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How do you put a temporary door in a hallway? [Ideas & How-To]

Temporary easy to install indoor barn door in hallway

While privacy is an important factor for people living in a house, not many people have the luxury of owning big homes. A temporary door is a great option for you to install if you are thinking about having a permanent door shortly. With a reasonable budget and little information, you can install temporary doors for hallways and increase privacy in your living space.

A temporary door for hallways is available in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your privacy levels. From robust solutions such as a sliding barn door to a much simple option like the beaded curtains, there are lots of temporary door options for every budget and home. Besides, they are very easy to install.

Here are some of the popular temporary doors ideas and installations that you can put in the hallway. 

Why do you need to install a temporary door in the hallway?

For most people, installing a temporary door in the hallway is a low-cost and great way to improve privacy in living spaces. Besides, it is a great option for people who rent houses because most landlords don’t like the idea of adding structures like door frames that offer a permanent solution to living spaces.

Many families tend to live in smaller homes and as their children grow, the present space fails to meet the demands when it is about privacy. The situation becomes worse when the children become teenagers. A temporary door is an amazing idea for teens that need to have their own space. 

Besides, the increasing number of people moving back to their parents has ignited a spark in the increased interest in using temporary doors. Around 15% of the adults aged between 25 and 35 in America live with their parents. 

Moreover, for people who are living in shared housing conditions, temporary hallway doors can benefit them a lot. It is estimated that around 25% of the Americans between the age group 18 and 34 lives in shared housing. 

Furthermore, the numbers could be more in the urban areas. According to a report, almost half of the adults living in Los Angeles have shared housing with their spouses or non-family members. That makes temporary doors in hallways an important consideration.

Putting a temporary door in the hallway

The best part about temporary doors is that they are not permanent. You can use the temporary doors for any occasion and style whenever you need to separate a space. Here are some temporary door ideas along with installation that you can try.

1. Wall hangings and tapestries 

Wall hangings and tapestries have been a popular home décor item of college students and graduates for a long time. However, this low-cost solution is a great way to increase privacy in a family home. Available in a variety of designs and patterns, a simple fabric divider can work wonders for your living space.

But, these privacy solutions aren’t effective when it comes to absorbing sound. Yet hanging a tapestry on the entrance of hallways is one of the best ways to produce a separate space along with some privacy. Besides, installing them is quite easy and it doesn’t take much effort as well. 

Hanging a tapestry requires an easy installation process and is very much similar to that of installing beaded curtains, which will be next on this list. It can be complicated as putting brackets or using telescoping curtain rods to get a durable and permanent solution. 

However, keep in your mind that it is unwise to put screws or nails through the tapestry directly. If you do so, you will be left with a torn piece of fabric that can be ripped down by children if they are full of mischief. 

2. Beaded curtains

These dividers are an amazing way of splitting your living space without much effort. And, it adds an attractive and unique twist to your home’s interior. It was during the 1970s that beaded curtains gained immense popularity. Besides, they have made a comeback in online stores and are available in a variety of designs and patterns. 

You can even find a beaded curtain that mimics an actual door. Although they don’t provide you with the same level of privacy as other options, it is beyond doubt that the appeal and style of these exotic dividers make them a low-cost and easy alternative.

As for the installation process, there are a few options available. The easiest way is to make good use of a telescoping rod that uses springs. The springs behave like the tension that holds the beads in place. It could be the right choice for you because you can place the rods anywhere in the hallway and without a door jamb. 

All you have to do is extend the curtain rod until you find it’s firmly wedged between both sides of the door jamb. Hang the curtain from the hooks. If you are looking for a more durable option, you may need an electric drill to mount the eye screws on top of the door jamb. 

The curtain rod should be suspended below the screws along with the curtain hooks. You can use a pencil to mark the right location. Drill holes and install the eye screws. Next, attach the beaded curtain to the screws along with the curtain hooks.

3. Sliding barn doors

It is another great option that blurs the line between permanent and temporary. The sliding barn doors are a unique kind of barrier and excellent solution that provides real privacy. Many people indeed leave the installation to an expert. But if you have a little knowledge and some tools, you can hang a sliding barn door in your living space with ease.

For installation, you will need certain tools such as level, tape measurer, and a cordless drill. Also, you need materials such as door stops, door guides, door hangers, fasteners, spacers, jump stops, rollers, track, and pre-measured doors. All the needed fasteners and hardware will be provided with the packaged kit.

Finding the studs on the door frame where you need to mount the hardware is the first step. You can use a tap-and-listen method or use a stud-finder for that. Keep in mind to use a woodblock to the studs that will act as a header-board. You can then attach it to the rail. 

This option is necessary if the studs don’t fall in line with the hardware or you need a sturdy construction. Also, never attach the rail without studs to the drywall. Use the level to ensure the woodblock is in the right place and mount them to the corresponding studs. For that, you have to use fasteners and an electric drill.

After you attach the header-board, mount the rail by using the drill. And, make sure that the level is right. Install the spacers between the rails so that the door slides freely. Next, position the door against the jamb. Measure the distance between the top of the door and rail. 

Pinpoint the location and mount the hanger roller assemblies. You can use a small piece of wood to lift the door from the ground so that it can slide freely when hung. Attach a roller assembly on both sides of the door. Now, hang the door on the rail and find out the right locations to mount the door guide.

Also, you can find out how far you want the door to slide and where to put the stops. Mount the stops that will prevent the door from coming out of the rail when closed or opened. Place the door guide in a position that will keep the door from coming out when it is sliding. Also, it will restrict the movement of the door.

4. Privacy screens

The Japanese-styled screens are another great way to improve privacy and one step ahead of the beaded curtains. Also, it improves the overall look of the apartment and makes it look fabulous. In general, the privacy screen is made of wooden frames. Besides, they come along with paper screens.

However, most versions of privacy screens that you find around use synthetic materials. As such, it improves durability and cuts down significantly on costs. However, they won’t absorb sound. But these screens are lightweight are easy to use.

As such, they make an excellent option for living spaces where you don’t need permanent solutions for privacy. Besides, privacy screens are available in lots of styles and designs. They include rustic designs to traditional ones and everything that comes between them. Hence, you will find one that fits your requirement.

Regarding installation, privacy screens are very easy to put. In short, they need almost zero installation procedure apart from looking elegant. All you need to do is follow the instructions that come along with the package and it will get the job done for you. 


Because a considerable number of Americans are living in shared spaces and everyone values their privacy, temporary doors are the best solution. However, because it is a temporary solution, that doesn’t mean that temporary doors can’t be effective and attractive enough to improve privacy in your living spaces.

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