television and the bed is known as the viewing distance (or VD). This definitely contributes to how high your television should be mounted on your bedroom wall. The measurement of VD is made in inches, and includes the entire distance from the television mounting spot on the wall to where you will be sitting while viewing the TV. Optimally, VD is calculated using this formula:

Formula 1: VD= 1.67*TVS

The size of your television helps decide this optimum VD. For example, if you have a television with a size of 55”, then the entire formula stands to be:

1.67* 55= 92 inches, which is the Viewing Distance you are looking for. This formula plays a key role in determining the height for mounting your television, which is further explained below.

How to measure the mounting height from the middle of the TV

This measurement is called the RA or Reclining Angle, and is another crucial factor that affects what height should your television be mounted at. The reclining angle is considered to be zero at a position in which you watch the television sitting up straight on the bed or couch, making your torso form a 90-degree angle. Laying back on the bed changes the RA, and the measurement is made using the vertical. To explain this in simple words, the television mounting height increases with the increase in your reclining position. 10 to 15 degrees is the recommended reclining angle by couch manufacturers in case of casual sitting.

Understanding the television mounting height or TVMH:

With the above parameters we can now calculate the TV height in bedroom using this formula:

Formula 2: 0.22* VD + ELH =TVMH

For this formula, the RA is assumed to be 12.5 to ensure simplest distance from the middle of your television to the floor. The rule of thumb states that any 42-inch television needs to be mounted on the wall approximately 55 inches above the floor to the center of the television. Similarly, a 55-inch television must be mounted at 60 inches, a 65-inch television must be mounted on the wall at 65 inches, and a 70-inch television needs to be mounted at approx. 67 inches above the floor (to the screen’s center). 

If you want to use an accurate version of the formula, then try this:


In case the tan (RA) is equal to 0 in this formula because of the absence of reclining angle, then the mounting height of the television is equal to the ELH or Eye Level Height. For instance, if you are sitting on the bed such that your ELH is equal to 40 inches, and your VD is equal to 92 inches, then your TVMH is calculated to be 0.22*92+40, which is equal to 60 inches (from TV midpoint to your floor). Here is a table citing television mounting height for various television sizes:

TV SizeELH + TV midpoint to floor
(40 inches)
Viewing Distance
42 inches55 inches70 inches
55 inches 60 inches92 inches 
65 inches65 inches109 inches
70 inches67 inches117 inches

The first formula assumes the viewing angle to be 30 degrees, as it comes within THX, manufacturers’, and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers limitations [1].

The second formula assumes 12.5 degrees as RA for vertically seated position in casual sitting. The casual sitting range by manufacturers lies between 10 and 15 degrees. 

All these parameters eventually will help you calculate the right height at which your television needs to be mounted on the wall. This in turn, will ensure that your television viewing experience is enhanced when you relax in your bedroom, watching your favorite television series or movies.

Comfort for multiple viewers in television mounting in front of your bed

The above-mentioned factors affect the TV height in bedroom, but you should also make effort to get the best viewing experience. The type of mount you choose will decide how two or more viewers can get the choicest TV viewing experience in a bedroom. For example, any full-motion or tilt mount offers you additional comfort and versatility while viewing from desired position. 

This brings us to the part where you need to position the bed in front of the TV for a relaxed viewing experience for multiple viewers. Here are a few positioning tips that can help you sort out this problem:

Center position- A good position for the bed is at the central part of the room’s longest wall. Not only will this build a balance sense, but it will also create room for placing other furniture pieces in the bedroom. 

Corner position- If your bedroom is furnished with a built-in wardrobe, or a fireplace, or radiators, or even windows, placing the bed in the corner can be a good idea for a wholesome viewing experience. 

Opposite door position- In this, the bed has to be positioned diagonally across the way of entry into the room. It will ensure that the view of the door is not blocked. 

Island position- You can also consider positioning your bed in in the room’s middle imaginary ‘island’ spot. The absence of walls on either side of the bed give you the feel of a smooth flow across the room. You can also place a rug underneath the bed to make the room appear spacious. 

Final words

There is no doubt that mounting a television on the wall saves you ample space in the bedroom, especially if your house is small. The aesthetic appeal associated with wall-mounted television also cannot be undermined, adding to the minimalistic appearance of the house. The flexibility in height and position choices for mounting the television on the wall are equally beneficial. The only thing to keep in mind is that your wall is large and strong enough to accommodate the television.


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