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How to Divide A Room with A Window? An Instructional Guide

Room with only one window divided by a modern industrial glass wall

Diving a room doesn’t require building walls or need to be expensive. However, dividing a room with one window needs a bit of planning so that your room isn’t deprived of natural lighting. 

While it is a bit challenging task to accomplish, with the right idea and creativity, you can divide a room efficiently with a window. But there are certain things that you need to consider before choosing the right one.

What to consider

1. Size

Before you come up with intuitive ideas to divide a room with a single-window, you should consider the size of the room. This is very important because it will help you determine the right room divider that you wish to install. 

Apart from the size of the room, how big the window plays a significant role as well. Therefore, if the room has a small window, you need to think about solutions that won’t block natural lighting in your living space. 

And, if it has a large window, you can look out for different options that will make the space appealing. Hence, size is an important aspect that you should consider.

2. Would it be an option to replace the window? 

Replacing the window isn’t a great idea when it comes to dividing a room. Windows are meant to provide natural light and replacing them with artificial lighting won’t do any good. Besides, windows are for ventilation and help escape a fire in emergencies. And, you should follow building regulations.

However, it is about personal preference whether or not a person should consider replacing the window while dividing a room. Besides, what you want to do with the room can be a factor in deciding whether to replace the window completely or not.

3. Intended Use of the Room

When it is about dividing a room that has one window, consider the amount of time you will spend on that room. That way, you can choose from different options available for splitting a room with one window. 

Let’s understand this by using a few examples. Suppose, you want to use the room for a home office setup. In that case, you need to divide the room with something that won’t block much sunlight coming from that single window. 

Whereas, if you intend to use the room as your home theater, you won’t need much natural light. And, choose the right room divider accordingly. 

Different Ways to Split a Room with a Window

Now that you have got an understanding of the things you should consider when splitting a room, let’s discuss some of the ways to divide a room with one window.

1. Glass partition

It is a wonderful idea to have a glass partition as a room divider that has a single window. The best part of a glass partition is that it won’t trap much light and provide the space with adequate lighting. Glass partitions are available in a variety of forms, colors, and features that suit residential needs better.

In general, glass partition designs are made from lightweight glass panels. Moreover, half-height glass partitions make the room bright and create breezy spaces. In short, it provides enough light and air without taking up much space. 

2. Sheer curtains

When you need to divide a room that has one window, you need to install a basic functionality design. And, sheer curtains are the right choice in these situations. While there is no shortage of color and patterns for you to choose from when it comes to curtains, the white color stands out from the rest.

The main purpose of curtains is to divide the room into two parts and soften the space at the same time. It means, the curtains should create soft lighting in the room. That way, the room can maintain a decent amount of light through a single window. 

Curtains are considered the simplest room dividers. The best thing about them is that they produce remarkable results when it is about creating the perfect environment for a cozy sleep.

3. Perforated partition

A perforated partition is another great alternative for dividing a room with a single-window. While a perforated divider separates spaces, they don’t break sunlight and make the place appear dim.

So, whether you pick a small traditional room divider with numerous holes in it or choose something that has bigger spaces between them, perforated partition designs are another interesting way to divide a room that might have low-light issues. 

Also, you can choose whether the partition should be a folding one or one that can be fixed on the wall. The holes and gaps on these partitions will diffuse light throughout the room evenly by allowing the sun rays to pass through them. 

4. Timber slats

An innovative way to divide your room is by installing timber slats. You can set up the design of the room either by vertically arranging them or horizontally. Both of them have their benefits and so you shouldn’t worry much. 

The main purpose of the timber slats is to allow adequate light through them so that you don’t feel bothered by low light from the single window present in the room. Besides, you can hang the partitions from floor-to-ceiling or halfway. 

Moreover, the evenly spaced slats don’t trap sunlight and make the room bright. Timber slats are a great way to mask certain things like a closet effectively without making the space look cluttered. Again, there are lots of designs for you to choose from.

5. Small bookshelves

If you want something like a room divider that can be functional while serving the main purpose, bookshelves come next. However, it is not that you need to install a big one with many spaces on it.

Keep in mind that bookshelves are a rare combination of functionality and aesthetics. Besides, you can consider a double-sided bookshelf for your living space. It is an effective solution that comes in handy in rooms with one window. 

Moreover, they offer decent space that you can use as an extra storage area. Unlike solid barriers, bookshelves don’t block sunlight and keep the place illuminated throughout the day.

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