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Why Is My Electric Bill So High in My Apartment? How To Keep the Bill Low

why is my electric bill so high apartment

Are you shocked by an incredibly high electric bill?

If you are, you definitely aren’t the first! Whether you’ve just started paying your own bills and can’t believe how much they are, or you have a sudden spike in your costs, a bill that’s higher than expected is never a nice surprise.

Unfortunately, unless there’s a mistake, there’s not much you can do about the current bill. But there are ways to lower your electric bill in the future.

If you’re asking why is my electric bill so high in my apartment? read on to find out more!

Why Is My Electric Bill So High in My Apartment?

If you’ve received an unexpectedly high electric bill, there could be a number of factors to blame. Your electricity rate may have risen, you may have a faulty appliance using too much electricity, or your apartment insulation could be poor causing cooler temperatures and a rise in heating costs. If you’re unsure, speak to your electricity provider to identify the cause of the problem. 

My Apartment Electric Bill Is High With No Cause

If you can’t find a specific cause for your super high electric bill, even after speaking to your electricity provider, then it may simply be that you’ve used a lot of electricity. Even with most appliances using only a small amount per hour, that can quickly add up! Everything from charging your phone to taking a shower is going to be pushing up your bill, and a sky-high figure could mean it’s time to reassess just how much electricity you’re using.

If you think it’s time to lower your electric bill in your apartment, we’ve got the tips to help you.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

If you’re wondering how to lower your electric bill, the first is to replace your bulbs if they’re not energy efficient. If you’re still using regular bulbs, you’re chucking money out the window! Energy-efficient bulbs may be a little pricier at their initial cost, but over time they’ll save you so much in electricity that it makes the investment more than worth it.

Invest in a Smart Meter

For anyone trying to lower energy usage in their apartment, install a smart meter in your home. Some electricity companies will be happy to do this for you with no upfront cost, making it a no-brainer. Once your meter is installed you can monitor how much you’re using every hour, every day, and every month.

You can also see how much certain appliances up your usage. So, if you turn on your TV and see your electricity usage sky-rocket, you’ll know that you have a very greedy TV that could be causing your bill to become so high.

A smart meter will make you more conscious of how much energy you use, and let you track it easily. It really is a great choice if you don’t know why your bills are so high.

Turn Everything off When It’s Not in Use

If your apartment electric bill is high, try starting to turn things off when not in use. That doesn’t mean putting them on stand-by, but actually manually powering them down. If they’re on standby, they’re still going to be costing you money!

It’s not just your appliances you should turn off, but also your lights when you leave the room no matter the size of your home, your shower if you’re not actually under the water (such as when shampooing your hair), and your heater if you’re not at home. Anything that’s using power when it doesn’t actually need to be should be off – it’s that simple.

For those of you who struggle to remember to turn off appliances that are often on stand-by mode, why not try some smart power strips? These will turn off whatever you’re using after a certain period of inactivity. From TVs to cable boxes, it’s a life savior for forgetful people!

Cool and Warm Yourself Without Electricity

If the temperature in your apartment isn’t comfortable, your first instinct might be to turn on your AC or heater. But this is going to send your electric bill through the roof! In fact, by 2050 air conditioning is going to represent 12.7% of the entire world’s energy usage, showing you just how much these machines consume.

Save the planet and lower your bill by looking at alternatives to regulate your temperature. If it’s cold, wear more layers, grab a blanket and hot water, and make yourself a mug of something hot. It may not be as easy as turning up your heating, but your bank balance will thank you for it.

If it’s hot, make sure all of your windows are open instead of turning on your AC when there’s a cool breeze. Keep a pair of socks in your freezer for when you get too hot and pop them on your feet to quickly cool you down. Keep your curtains closed in sunny rooms, wear breathable clothing, and try not to do any strenuous exercise in your apartment (if you work out, head to the gym instead!).

Adjust Your Water Temperature

Your water heater is a big tank that keeps your hot water at a set temperature ready for use. But most water heaters are set way higher than they need to be, which means they’re using more electricity than they need to. As a quick and easy way to save money, turn down your water heater (if you have one in your apartment) to a lower temperature, and always make sure to turn it off if you go away.

Lower Your Electricity Bill and Save the Planet

If you’re wondering why is my electric bill so high in my apartment? then you should always get in touch with your energy supplier to make sure nothing is wrong. If it’s not, it’s time to test out some of these tips to lower your bill on your own!

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