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My Apartment Is Too Hot in the Summer: What to Do About the Heat

my apartment is too hot in the summer

Did you know that Seattle is the least air-conditioned metro area in the country? Whether you live there or another part of the country that is even hotter, not having a good thermostat and AC you can rely on can be brutal.

Truthfully, there are few things as annoying and uncomfortable as an apartment that is constantly too hot or too cold. However, at least with cold weather, you can add a bunch of layers. The same cannot be said for extreme heat. 

Are you constantly crying “my apartment is too hot in the summer!” while drenched in sweat? If so, don’t fret any longer; there are several things that you can try to bring that temperature down!

Keep reading to find out some of our tips for staying cool in a hot apartment. 

Increase Your Cool Airflow Inside

No matter what, the air is always moving around inside your apartment. Even without an air conditioner, you likely still have fans or breezy windows that impact your airflow. 

A simple way to cool down a hot apartment is to use the airflow to your advantage and plan around it. You can create a positive flow of naturally cool air into any of the rooms that you use throughout the day. Close the doors to rooms that you don’t go into often, and open the doors to rooms that you’re consistently using. 

If you have ceiling fans in your apartment, double-check that they are spinning in the right direction. In the summer months, your fan should go counterclockwise to be most effective. 

The cool air is going to flow to the spots that you will need it most on a hot day. 

Use Portable Fans in Your Rooms

If you haven’t already purchased portable fans, you should make sure to get some that you can easily move and adjust. They are a great way to cool yourself (or others) off relatively quickly with consistent cold air blowing onto the skin. 

You should always place your fans so that they intersect. This way, the air will be able to hit you from different directions at the same time. You can even put a bowl of ice in front of the fan to get access to even colder air.

Do you have a box fan that is big enough to fit inside your window? If so, place it there facing outward. It may sound counterproductive, but this will allow the fan to pull the hot air from inside your apartment and blow it outside.

Using both of these methods in conjunction with each other will help you get your room to cool down fast. 

Close Your Shades and Blinds at the Hottest Parts of the Day

Keeping your blinds shut will block out the sun at the hottest times during the day and eliminate much of a solar heat gain that you might be getting currently.

You might want to invest in light-colored curtains that will help you reflect the heat away from your apartment. Black-out curtains are also a good investment because they can help you sleep if you’re hot at night. 

As the sun starts to set, you can open up your blinds a little bit more to let that heat you’ve trapped escape. You may even want to open your windows and doors to the outside (if it’s safe to do so) for a bit at night if the air is cooler outside. 

Avoid Using Hot Kitchen Appliances Too Often

An easy way to heat up your apartment quickly is to use your oven and stove. Although it can be a pain to cook without these essential kitchen appliances, it may be worth it for you to consider making this change to reduce the temperature.

You can invest in an Instant Pot or even buy a slow cooker to cook your meals. Many of the same meals that you likely regularly make anyway can be made with these devices. Better yet, consider eating colder foods on the hot days, like salads, poke bowls, or sandwiches.

If you really need to use your oven and stove, try to keep it toward the end of the day when the outside temperatures are already cooling down. 

Use Temperature-Regulating Sheets (or the Freezer)

Did you know there is such a thing as cooling sheets? Specifically, these are sheets that are designed to keep you cool in your bed even when the temperature outside is higher than you’d like it to be. 

You can get temperature-regulating sheets in linen, percale, cotton, and many more material styles. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can always find options that match the other furniture in your bedroom! 

If you don’t want to spend money on new sheets, you can still get them to be a little cooler. An old trick is to place your sheets in the freezer within a plastic bag or on a tray to keep them clean. Place them in there about an hour or two before you plan to go to bed.

This way, they will be cold when you get in the bed, and you can fall asleep faster. 

Stop Saying “My Apartment Is Too Hot in the Summer” and Use These Tips Instead

You now have plenty of ways to remedy that “my apartment is too hot in the summer” panic that sets in every year. Be sure to use your space wisely with portable fans, pay attention to keeping the shades drawn, and limit your use of hot appliances.

You’ll be able to cool down in no time at all! 

If you want to learn more about making your apartment more comfortable, feel free to check out our blog post about house sizing and see how you can apply those same principles to your apartment based on size. 

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