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14 Awe-Inspiring Upstairs Loft Office Ideas: A Complete Make Over Guide

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It is neither too costly nor tiring to generate new ideas, especially for your loft office. Besides, you can revamp your workplace with a few basic tactics and ideas. And, it doesn’t matter whether you are striving to implement ideas into an existing one or relocating to a new destination.

The best way to develop a layout design is by arranging the items that you already have alongside a few low-cost improvements. What’s interesting is that you can even rearrange your office furniture layout to make a huge difference. 

Read on to find out some of the best upstairs loft office ideas to revamp your remote workstation. 

Amazing upstairs loft office ideas that you can try:

A loft-style office is a great place to work because it keeps you away from the rest of the household. Moreover, it only takes a few steps to reach your bedroom. Despite the advantages, overloading the space might make it less inviting. Check out these simple, easy ideas to create a workable, streamlined space.

1. Make good use of the nooks

A loft-style office will have several nooks created by the building’s angle of the roof and other structural supports. So, use these nooks to bring out the best from these areas. You can build shelves for your files and books. 

Also, you can install a shelf desk that fits into the nook around the walls. That way, you can have a useful workspace and storage space. 

2. Wallpaper that sets in the right mood

Anything that makes your loft-style office warm and inviting should be implemented. And, having wallpaper that inspires you should never be left out. If you don’t like the idea of having statements wherever you see, you can try out some beautiful landscapes or paintings. 

Having the right wallpaper is an innovative way to relieve you from a jumbled workplace while playing with the room’s impression. 

3. Add lots of colors

Splashes of different types of colors on the walls of your loft-style office make the space soothing. However, get the combination of the colors right according to your taste and mood. 

Setting the perfect colors for every panel in the workplace will bring a sense of balance. Apart from coloring the walls, color-coding the files has its advantages. It makes your task easier by helping you identify what you need without wasting further time.

4. Try to make the space multi-functional

There is no denying that many remote workplaces serve as additional space for an extra bed. In short, the room is packed with plenty of storage ideas and all you have to do is create a multi-functional area that looks impressive. 

For example, you can fit the desk over the heater with gaps that help heat to escape while maximizing the space for a flowing design. Besides, the hidden shelves on either end of the bed make good use of the slanted space. 

5. Add roof windows

When it comes to bringing a lot of natural light to your loft office, nothing can beat roof windows. Also, it makes the space welcoming. Roof windows work wonders in the loft as adequate light will keep you round the clock and make you more productive while at work. 

Moreover, roof windows look great in the loft area and add a unique element to the space. In addition, you can even install a blind that falls in line with the color palette in the room. That way, you can have full control over both temperature and light in your tiny space.

6. Maintain a lean profile 

It’s a no-brainer that when you have a big desk, the chances of clutter increase. Hence, to avoid bits of paper falling here and there and prevent your small office from becoming the hub for the mess, try to choose a slim, narrow design. 

If you are working on a laptop or desktop, the workplace doesn’t have to be too big. Having a slimline solution keeps the workplace from obstructing the rest of the room. 

7. Experiment with things

In many small office setups, people tend to put the counter against the wall. However, you can do the opposite by not making the desk face the wall. Instead, use a standing-type desk that allows you to sit at the desk against the wall. This design works great when you are working with other people in the room. 

If your work involves collaborative projects, this might be the best solution for your loft-style office. Breaking free from the wall allows you to use the space as storage. You can set up a small cupboard and a rug that will give the space a less office feel while making it more homely. 

8. Having a curved desk is a good idea

The hard curves in your loft-style office might not be impressive. So, why not soften the hard angle by adding a curved desk? Moreover, these desks can be built into the wall to manage every inch of space effectively. 

You can even cut a hole into the desk so that you can tuck away a lamp. In addition, having pull-out drawers from the desk provides a great solution for storing several items. 

9. Make the space a cozy retreat

You don’t need a large space for a loft-style workstation. Even a small loft can become a cozy place when you transform it through proper planning. In a typical loft area, you can place the desk on one side and cupboards or cabinets on the other just under the eaves. 

Whereas, adding a shelf on the triangular gable allows you to have a surprising amount of storage. If you have the rafters exposed, you can set up wooden furniture to have a more rustic look. However, make sure that you add plenty of lights to the area. A desk lamp and a few bright spotlights on the roof edge might do the trick. 

10. Artificial lights

While there is no substitute for natural light, you should ensure that your loft-style office has an adequate lighting system after the sun goes down or even on cloudy days. It is wise to have several options for lighting. 

These might include a desk or standing lamp for focused task lighting. Or, ambient sources of lighting such as spotlights. As such, it will help create a natural lightscape. Also, you can customize how light or dark the room might be to suit your style. 

LED lightbulbs are the best option for small home offices because they tend to give off clean light. Besides, they don’t overheat unlike other bulbs and are better for the environment. It means more alertness for handling projects at hand and fewer distractions after the evening.

11. Find your source of inspiration

When you are thinking about moving in a direction with a certain décor, you may want to reconsider it. Because the whole concept of a loft-style office is unique and wonderful, you shouldn’t go with the regular idea of style. 

Rather, a more rational move for you should be to look out for some sources of inspiration. You can source ideas from songs, movies, or art. Moreover, you can even start with a room that’s decorated around a piece of colorful art. 

Maybe you can consider filling the space with lots of greenery to create a bright and calming room.

12. Rugs

While hardwood floors are a classic choice for many people, introducing rugs into your small space is always mesmerizing. However, despite the uniqueness of having a rug, sometimes a single large piece night looks a little old-fashioned.

Because you are creating a space that reflects your personality and style, you may want to do something extra with the rugs as well. Even if you go by recent trends, many people are adapting to a non-standard way to decorate their rooms. For your loft-style office, you can fill the space with a few small rugs. 

As such, it will help bring color to the atmosphere. Moreover, focus more on large designs, texture, and embroidery before the trend goes stale.

13. Beige is not outdated

In this modern era, many professional designers and decorators believe that the beige palette is a thing of the past. However, such an approach to a specific color preference isn’t accepted. That’s because there are plenty of ways to approach beige colors when it comes to interior design. 

And, when you mix them with other colors and textures, you can have an amazingly genuine look at your loft office. Hence, contact an expert so that they can help you bring out the best for your home office.

14. Hide your office 

Your upstairs loft-style office doesn’t have to be visible by law. You choose that space from the other parts of your home only to bring out the productivity from within. So, why should people bother you? So, tuck the room behind a sliding mirrored door and you are good to go. 

Not only you are keeping your workplace low-key, but also you are improving the proportions of the room. That way, you are creating the office of your dreams.

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