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Brilliant Ideas To Create A Striking Outdoor Kitchen With a TV

TV in outdoor kitchen with dining area

There is an increased desire for outdoor entertainment and living, which has brought a lot of popularity to outdoor-rated accessories. Outdoor kitchens are a common way of enhancing the entertaining abilities of your outdoor space, as kitchens are the perfect entertainment spaces for guests and families.

If you often host intimate dinners or are looking for the perfect outdoor space to spend time with your kids, an outdoor kitchen is ideal. An outdoor kitchen complete with a place for food preparation, grilling, and an area you can enjoy a drink is the perfect entertainment oasis. Incorporating a TV in this space elevates your home and makes it more interesting. A TV in your outdoor kitchen makes the space party-central and an excellent spot to hang out.

How to choose an outdoor TV

For most people, having an outdoor TV in the kitchen is very thrilling. Imagine the smell of grilling food, a warm breeze, and a crisp screen playing your favorite show as you catch up with friends and family. An outdoor TV is a perfect addition to your backyard, and it is a sure way to keep your guests entertained and feel closer to the action.

Outdoor TVs should be chosen based on your budget, specific needs, and the amount of outdoor space you have. These TVs are a bit costly compared to indoor TVs, and their pricing is correlated with factors such as their ability to withstand weather and temperature fluctuations.

Indoor TVs can’t be used outdoors, as they are not designed with the same features as outdoor TVs. There are several factors to consider when choosing an outdoor TV, depending on how exposed to the elements the TV will be. When buying an outdoor TV, consider the following;

Outdoor TV IP ratings and water resistance– an outdoor TV should be weatherproof and resist the elements that a typical indoor TV can’t. The TV should resist water, dust, insects, moisture, pollen, and extreme temperatures. Using the IP rating, you can quickly determine the TV’s ability to withstand these conditions.

Sunlight exposure– indoor TVs are not easy to see in full sun, so the best TVs for your outdoor kitchen are outdoor TVs that can produce more light to counteract the sun’s light. Sunlight damages electronics pretty fast, so have that in mind when choosing the perfect outdoor TV design.

Choosing an outdoor TV is easy once you analyze and determine the risk of physical damage. Assess the environment to determine the environmental changes that could threaten the safety of the TV. 

Benefits of a TV-incorporated outdoor kitchen 

Outdoor TVs are designed to provide great screen and picture quality, regardless of the weather. They are designed to withstand significant temperature changes and are a reliable and permanent fixture for your backyard. An outdoor kitchen with a TV provides the complete entertainment package for your guests while at the same time offering a relaxing space to enjoy cooking outdoors as you would indoors.

Audio and video additions to outdoor kitchens enhance the outside lounge experience and make the space more functional. An outdoor kitchen with a TV creates a stylish and relaxed atmosphere while at the same time increasing the home’s value. The most extraordinary outdoor experiences incorporate entertainment and enjoyment of the space, which is what an outdoor kitchen with a TV ensures. 

What type of TVs are suitable for outdoor use

Outdoor kitchen TVs are designed to function and withstand even the harshest weather conditions and elements. They have clever engineering that keeps them working and resilient such as;

They are built tough- outdoor TVs should be power-coated and sealed to make them resistant to rust and erosion. This protects the TV’s internal components from dust and moisture and, in some cases, from insects.

They have temperature control- outdoor TVs have built-in fans, temperature dispersion systems and heaters to keep the internal components safe from extreme temperatures.

Bright screens- the perfect TV for outdoor use should have a crisp and bright screen with the ability to cut through the sun’s glares. 

Safe for outdoor use- such TVs that are guaranteed and secure to use outdoors are specially designed to withstand elements. They have watertight cable entries and cabinets and shielded power cables that prevent them from becoming hazards. 

Ideas to create an outdoor kitchen with TV; 

Where should you put them;

When choosing where to place the TV, be mindful not to put it too close to the outdoor cooking areas and consider other factors that affect the viewing, such as shading, sunrise, and sunset. These factors are very crucial when determining the perfect layout for your kitchen and the ideal TV design and model for the outdoor space.

  • Away from a direct heat source like a grill, fire pit, or propane heater
  • On an existing wall using a TV cabinet
  • Above a fireplace where it can be viewed from multiple areas across the outdoor kitchen
  • Away from direct sunlight, for example, beneath a deck
  • Away from splash zones
  • On ceiling mounts, especially if you are entertaining large crowds
  • On pole mounts where there is no restriction to existing features

How to decorate

When creating an outdoor kitchen with a TV, it’s vital to ensure that the kitchen is functional for cooking and viewing the TV. Once you determine the TV function in the outdoor kitchen, it’s easy to choose a preferred location for installation and placement. Do you want the TV to entertain your guests and keep them relaxed, or for the chef? Depending on how much space is available in your outdoor kitchen, you can place the TV in an optimal viewing point for the guests and the chef. 

Maintenance and safety

Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity, and so are new options for outdoor televisions to allow you to grill as you enjoy your favorite flick. There are specific maintenance and safety precautions for outdoor TVs to ensure they are safe from extreme temperatures and outside elements.

They are designed with a high-grade metal that protects the outdoor screen from elements and allows front access for cleaning and maintenance. These TVs have tempered glass which is impact-resistant and robust, and a strong housing to ensure the TV withstands cosmic wear and tear. Their integration connections are weatherproof, so the TV doesn’t pose a hazard for common kitchen accidents.

For safety purposes, TVs should be plugged into a GFCI outlet to prevent electrocution if the circuit trips. The televisions should be weatherproof and have watertight outlets and cords in case of water splashes. If possible, avoid using extension cords as they pose many risks and are potential for fire hazards and electrocution due to possible water penetration. In addition, invest in a buffet or an affordable cabinet to protect the TV from inclement weather. Such conditions as direct sunlight, heat, extreme temperatures and humidity are not suitable for the functionality and safety of the TV.

Outdoor TV cabinet enclosure

It is not advisable to expose your TV to extreme outdoor conditions, even with outdoor-rated TVs. Placing your TV in a cabinet protects it and ensures a prolonged lifespan due to the weatherproofing elements of the cabinet. 

Safe location

The location is one of the most important factors to consider when ensuring the maintenance and safety of outdoor TVs. Ensure that the area in mind has no access to direct heat or sunlight and that there are no risks of water splashing nearby. If you choose to install it over a fireplace, it shouldn’t be too close to the heat source, and it should be viewable from any area and angle in the room.

Installation guide

An outdoor TV is a valuable and very costly technology investment that needs to be installed and maintained well. With the correct planning, installing an outdoor kitchen TV is not difficult, as long as the proper infrastructure is in place. When installing a TV in your outdoor kitchen, consider such factors as a conduit for wiring and WI-FI access points to ensure a strong signal for wireless connections. If there is any hidden infrastructure, ensure there are no conflicts in aesthetics and functionalities in your outdoor space. 

It is crucial to minimize the exposure to the outside elements, even if the TV is meant for use outdoors, to ensure a prolonged lifespan. When installing an outdoor TV, choose a location with the most protection from these elements, and you can decide on the installation method then. An outdoor kitchen TV can be installed on an existing wall, mounted on a post without restrictions on existing structures, or on the ceiling. The wireless cable options are ideal for outdoor TV setups and are reliable. During installation, ensure loose wires are protected with outdoor rated pipes or conduits as regular cables wear down and crack faster, exposing the TV components to outside elements/

Gathering as friends for a big BBQ and a game is fun and exciting, but not with the chef constantly shouting for updates on the score. Installing a TV in your outdoor kitchen enhances the whole experience and keeps the party centered in the backyard.

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