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How To Decorate a Living Room With High Ceilings: 14 Tips and Ideas

Living room with high ceilings decorated with curtains from ceiling to floor

You need to be very creative when decorating a room with high ceilings and don’t be reluctant to use the home space. Such tips as the use of large windows, chandeliers for lighting, and shelving are essential when decorating living rooms with high ceilings.

When you have high ceilings in your living room, it means that most of your space is vertical, and a lot of it ends up unused. It can be challenging to decorate living rooms with high ceilings, and the room ends up feeling empty and cold, in as much as it feels luxurious. When decorating long and tall living rooms, you need to minimize the tunnel vision to prevent creating an echo chamber. When given a chance to decorate and personalize your living room, there are many elegant ideas to choose from to ensure the room looks appealing.

Tips and ideas for decorating living rooms with high ceilings

Living rooms with high ceilings are a chance for you to express your design and style in a unique and personalized way. In as much as the vertical space is great to have, it requires one to be careful when decorating otherwise you end up ruining the aesthetic of the entire house. If you are in the middle of decorating your living room and aren’t sure of how to go about the high ceiling, the following tips and ideas can help;

1. Long curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor

This is a simple concept that requires attaching the curtains as tightly and as close to the ceiling as possible. Hanging curtains long enough to cover the length from the floor to the ceiling is very effective in highlighting the finery and quality you use for the drapes. This in turn ensures extended spatial and visual capacity without dulling up the living room. Large windows, as commonly used for such living rooms go well with curtains that cover the entire wall’s length as the short ones give the room an uneven and empty feel. Long curtains add geometric patterns and texture while at the same time glamorizing the room, depending on the type and design of fabric used.

2. Creative ceiling make-overs

Another way to decorate a living room with high ceilings s through a grand makeover. Use creative designs on your ceiling to add to the already existing theme and palette while giving the entire room a new look. The most common are tray ceilings and false ceilings which help in minimizing the room’s visual scale for a more fascinating and elegant ambiance. 

3. Use artistic overtones

Hanging artwork up high is a great idea for decorating rooms with high ceilings. Art has a way of adding beauty and value to any space, especially in living rooms. It is a very noble human activity that is expressive and unique in its way. You can hang decorative items and art using the gallery-style wall, or hang something up high.

When faced with a high ceiling living room, use art that suits your style and personality for the décor of the extra space. These artistic features are vital in the reduction of the height of the ceiling by filling the space vertically along with any feeling of emptiness on the room’s walls. In addition, art has an aesthetic value when used in living rooms, and it lightens up the furnishing as well. You can use tapestries, sculptures, and paintings for your artwork. A decorated wall helps keep the eye aimed upwards.

4. High windows

You can have a set of small windows strategically placed right under the ceiling to improve the interior design. The high windows allow sunlight in and are also used to highlight the element of the ceiling is higher than normal. 

5. Large windows

You can also decorate and make use of the space in living rooms with high ceilings by installing large windows that would otherwise not fit in regular spaces. These windows open the room up to outdoor views and allow sufficient light to illuminate the living room well. The windows should be emphasized using curtains and moldings to attract your eye towards the outdoors. Large windows ensure that you don’t spend a lot on lighting fixtures and they give the living room a bold feel.

6. Rule of thirds

In art and photography, there is a rule of thirds which implies that splitting any wall visually into three equal parts guarantees success and balance in décor. When decorating living rooms with high ceilings, try to imagine the room as three levels of design and use each uniquely. You can have a section for paintings, one for judge pane]lings and leave the other bare. When placing furniture in position, place them within the bottom third to create a focal point and reduce the high ceilings’ intimidating appeal.

7. Make the ceiling outstanding!

Make use of spectacular ceiling ornate for your living room. Use wood beams to accentuate the beauty of lighting fixtures depending on your preference. Direct more attention to your ceiling by use of eye-catching elements and materials in the wall designs. Both wood and stone are ideal for emphasizing a living room with high ceilings.

8. Hang chandeliers

If you want, hang some chandeliers or other low-hanging fixtures that capture the eye and draw your attention upwards. If you are operating with a large room, hang many fixtures t give the room a more cohesive feel. Chandeliers have become very popular in interior décor these days as they add elegance and sophistication to a space. If you have more than one chandelier, use the lighting to divide the areas subtly and to separate living and working spaces.

9. Include an exposed attic

If you have a house with high ceilings, you can make use of the extra space by putting up an attic floor. When it comes to the living room, the attic can be exposed and be incorporated as part of the living room. With additional beams, the living room looks and feels very warm and cozy.

10. Think vertical!

When decorating a room with high ceilings, remember that the goal is to give the room a more stylish, elegant, and proportional appearance. If your home has a high ceiling, it probably has architectural details like beadboards and beams. If your house doesn’t have them, it’s important to add some as a decor technique and to make the ceiling more connected to the rest of the living room space. If your living room has the extra space, make use of it and mount a small home library by the wall. This helps in transforming the look on the wall for a more spectacular one. 

11. Use architectural details

When you are working with a plain space, architectural details add more character, depth, and sophistication to these spaces. The architectural features need to go all the way to the ceiling rather than be short. If you decide to put up a bookshelf or a fireplace, ensure they extend up. Such architectural interests as coffering, wood paneling, beams, and trays help focus the attention of the eyes on the ceiling. It’s important to use shelving creatively when decorating living rooms with tall walls. You can use tall bookcases, but if the room is too tall then you may need to install shelving features and floating shelves in different parts on the wall. 

12. Lighting with flair

Houses with high ceilings will probably have large windows which allow a lot of light during the day, but they are not functional for illuminating the space at night. When decorating a room with high ceilings, it is important to make a visual difference with the right lighting. In addition to the chandeliers and other light fixtures, additional lighting gives the room some ambiance and makes it stand out. You can use big floor lamps or statement pendants for this effect as they are both decorative and functional. 

13. Paint

It helps to paint the walls of a living room with high ceilings with unique colors, preferably slightly darker ones. The paint needs to be appropriate for all the walls, and if possible you can paint the ceiling too.

14. Use appropriate furniture to scale

With the extra space, don’t be afraid to incorporate larger and heavier furniture that isn’t ideal for small spaces. You can create a lounge using a large sectional and coffee table, as long as you place the furniture well to minimize the echo of the high ceiling. When decorating a living room with high ceilings, it’s crucial to use upholstered furniture that has tall backs to prevent the ceiling from looking so tall.

If possible, use additional armoires and bookcases to maximize the extra vertical space. A custom-made bookcase is an appropriate piece of furniture for such cases. Tall accessories such as tall trees and vases are suitable for decorative purposes of such rooms. 


Like all types of ceilings, a living room with a high ceiling has impeccable furnishing possibilities. It is crucial to exploit the space upwards and optimize it to find solutions that give you a luxurious and exclusive room.

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