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9 Easiest Ways to Make Your Bed Feeling Like a Fluffy Cloud

Bed that feels like a cloud

Make your bed feel like a fluffy cloud by choosing a high-quality mattress along with fluffy pillows and colorful bedsheets. Or even better, throw pillows, a weighted blanket, and an awe-inspiring theme will also contribute to a cloud-like bed.

Do you know why people are going crazy over fluffy beds? A comfy, fluffy bed that looks like a cloud will motivate you to jump straight into it at the end of a tiring day. The most sought-after beds out there are designed to provide you with the best comfort throughout the night. Ironically, some products are not as comfortable as you have imagined.

Just like you, I don’t want to wake up with muscle aches and a throbbing headache before an important meeting. And that’s where a fluffy bed comes into play: spruce up your bedroom with a touch of luxury and help you recharge for the next morning.

Read on to find out some other easy ways to turn your bed into a comfy cloud so you can afford a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

1. Choose a High-Quality, Soft Mattress

Let’s just start with the basics first: our mattress.

The good thing: mattresses are easy to get.

The bad thing: not all mattresses can provide a relaxing and comfy environment to your bed.

Although good-quality mattresses cost you more, they are long-lasting and durable when maintained properly. Here are my favorite types of mattresses that add layers to your bed and promote your back and spine health.

Innerspring Mattress

These kinds of mattresses are regular items and their quality depends on the brand. They are available in a variety of designs, affordable, and usually have three layers: foam, coils, and fiber. But people with back pain will have a tough time sleeping on these mattresses as they offer less pressure relief.

5-Layered Mattress

This type of mattress has been taking the world by storm ever since it was launched. The mattress has two layers of memory foam, two layers of the coil, and a single layer of cooling foam. It’s designed to provide great support to your side and back.

Memory Foam Mattress

These are considered the highest version of mattresses with a puffy look and built to target back pain. The good thing is that you can get it at a reasonable price are available at affordable prices.

Gel-Infused Mattress

The gel-infused mattress is another form of memory foam mattress with a layer of gel injected in between for flexible support and reducing pressure points. Gel-infused mattresses are dust-free and non-allergen, as well as help your body stop tossing and turning frequently.

2. Use Luxurious Sheets

If you have made up your mind about improving the aesthetic appeal of your bed so that it feels like a fluffy cloud, using luxurious sheets is the next thing on your list. Even in a 5-star hotel, you get to see three layers of sheet on a bed: a flat, a middle, and a fitted sheet. 

Bed sheets make your bed feel cozy, soft, and crisp. Keep in mind that the more comfortable the sheets are, the bed will appear more inviting. Hence, upgrade your sheets to high-quality linen. That way, they will provide you with comfort and luxury. Besides, linens do offer textured layers to keep you warm when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Moreover, you can try flannel sheets that have a fluffy texture. Flannel sheets are available in different color combinations. Also, you can have them in the form of quilt covers. These sheets provide a fluffy texture to the quilt and make them soft.

3. Get Rid of Cheap Pillows

Good pillows don’t come cheap. Trust me! I mean it doesn’t have to be insanely expensive but a fluffy pillow that doesn’t hurt your neck and last sits at the price range it deserves. The best pillows out there will provide great support and a comfortable headrest. Plus, the only way to obtain a life-pillow that go into your fluffy bed is not to buy cheap ones.

When it comes to personal comfort, consider buying great-valued pillows as an investment. Adding decorative and textured pillows to your bed makes it even more inviting. You can opt for down pillows or chose a feather touch for added comfort. Other than that, a memory foam pillows that are usually sold along with a memory foam mattress in a set is a stellar way to get the right support and comfort without breaking the bank. In a nutshell, buying high-quality and comfortable pillows goes a long way.

4. Cover the Bed with Throw Pillows or Fluffy Cushions 

Pillows used for cushioning are the right items that add cloudiness to your bed and make it feel fluffy. Try giving it six throw pillows or fluffy cushions on the bedhead to get that feeling of sleeping in a cozy bed! Or even better, sleeping with a pool of fluffy cushions and throw pillows is a great therapy to for neck pain issues.

Nothing in this world can make you feel like sleeping on the cloud other than a fluffy bed full of cushions and throw pillows. Call it foam cushion or gel-infused cushion – you name it!

5. Use a Comforter and a Duvet

You may wonder why people love hotel beds that look cloudy like a dream. The secret behind this attraction comes from a range of comforters and duvets. When you prepare your bed with these items, you are confirming the comfort level that you are looking for.

Comforters are the secret components that make your beds cozier and fluffier. Instead of a top sheet, look for some comforters and duvets that are made of natural fiber. Bigger duvets that cover the entire bed will send you straight to the cloud every night.

6. Use Weighted Blankets

The first thing that you should know about weighted blankets is that it gives you comfort and soothe your sleep. Also, the main purpose of weighted blankets is to make you feel relaxed when you are down with stress and anxiety. Weighted blankets have been used for many years and help a lot if you are suffering from restlessness syndrome.

The best part about these blankets is that it provides you with the feeling of being hugged throughout the night. It relieves pressure from your brain and helps you calm down. As such, it helps you fight sleeplessness and helps you sleep better.

7. Use Fairy Lights to Add a Touch of Softness

There is no denying that fairy lights right above your bed make the atmosphere look heavenly and give you a cloudy feeling. Now, imagine having fluffy bedding with a rosy golden fairy light. Fairy lights come in a variety of colors and designs. Besides, they make the bedroom cozy.

Moreover, some fairy lights come in floral designs that set the right emotions needed for a fluffy cloud feeling. Whereas, others consist of multi-colored, conventional designs.

Most of these fairy lights run on batteries. As such, you don’t need to bother about connecting them to a socket over your bed’s roof.

8. Use Lavender Mist

Lavender has properties that prove beneficial for sleeping. In short, lavender can make your sleep better. Even in ancient times, people tend to apply lavender oil on their feet and heads so that they can have a good night’s sleep.

With the advancements in technology, lavender mist is gradually outperforming lavender oil to give you a peaceful sleep. All you need to do is spray the mist all around your bed, especially on the pillows to enjoy your beauty sleep and wake up fresh the morning.

9. Give Your Bed a Theme

When you have a theme around your bed, it injects your ordinary area with personality. Even a fluffy bed can’t bring the ultimate comfort if the room doesn’t radiate with the same energy.

The theme should include but not limit to rugs, side lamps, indoor benches, sofas, and other furniture. Boho and minimalist boho styles are on the rise and their dominant neutral colors will complement your cloudy bed even more. Plus, don’t forget that you can also add artificial plants to improve the environment and make it pleasant.

Now you’ve got nine stellar ways to make your bed feel like a fluffy cloud. But don’t stop there! Consult some more ideas below to turn your bedroom into a conversation starter:

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