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How to Build a Frame for an Electric Fireplace Insert

DIY frame for electric fireplace in living room

Electric fireplaces add to the charm of your living room and make it even cozier along with an attractive ambiance. An electric fireplace is a very essential or important part of houses. It makes sure that the room stays warm all through the winter season. 

What do you mean by an electric fireplace insert

It is one of the most important options that you will get if you wish to replace the old and existing fireplace that consists of wood logs or the gas fireplace. In other words, electric fireplace inserts are a part of your home that plugs-in to a frame that produces ambiance and heat. You can also put a frame or you can try adding trim around electric fireplace insert.

The electric fireplace insert mimics a wooden log fireplace because it creates a look and feel like real flame and logs. The main advantage of an electric fireplace is that it does not produce any smoke or dangerous flames and it does not create any soiled ashes as well. They are very easy to use, cleaner, and safer for pets and children.

There are 3 varieties of electric fireplace inserts that provide at least four thousand and six hundred BTUs of warmth or heat for a maximum of four hundred square feet of area.

What are the types of electric fireplace inserts?

1. Electric inserts of a log

These inserts are the easiest replacement for wood or gas and they can easily fit into your existing fireplaces. If you are annoyed with the mess and smoke created by wood or gas then electric logs are the most appropriate solution as it provides a realistic look of the flame and it will give you all the comfort and warmth. They are ideal for a retrofit design and it is one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your wood or gas fireplace.

2. Built-in fireboxes

This type of fireplace is created for families that require permanent solutions. This design of firebox is deep-set into your home’s wall and can be operated as an alternative or replacement of the existing fireplace. These fireboxes can be hardwired or plugged into the electrical outlet grid.

3. Plug-in fireboxes

If you have an entertainment center that is already vented and that you are able to access via the front, then you need to choose this plug-in firebox as an option. This design will come absolutely sealed from all the sides and it will contain a front glass to ensure easy viewing. They can be plugged into walls (standard) and can warm up an area of a thousand square feet due to the presence of an infrared heating device.

How will you Build a Frame for an Electric Fireplace Insert?

An addition of a fireplace will make your home more appealing and aesthetic. Now, here are some ideas to build a frame for your electric fireplace.

1. You need to build or construct the base of the fireplace. This is the fundamental step as it will determine whether everything will fall into place or not. If the base is built then the rest of the fireplace will be easily built by assembling.

2. Now, you need to build the frame of the fireplace. The easiest way to do this is by starting with a surface that is flat. You need to work on flat ground and then start assembling the fireplace’s front part. You should install screws or create holes in this step and if you finish setting up the fireplace’s front, the sides surrounding the frame is needed to be fixed.

3. Now, you must adjoin the back foundation or support at the bottom and top so that the frame can easily rest or lean against the wall. The sides of the fireplace can be ship lapped and this will ensure a correct and very strong framework.

4. You should cover the base of the fireplace with plywood. Each of the plywood pieces should be cut to the correct sizes and then it should be attached to the right, left, front, and topsides respectively.

5. Next, you should fix the frame surrounding the base and wall covered with plywood. By using screws, nails, holes, etc. you need to attach the frames to the base.

6. Now, you should cover the frame of the fireplace with plywood. It protects and makes the fireplace frame less exposed.

7. You should add a mantel at the top of the fireplace frame.

8. Wood fillers should be used to fill in the holes and seams. Adding trim around electric fireplace insert can’t cover them. This step makes sure that the appearance of the frame is free from rough edges and smooth.

9. Now, you should apply a primer and then paint the whole surface of the frame. Prior to painting you can sand the frame and get rid of any sawdust or wood particles.

10. Lastly, use a caulking gun to apply caulk to the gaps, trim edges, and holes. After it has dried, you should paint the fireplace and let it dry before placing the insert. 

What is the importance of building a frame?

It adds a decorative value to the entire room. The electric frame of the fireplace is very essential as it ensures clear outlining of the details and it is the focal point that is required to stand out in the whole room. The frame also acts as a support for the fireplace and restricts it to displace or dislocate due to its pressure or weight. Without the frame, there is no demarcation between the walls and the fireplace.

End note

A frame is very important to build as it makes the fireplace look more vivid and eye-catchy. You can build a fireplace and its frame all by yourself. You will also not require an electrician as no component that relies on the supply of power will be needed to be uninstalled or moved. Without a frame, the whole fireplace will appear dull.

The frame is an important structure for the living room and it should be highly considered while installing an electric fireplace insert.

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