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Hygge Lighting: Spruce Up Your Home with These Awesome Ideas

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Hygge is a Danish concept that is gaining more popularity in every country. As the night sets in, and when Christmas (and other times of the year) is just around the corner, people light up their wooden fireplace, light candles, and start to feel a lot more hygge. Hygge is in everyone’s mind when they design lighting schemes for residential projects, especially scenes of soft lights in bedrooms, snugs, and bathrooms.

What do you exactly mean by Hygge?

Hygge is pronounced as ‘Hooga’ or ‘Heurgha’ does not have an official translation in English. Hygge is a feeling, ambiance, or atmosphere. The concept of Hygge is when you allow yourself to appreciate every small thing that life has offered, as well as to experience moments of coziness at home.

With no precise English term for the word Hygge, this is an expression that depicts a mood and it is also referred to as mood lighting. This can be referred to as a happy and content feeling that does not involve or believe to live with any displeasure. The overall concept of Hygge is to feel togetherness, snug, and relaxed. This is well accepted by the Danish people to create awareness among people who separate well-being from monetary wealth. In this ever-growing population, money has always been the reason for one’s happiness and people tend to neglect the trivial moments of joy they get by living with their near ones. 

The acceptance of living minimalistic has resulted in Denmark being the happiest country in the whole world. They are happy with whatever they have and appreciate whatever life has to offer. 

Let us have a look at how by implementing Hygge you can have a better life. In this article, we have mentioned several ways on how do you light a room with hygge? 

How can you spruce up your home by bringing hygge moments?

Lighting your house with ambient lighting or candles is paramount. But, creating a snug and warm atmosphere, just lighting candles, wearing a pair of warm socks, or having a cup of cocoa, does not precisely define Hygge. This needs a crucial and delicate combination of getting the lighting set at your home. This can be achieved by carefully selecting lamps and having them placed with a strategic process for creating a well-put lighting ambiance. 

No wonder the best designers for lamps and lights come from Denmark. 

Tips and ideas on lighting and creating hygge

So, how do you light a room with Hygge?

  • You can put five-ampere power sockets for table and floor lamps. This gives you the ability to turn on the lamps placed on the wall with the help of a control system or a light switch. This makes them an integral part of the lighting atmosphere in your room.
  • You can also consider the temperature (coolness or warmth) of the color of the light for Hygge. It should be noted that the lower the temperature of the color, the more the Hygge. 

5500 to 6500 k (kelvin) should be the color as it resembles the daylight color in an overcast time of day.

4000 kelvin is normally the white color of light used in most offices.

Candles are of 1800 kelvin, and the halogen sources of light are generally of 3000 kelvin.

You should ideally use light sources of 2700 kelvin or 2200 kelvin that are vintage-style light bulbs containing lead filaments. This can be used for your house’s floors and as table lamps.

The key to hygge is to create less accumulation of too much warmness in the light.

Make your house more hygge by making the correct lighting decisions.

  • You need to use the emotional impact of the lights for creating spaces for you that are flexible, beautiful, and comfortable. By bringing the concept of hygge, you will get beautiful energy at your place.
  • If your home has authentic period features, you can use decorative and beautiful bespoke products and accent lighting to enhance the features. 
  • You can also put hidden details of lighting and washes of soft light in your basement space. You should also ensure that the gym area, swimming pool, etc. feel airy and light.
  • You can also install concealed lighting and function spotlights to compliment your home décor and it suits the best with a muted timeless color palette.
  • You can use a control system that is high-end. This will provide energy-saving power and it will also enable the lighting adaptation to various occasions and moods with a single touch of a switch.
  • If you own pets then you cannot opt for an open flame but you can dim the lighting that will help to imitate the candlelight glow. 

Can hygge be implemented in other than lighting conditions? 

  • Yes, a well-put-up or well-designed furniture is an absolute must to get cozy. Gentle, curved seating along with gorgeous upholstery can be your signature style that will bring up the house’s Hygge factor.
  • Your seating area must be supportive and comfortable which will encourage long hours of conversation and a leisurely lounging. 

Tips- you can add pieces like a fluffy ottoman, a mix of lounge chairs, or a loveseat. This will add to the space’s intimacy but make sure to keep the proportions and color palette in mind to abstain from a no-brainer look.

  • You can even add soft and cuddly pillows or cushions to your seating arrangement. Stormy, cold weather will call for thick and cozy blankets and cushions in warm fuzzy fabrics, for example, merino wool.
  • Vases and candle holders are great options to add to the hygge factor at your home. Natural materials such as ceramic, wood, metal, and glass will give your display area a sophisticated and chic look.
  • The simplicity of hygge does not demand any formal setting of tablewares thus, it does not create any kind of complications or commotion. The ultimate motive is to share food or drinks among friends and families and at the same time create an atmosphere of warmth, simplicity, joy, and togetherness. Lastly, do not be afraid to bring out any fancy cutlery that you own. If it brings your guests and your joy, then nothing can be off the menu.

So what are you waiting for?! Decorate your home with the concept of hygge and change the overall ambiance of the house.

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