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How to Decorate Outdoor Christmas Lights on a Budget? A Pricing Breakdown and Alternatives

Outdoor Christmas tree with cheap and simple lightning in front of house

If you are thinking about a cost-effective decorating solution, it is the Christmas outdoor lights that you need to focus on. Decorating outdoor Christmas lights while on a tight budget is the new way of adding style without spending much. 

If you like the idea of implementing outdoor Christmas lights on a budget, there are lots of options for you to choose from. In this post, you get to know about the cost of outdoor Christmas lights and ideas that takes no time to set up.

How Much Do Outside Christmas Lights Cost?

Because there are so many factors that need to be considered, finding the actual cost of outdoor Christmas lights is a bit challenging. From the accessories to be used to the difficulty of the project, it is daunting to lay down specific pricing. In short, the price could be anywhere near $500 and extended to a few thousand.

1. Types of accessories to be installed 

Simply put, the more décor and lighting you want, the cost will be higher. Therefore, a larger project will cost you more compared to a smaller one. However, the types of accessories that are to be installed have to be considered as well.

And, the price will vary from one region to another. Besides, the costs will be higher if you purchase from commercial lighting companies and not from your nearby local store. Apart from the types of products to be used, the cost of outdoor lighting depends on the distance between the power source and the lights. It means more cords and more work from the power source.

2. Total time involved including labor

The total amount varies according to the manpower and time needed for the project. For example, if your project needs one member, the labor cost could be anywhere between $300 and $500 per day. And, that excludes the products to be installed.

Tree wrapping is the most rigorous work and the price depends on the tree’s volume height, size, and how you want to have the design. The price will vary if you want to wrap each branch of a tree rather than swirling the lights on the tree. And, it could range anywhere between $50 and $5000.

3. The difficulty level of the project 

For a simple outdoor Christmas light on a small house, the pricing could range from $500 to $1000. However, the amount will depend on the complexity of the overall task. If you want more detail, you need more lights, and consequently, the price goes up. 

That way, the cost of decorating a three-story will be higher compared to a single story. The type of roof plays a major role sometimes when it is covered by ice or snow. On rare occasions, some companies don’t agree to undertake the task that involves installing outdoor lights where there is much risk. 

Inexpensive Alternatives to Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you are a person who sets up outdoor Christmas lights every year, you know the extent of work that you need to put in. Whether you are tired of climbing ladders each year, spending money replacing the burnt-out lights, or worried about your budget, sometimes you feel like exploring new ways to reduce both effort and money. Here are some alternatives to outdoor Christmas lights that you can consider for that festive glow.

1. Look out for some projection lights

These LED projection lights tend to project colorful images or lights to your house so that it looks festive. Place the projector into the ground so that it can project the images. Because it is Christmas, it is good to buy projection lights that project snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, or other festive images. 

Besides, choosing the right equipment for your needs is quite simple. All you have to do is find out the square feet of the exterior of the house that you would need to cover with light. However, remember that the farther you place the unit, the wider will be the projection on the house

2. Use a work light in the right way

Another great way of having pretty lights in your yard is to create a colorful spotlight that shines on your home. Work light and ten minutes of work will do the trick for you. Keep in mind only to use the small work lights. Here is how to do it in the right way.

  • Cut a piece of colored plastic wrap or cellophane after measuring the work light’s lens
  • Place the same over the lens and wrap its edges with airplane tape. Because airplane tapes are metallic, strong, and shiny, moisture won’t cause issues and it will look nice
  • Next, put the light on an elevated spot and turn it towards your home
  • Want to get more creative? Cut a snowflake or star out of black paper and attach it to the center of the colored plastic wrap with glue. The image will shine onto your house

3. Hanging Christmas outdoor lights

There is no shortage of different types of lights for decorating outdoors, especially on the trees. The best part about these lights is that it takes minimal effort to scatter them on the trees and they look extremely gorgeous at night.

Besides, they have intuitive features that add more beauty to your outdoor lighting system. You can choose colors for the lights to display according to your will. And, you can control them with the help of a small device that works remotely. These lights are indeed awesome and don’t cost you a fortune. 

4. Try to add fewer lights 

When you add a few lights to your yard, it makes the area appealing while reducing your costs significantly. In short, wrapping a few lights on the shrubs makes a great difference in the surroundings. Besides, the place becomes more welcoming to gaze at or walk through the garden. 

Moreover, when you clip lights on the shrubs at the gate, it makes a lovely entrance to your house. However, try buying a set that distributes light evenly on every part of the shrub. That way, you can have that ultimate look.

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