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10 Jaw-Breaking Ideas to Create a Small Backyard Pool on a Budget

Small affordable backyard pool above ground

Having a nice swimming pool at home to relax and unwind is a great idea for families. Contrary to what most homeowners believe, you don’t necessarily need a big house to make your dream of owning a pool real.

Building small swimming pool at home can start as low as $3,000 for an above-ground pool or $7,000 for a standard swim spa. You can work your way up to over $11,000 or even 50,000 with additional touch-ups and extras.

As long as you have enough space, you can create a small backyard pool well within your budget. There is no minimum size for a swimming pool. However, there are variations in designs and shapes depending on the amount of space in your backyard.

What to Know Before Creating a Small Budget-Friendly Pool in Your Backyard? 

Small pools are growing in popularity. They are cheap to install and easy to maintain, and they fit well in small backyard spaces. If you are working with limited square footage or a narrow backyard, you need to be creative to squeeze a swimming pool into your backyard without compromising your outdoor space. 

There are many pool set-ups that allow you to enjoy a small backyard pool, even on a small budget. Backyard pools are a great way to merge in-ground luxury with above-ground fun and relaxation.

Small pools add a sure fun and elegance to your home irrespective of the size. Plus, there are several jaw-breaking ideas to ensure you create a breath-taking pool. When deciding on the best idea for a small pool on a budget, there are many things at your disposal to be taken into account:

  • Shape
  • Design
  • Measurements
  • Materials
  • And of course – the budget

Landscaping is also a primal factor. Once you are done planning, it will be easier to determine what pool design will work with your yard space, depending on your budget and the landscape. The following are some of the most popular small backyard pool ideas on a budget.

10 Insanely Cool ideas to Make a Small Backyard Pool on a Budget

Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool is the first option to consider for a small swimming pool hat compromises with a small space. There are inflated pools and stock tank pools that can be set up before the water goes in.

Above-ground pools are similar to a hot tub but deeper and known as some of the most affordable pools. They are easy to install and maintain. What makes it even better is that the structure is flexible that allows you to move the pool around as you wish in the future.

Above-ground pools are a cheaper alternative to underground pools. The average cost of installing an above-ground pool ranges between $3,000 to $11,000, depending on the pool size, design, brand, and features needed for installation.

In-ground Pool

When choosing an idea for a swimming pool on a budget, consider your yard’s level surface to decide whether an in-ground pool is applicable. An in-ground pool is the best choice for a flat surface. They fit in most spaces and add to the general beauty and luxury of the house. 

Compared to above-ground pools, the in-grounds require maintenance expenses after installation. However, on the bright side, they are long-lasting so you don’t have to invest in another one somewhere down the road.

Some of the most popular types of in-ground pools are concrete pools, shipping container pools, fiber-glass, and vinyl pools. Partial in-ground pools are easy to get in and out of, and the perimeter ledge functions as seating to help with the exit and entry. 

In addition, it allows you to enjoy unobstructed lines of sight of a full in-ground pool and, for smaller yards, a sense of openness that makes the space more welcoming. The cost of an in-ground pool is between $45,000 and $50,000, excluding the maintenance costs.

Deck-Style Pool

This pool design is unique style of in-ground pool for those who have a spacious deck. Having a small deck pool is a good way to maximize your deck space while adding to the aesthetics of your home, and the pool is not labor-intensive but very easy and cheap to install. As long as you have a solid foundation, an existing deck set-up can serve as swimming pool space.

Courtyard Pool

If you are working with limited space, courtyard pools are ideal and budget-friendly. These swimming pools are suitable for small backyards, and they exude unique tranquility that adds character and style to your backyard. 

Courtyard pools can be decorated with in-ground lighting, making them safer and improving the pool area’s visibility. This assures your peace of mind, especially when you live with kids and let them swim on their ow. 

If you prefer swimming at night, the lights allow you to swim and relax in a perfectly illuminated and secured ambiance. The slip-and-fall accidents are highly limited with improved safety and you also create some form of drama in the pool area.

Plunge Pool

Unlike traditional pools, a plunge pool is a popular go-to design for those on a budget. This pool is smaller and deeper, and it allows you to swim and relax without any hassle. 

Plunge pools can be installed in-ground or above-ground with a compact size and a generous bench setting that encircles the space around the pool.

These pools are designed for relaxation, and they are smaller than the regular-sized pools meaning they heat more efficiently in comparison. Plunge pools require considerably less excavation which reduces the overall costs of installation and maintenance. They are compact and allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds for swimming and relaxation. Plunge pools heat efficiently and the maintenance cost is minimal. A plunge pool can start as low as $10,000 or up to $50,000.

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Infinity Pool

If you are looking for a more exciting pool design, consider an infinity pool for your backyard. The modern pool concepts boost your home’s general appeal and value, and an infinity pool is an excellent choice for that relaxing swimming experience. 

Ensure that the pool is built by seasoned installers and professional contractors who stick to your budget and style. Infinity pools are ideal for homeowners with a terrific backyard view and those who enjoy the sound and look of water going over the vanishing edges. Even though these pools are a little costly when it comes to installation and maintenance costs but a professional pool builder can get you an awe-inspiring infinity pool at as low as $55,000.

Swim Spa

If you are looking for a multi-purpose pool, a swim spa is ideal but it doesn’t have to be expensive to install. This pool idea is more significant than the regular spa, and it is effective for relaxation, fitness, and water therapy. 

Swim spas are ideal for people with limited spaces, and they require less excavation, making them suitable for small budgets. They have less groundwork, ongoing maintenance and running costs, making them an ideal economical choice. The most basic swim spa costs around $7,000 or as high as $40,000.

Lap Pool

Starting as low as $50,000 up to $60,000, lap pools are ideal for people who want to work on their fitness goals, and they make a beautiful addition to your backyard. There is a continuous stretch of water dedicated to swimming laps with recessed steps, and this small pool variety has the same cost-saving benefits as the rest. 

Lap pools offer a unique and contemporary look to your backyard, and they are designed in modest sizes that don’t overcrowd the backyard space.

Long and Narrow or Mini Lap Pool

If you are a swimming enthusiast and are looking for an Olympic-style pool, a small lap one will do as it is designed for narrow spaces. You can perform laps in the comfort of your home and without straining your finances.

A narrow backyard space can team up with the garden’s landscape to increase its overall appeal. The pool doesn’t necessarily need a rectangular shape, as the garden determines the design and shape. The place surrounding the pool can be filled with seating areas and modern space for relaxation.

Square Pools with a Swim-up Bar

A small budget doesn’t have to deter your pool from acquiring a high quality. This is when a square pool comes into place. This pool design is also elegant and can be strategically installed in the small space in your backyard. If you are installing a pool with budget constraints, go for the right pool design that meets all your swimming needs. You can install additional features and other affordable touches to make the pool aesthetically appealing and functional.

If you want to touch up your swimming space with an incredible outing idea, why not go for a swim-up bar? A swim-up bar is an interesting and cool feature for small backyard pools. A pool with a swim-up bar creates a resort-like environment which makes swimming more interesting and fun since you have your favorite cocktails and drinks within reach.

When installing a pool in your backyard, ensure you do enough research on the different designs and get as creative as possible. Remember that any design chosen has to fit well with the architectural design of the backyard.

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