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How to Separate a Room without a Wall: Ways to Divide a Room

Folding room divider in bedroom and office

While open floor plans might provide you with space, they are less helpful when it comes to privacy. Therefore, setting up your own space within a room helps you create an intimate atmosphere that gives you great visuals and sometimes the right auditory isolation that you prefer. So, how to separate a room without a wall?

There are different ways to create well-defined areas within your open floor. However, the purpose isn’t to destroy your floor plan with harsh dividers. That’s because you are living in an open space for specific reasons. Instead, you can use furniture, colors, or patterns to create visual divisions.

Here are different ways to divide a room.

Room divider shelves

One of the best ways to divide our rooms is to use furniture such as shelves, bookcases, or cabinets. That way, you can create different zones without disturbing the flow of light. Or, make the space feel congested. In some cases, installing open shelving to an area with candles, scent diffusers, plants, or succulents improves the visual appearance.

Also, it enhances the quality of air in the room. However, you should consider using furniture and bright colors to complement the color scheme of the room. Too bold colors can make the area look jagged. Hence, it is wise to choose a palette that looks good on both sides. That way, it helps to highlight your preference and mood. 

Use area rugs to divide spaces

Another great way to separate a room is to divide a pace with rugs. If you have a small room, this should be the best option. A rug easily tucks under furniture and doesn’t take much space. Still, it helps you to break up an open space effectively. Besides, you can lay one rug in your living room and another one in your dining area.

However, you must use different textures, patterns, and colors to match the furnishings in each area. That way, it brings space together and makes it look one. Also, it is important to decide on the right size. Moreover, ensure that the rugs extend no further behind the boundary of each zone. In addition, the rugs should encompass more area compared to the chairs or couch.

Divide rooms with curtains

Curtains aren’t only for the windows. Rather, it is a great way to divide rooms as well. Curtains are budget-friendly and easy to put. As a result, it conceals certain areas of a room. Room divider curtains are a great option for zoning open layouts and making them compact. Also, they can help to add more texture and color to your space.

Curtains help you to separate your bedroom from your workspace, enabling you to conceal your private space after a tiring day at work. You can even use a curtain to conceal a dedicated space intended as storage. And, all you need to have is a curtain rail or curtain wire that divides the space.

For a stylish yet soft divider that you can use to divide the space between a dressing room and bedroom, installing a ceiling-mounted rack along with a hanging fabric might be the best solution. As such, you can pass through from one side to another. 

Furthermore, there are fabrics available in different styles. That way, you can choose between transparent or opaque. Also, you can have the color according to your preference. The best part of installing curtains is that you can open and close them with ease to access or create privacy to the whole room.

Wall room dividers

Another most commonly used divider that you get to see at home with limited space is a normal wall divider. The best thing about a wall divider is that you can install it in almost any part of your room. Besides, they are made of a variety of materials and available in a lot of options for you to choose from.

That way, it adds to your room’s look and feels. If you like a classic design that gives off rustic vibes, a wooden divider might be the right option. And, if you are looking for a more modern look, considering a white, sleek wall divider should be the ultimate choice.

Some wall dividers have open panels or sections, whereas others are opaque. Besides, they are covered with glass panels that make them transparent. As such, it offers a decorative touch to your limited space. When you buy a wall divider, ensure that you are keeping it in the right place.

Wall room dividers are specifically designed to improve the visual appearance and maximize your space. Installing a wall home divider in homes and apartments with the smaller area can split open areas into a dining room, living room, bedroom, or even a small home office. 

Room divider folding screens

Another great way to divide a room is by adding a folding screen. Besides, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to separate a room without a wall. If you are looking for a self-care area intended for relaxation, a folding screen is what you need. While they are a traditional design, they are back.

Folding screens becomes extremely small when they are folded. That way, they are the best option for small rooms or apartments that don’t need frequent separation. Moreover, you can find them in a variety of styles and designs that range from contemporary ones to classic Asian. 

If you are planning to keep the screen folded most of the time, makes sure to choose a woven or perforated design. As such, it will make sure that light flows evenly throughout the space. Folding screens are a popular choice for many people because they look simple yet elegant. 

Furthermore, a folding screen is the best option for home workers because it provides a stylish backdrop when it comes to video conferences. Also, it helps to minimize noise levels to a great extent. 

Sliding doors and panels to divide your room

Whether they are suspended, staged, or hidden, sliding doors provide you with many possibilities when it comes to structuring your overall space and dividing a room. They add great visual that defines a specific area in your room. Besides, when they are closed, the doors tend to isolate you from sight and sound. 

With options such as transparent, plain, colored, or opaque, sliding doors are another great way to divide your room efficiently. Sliding doors even match with your décor as well. On the other hand, sliding panels does the work of separating your room perfectly and are considered as an alternative to sliding doors.

However, sliding panels are less popular when it comes to a perfect ‘closed of’ feeling that you get from a sliding door. Also, they are a cheaper solution compared to sliding doors. But they follow the same installation process as sliding doors. 

They can be hung from the ceiling or installed within the walls. To cover the allocated space, the panels slide along the rail. Whether it is mirroring mirrors, window-like, woven, or even a custom design, the removable panels blend into your home to match your preference. 

Glass partitions fixed or sliding

A glass partition works as an interior window. Most of the glass partitions that you find around have a grey frame that enables them to sync with the furniture in your room. It is a kind of floor-to-ceiling divider that gives a clear view of both sides. 

For example, it gives you a view from both the living room and the kitchen. Moreover, if you want an opaque design you can have that as well. Apart from that, you can install a sliding door partition. As such, you can block the noise coming out from the kitchen along with the fumes. 

Delineate with floor levels

Setting up boundaries between your zones is a great way to separate a room and it is done by altering the floor levels. Varying floor levels tend to create a psychological boundary on each living space and divide the area without the need for a wall. The living area could be step-down that divides the lounge from the other parts of the room.

Apart from the differing floor levels, you can even install a small glass partition that further makes the two separate zones more appealing. Also, the elevated floor height space could be used as a sleeping area because this is the place where you don’t need much head height.

However, many people might wonder about the risks of having varying floor levels. Perhaps there could be an accident if you miss a step. While it is a situation that can’t be ignored, you can use different floor colors that will make the difference in heights appear from a distance.

Isolate with blinds

One of the most flexible ways to divide a room is by installing blinds. Besides, they add a holiday-style vibe and breezy atmosphere to your room. Blinds are very effective when it comes to shielding the view. Furthermore, wooden blinds add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your private space.

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