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What Is a Garden Style Apartment?

what is a garden style apartment

What do you look for when apartment hunting? The design, budget, size, or location? In modern society, you have a wide selection to choose from.

Apartment hunting can be overwhelming. You have to screen through the different options available. Among the many options is a garden-style apartment.

Buying an apartment is a costly investment. Before investing your money, you need to evaluate all your options. The goal is to secure a space that accords maximum value and serves your needs.

Your choice for a garden-style apartment will depend on your lifestyle or preference. Keep reading to learn what is a garden-style apartment.

What Is a Garden Style Apartment?

A garden-style apartment is a single-, two-, or three-story building with exterior access to a garden space. The green space gives tenants the feeling of being in nature.

Garden apartments are more common in Suburban or rural areas. The apartments have shared amenities like pools, clubhouses, and playgrounds.

The layout offers one or two bedrooms. The units can be larger with more layout options.

A garden-style apartment has a large space and layout to accommodate two bedrooms or more. The square footage of the apartment is larger than high-rise and mid-rise apartments.

Garden Style Vs. High Rise Apartments

As the real estate market saturates with many types of apartment complexes, it’s complex to differentiate which is which.

A high-rise apartment has more than nine floors and an elevator. They are common in urban or city areas, where horizontal space is limited. The apartments have hundreds of residents.

A midrise apartment is shorter than a high-rise. It has 4 to 8 floors with amenities like swimming pools and community rooms.

The garden-style apartment, also known low-rise apartment, has four or fewer floors.

The differences between the different apartments are access to nature, floors, shared amenities, and location.

Benefits of a Garden Style Apartment

Before you make up your mind about your apartment, you need to learn the pros and cons of garden-style apartments. You need an asset that adds value.

So how is a garden-style apartment beneficial?

Access to Nature

The primary benefit of living in garden apartments is access to nature. After a long day, natural attributes can relieve stress. If you have children, the outdoor space is an ideal playground.

Covid-19 lockdowns make people appreciate the value of outdoor space.

Easy Access to Parking

Garden-style apartments provide parking near the apartment. With few residents in the block, finding parking is not stressful.

You don’t need to search for parking in a garage or down the block. This increases convenience and better security for your car.

Low Rent and Maintenance Cost

The location of garden apartments makes them cheaper than high-rise apartments.

If you are looking for lower-priced living options, garden-style apartments would be ideal. The concern would be access to work. If your job has a work from home option, this option can work.

As heat rises, high-rise apartments can get really hot. Garden apartments remain cooler during summer as they are at ground level. Also, the low ceilings hold on to heat during winter.

You don’t spend much on the air conditioner.              

Amenities On-site

Garden apartments are not limited to space. It allows for amenities like pools and clubhouses.

Luxurious garden apartments might offer more amenities like basketball or tennis courts and outdoor kitchens. Such amenities make the space more enjoyable to live in.

If you love communal living, garden apartments match this need. The small neighborhood and shared spaces encourage a sense of community. Communal living is becoming popular in the US and other nations.

Easy Accessibility

Garden apartments don’t have a lot of stairs. If accessibility is a concern, this option will work efficiently.

If you are looking for an apartment for an older adult, consider a ground-level garden apartment.

Ideal for Pet Owners

If you love pets, you know how high-rise apartment space be limiting. You have to walk your dog or go to the park to access play environments.

Garden apartments give your pets an ambient environment to play.

Cons of Garden Apartments

Garden apartments sound like a dream living space. If you love the liveliness of the city, garden apartments may not be your best choice. Garden-style apartments are far from the city.

Here are a few downsides of garden-style apartments.

Low Appreciation Rate

If you are an investor, you want a real estate project with high returns on investment (ROI). Garden apartments appreciate, but at a lower rate than mid-rise and high-rise apartments. This makes it suitable for renting and not buying.

If your goal is to resell, consider other real estate options.

Investing in this type of apartment complex can result in losses. They don’t attract many buyers, but that will work adequately if you are investing to lease. Low demand in buyers lowers the price, making the profit margins non-attractive.


Low-rise apartments are more likely to attract dampness than above-ground counterparts.

If you already live in high humidity areas, this style may not be attractive. High humidity attracts pests and bugs.

Exposed Outdoor and Bad Weather

Tenants have to brave bad weather due to outdoor spaces. During rainy seasons, mad and misty grounds may not be as admirable.

Garden Style Apartments are not Practical in Urban Areas

Given the land costs in urban areas, low-density apartments are not practical. Garden apartments require a lot of outdoor and parking space, which makes them costly.

Garden apartments in urban areas would influence significant rise in rents. With high-rise and mid-rise apartment options, garden apartments would attract less people.

Is a Garden Apartment an Ideal Option?

There is no perfect living arrangement. Each apartment option has its highlights and drawback. You should choose an option that perfectly suits your needs.

People who love outdoor spaces and a life away from the city should consider garden-style apartments. If you want a life in the center of the action, high-rise apartments are your go-to option.

Before settling, check what is a garden-style apartment offering? If it suits your needs, go for it.

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