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Top 5 Ways to Update Your Laminate Countertops on a Budget

Preparing laminate countertop in kitchen to be painted a new color

Laminate countertop is an easy and affordable choice for your counter, but over time they start wearing away which makes it look outdated. Do you wish to change your kitchen’s look without paying a lot of money? Then updating laminate countertops on a budget is a great solution. You can completely transform your kitchen’s countertop as well as make the tired counters or surfaces feel new and fresh all over again, without any remodeling. 

You can replace your stained, worn-out, chipped, or aged countertop at a price range starting from $50 to $300. It can be repaired by using very simple techniques and common household equipment. You can completely DIY your countertop too!

What are the top 5 ways how you can update your laminate countertop on a budget?

1. Minor re-fixing

Small gouges, chips, and scratches on your countertop? Do not worry, all these can be fixed with the help of a repair pen that is color-matched or with a repair paste of laminate. These are readily available products found at improvement centers for home or hardware stores at reasonable prices. You need to select the color that is the closest to the color of the countertop. These can be purchased for eight dollars.

The objective of refilling the chips and cracks is to camouflage any flaws in the countertop. So, once it has hardened, you can’t sand excessively because it will damage your surrounding laminate. You have to fill each and every blemish carefully and you should try not to overfill.

Stains are like battle marks and they can be removed by using a mixture of water and baking soda. It will create a paste that has to be put on the stain. You have to leave the paste and let it react for a few hours. Once it is dried just wipe it off with a damp cloth or a paper towel. Remember, do not rub but gently wipe.

For stubborn stains, you can also try acetone or common nail polish remover. Take the acetone on a clean white rug so that the fabric color does not leave its mark on the countertop. Many solvents like denatured alcohol and paint thinner can also be used.

2. Painting the laminate

Paint is the ultimate friend of DIYers. One of the most done projects that include decorative painting is faux granite. The blotchy look is very easy to create by using a sponge and a motion of dabbing. You can keep on dabbing until and unless it looks correct. This technique is appropriate for large surfaced countertops.

Prepping your countertop before painting is very important. Some guidelines are;

  • You must clean the countertop using water and soap to remove any smudges or dirt. You can even create your own cleaner by mixing equal parts of vinegar and warm water. 
  • Follow the above cleansing method with wiping using denatured alcohol or acetone. Remember not to touch the counter in between the process as the grease from your fingers will stick onto your countertop.
  • You need to remove old caulks from faucets and seams surrounding your sink.
  • Use a 2 part epoxy putty to repair cracks and chips
  • You can apply painter’s tape on everything that you do not want to paint
  • Lastly, do not forget to apply an oil-based good quality primer and you should completely let it dry for a couple of hours.

3. Installing countertops using butcher blocks

These countertops are readily available and are also very affordable. Butcher blocks are less expensive as compared to countertop laminates. The key here is to paint the cabinets using a contrasting color to give them a distinct look.

The butcher block is less expensive than granite and it can last up to twenty years (even more than laminates) but it will require frequent re-sealing and maintenance to increase its lifespan. It will also require occasional resurfacing for removing dings, scratches, or deep stains.

4. Using granite scraps

It is easy and affordable to update the countertops of a small kitchen. Leftover pieces are often discarded by granite companies after they cut those for custom errands. 

The leftover granite pieces will cost you a lot less as they are basically scrapped material. Do not worry if you cannot find enough pieces for your countertop, you can always mix and match with different colors. You will achieve a modern look for your countertop but without a staggering price.

5. Recycle

Search for someone who is also changing their kitchen countertop and you can consider recycling their countertop and incorporating it into the design of your kitchen. If your countertops are smaller or shorter, you will save a huge amount of money.

If you do not want to DIY then you can always hire a contractor for the installation of the countertops. Another great place to purchase used countertops is at thrift stores. You can easily negotiate and get the tops at the best price.

Lastly, you can also purchase from the companies that will provide you with free installation. You can save a lot of money when updating laminate countertops on a budget by using this method.

You can always use a set of advice from neighbors who have changed their countertops in a while.

Other ways consist of using titles like porcelain or ceramic as they are the most heat and stain-resistant and they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be directly installed over the old counter (it should be stable and flat).

Solid or bamboo plywood is also a great alternative for redoing your kitchen countertop. Bamboo plywood has a thick top layer as compared to conventional and expensive plywood.

End note

Redoing or updating kitchen countertops is very easy and affordable nowadays if you have the correct idea, especially if you want to DIY. Renovate your old, boring, and dull kitchen by spicing it up with new countertop designs without digging a hole in your pocket at the same time. Enjoy DIYing your laminate countertop!

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